Rep. Jim Moran: Why You Should Vote For Me

by ARLnow.com November 2, 2012 at 1:45 pm 5,481 45 Comments

Last month we asked the four candidates for the U.S. House of Representatives, Eighth District of Virginia, to write a sub-750 word essay describing why the county’s residents should vote for them on Election Day (Nov. 6).

Here is the unedited response from Rep. Jim Moran (D):

Our country and our region are facing some of the biggest challenges in our lifetime. Gridlock in Congress, driven by Tea Party fueled obstructionism, threatens our economic future. While we currently continue to enjoy a strong economy in Northern Virginia, with unemployment rates at half the national average, a failure by Congress to prevent draconian cuts through the sequestration process could be devastating. Bloomberg News recently reported that sequestration would result in a loss of $10.8 billion just in federal information technology contracts in Virginia’s 8th District. Our congressional district would be harder hit than any other in the country.

I voted against the legislation which created sequestration. I also opposed the Iraq War and the Bush tax cuts, which were unpaid for and led to the painful budget situation we are currently in. To avoid this looming threat, I’ve been working with colleagues on both sides of the aisle to reach a bipartisan resolution. The No Labels organization (www.nolabels.org), a movement of Democrats, Republicans and independents dedicated to the politics of problem-solving, recently commended me, giving me their seal of approval for my efforts. Make no mistake, I am a progressive Democrat. But I understand that in order to overcome the crisis we face, it’s going to be necessary to work with Republicans to achieve compromise.

Facts are facts. We currently spend more than we can afford (roughly 25 percent of GDP) and bring in less revenue (roughly 14 percent of GDP) than at any time in modern history. Congress and the President have to find a way to meet in the middle on these figures, doing it in a way that won’t harm our economic recovery. I am committed to reaching that compromise, which will require both parties to put the public interest above partisan politics.

As your Congressman, I spend every waking hour thinking about how to keep our region one of the best places to live and work in the country. I’ve secured billions in federal funding to strengthen our research and technology industries, modernize our infrastructure, and provide many of our local non-profits with the resources needed to care for the most vulnerable in our community. I’ve worked hard to make the Rosslyn to Ballston Metro corridor the apex of information technology and graduate school research in the country. By co-locating the graduate schools of Virginia Tech, George Mason and Marymount with our defense, science and technology activities at Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the Office of Naval Research (ONR), we have a foundation that will continue to attract the best and brightest members of the “creative class” from around the world. I have also helped fund countless other projects to make housing more affordable, bus and rail transit more accessible, and regional bike trails more enjoyable.

Northern Virginians expect their representatives to reflect their values. I’ve consistently received the highest scores from the League of Conservation Voters, the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), the U.S. Humane Society, Planned Parenthood, as well as many other environmental, arts, housing, and human service organizations.

As a senior Member of the exclusive Appropriations Committee, I’ve led the fight to defeat conservative attempts to undermine the Clean Air and Clean Water Acts, the Endangered Species Act and other landmark environmental laws. The Interior and Environment Appropriations Subcommittee is ground zero for this battle. As the subcommittee’s top Democrat, I, along with Congressmen Ed Markey and Henry Waxman, serve as our party’s principal legislators on environmental issues.

Northern Virginia is home to the highest concentration of federal workers in the country. Despite constant attacks on their work and their mission, federal employees play an essential role in America’s economy and society. I recently authored several major reforms to our civil service, including providing employees monetary compensation for unused sick leave, fixing outdated rules for CSRS employees interested in performing part time work, and allowing FERS employees to combine their past service with new service for annuity credit calculations.

I feel strongly about the need to protect animals from abusive and inhumane treatment. Given the major problems facing our nation, some consider this a low priority. I disagree. As Chairman of the Animal Protection Caucus, I advocate for all legislation consistent with making this a more caring and compassionate world for all living things. Whether enacting laws to prevent the sale of dog and cat fur, banning the barbaric practice of horse slaughter, or pressing for more humane treatment of circus elephants, lions and tigers, we have sensitized Congress to issues that would otherwise be ignored. It speaks to our humanity, as a nation which believes in fairness and compassion, that all our laws are consistent with our values.

On Tuesday, November 6th, I ask for your vote. I’ve dedicated my adult life to Northern Virginia. And I remain dedicated to protecting our community from the kind of unwise and unnecessary funding reductions that would come from sequestration, and most importantly to use all the resources within my power to promote peace, justice and environmental sustainability.

Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to continuing to represent you over the next two years.

  • novasteve

    Again I will not vote for you, but you’ll still win.

    • DCBuff


  • itstim

    You can say all you want, but you don’t represent your constituents. I will never forget when you were discussing the bailouts that you said that calls from constituents commenting on the bailout were running 50-50–50% “no” and 50% “hell, no.” However, you voted for it anyway. I will cheer the day you are out of office and someone who actually will represent the people who elect you. Facts are facts.

    • drax

      Um, so if he doesn’t represent the people, why will he win re-election?

      • novasteve

        NAME (D) = Elected by arlibs

        • drax

          Putting aside your pathetic insult of the intelligence of everyone you disagree with, the question remains.

      • itstim
        • drax

          Um, again, if he wins election, how does that make him not representative of his constituents? Think it through.

          • itstim

            I have thought it through. On the bailout issue, if he said that 50% said “no” and 50% said “hell no” and then he voted for it, then he is not representing his constituents. How he keeps getting re-elected? Probably because most people don’t really care, which is very sad.

      • Glebe Roader

        Because the handful of people who comment on this blog do not represent everyone in Arlington (or Northern Virginia). I’m not saying that I am voting for Moran, but don’t be mislead by a vocal few.

        • novasteve

          Oh no, people are saying mean things about Moran and saying they won’t vote for him!

  • TMP

    And so many more reasons why not to: being accused of getting an improper loan from MBNA in exchange for political support, a House Ethics Committee investigation on a conflict of interest in the allocation of government contracts, insider trading, ethnic slurs, assault, etc. Oh, and then there’s this… http://www.wusa9.com/news/article/226736/44/Patrick-Moran-Resigns-After-OKeefe-Video-Release

  • hesabum

    No thanks! Who the heck keeps voting him in? Just because you are a Dem does not mean you have to vote for whoever runs – people we can and should do much better than this character. So many flaws, so much embarassment. I’ve already voted…for the opposing candidate. Heck I would vote for my dog if he were running vs. Moran

  • Paul

    hesabum +1 On Tuesday, I will dutifully go vote for “whoever is running against Jim Moran.” This guy is an embarrassment, and a ward-heeling clown.

    • drax

      Which one?

  • geri

    I will vote for Jim Moran for exactly the reasons Congressman Moran listed. That is also why he will win reelection. It is not about Congressman Moran. It is about me. Moran represents me and Murray does not.

    • Mary-Austin

      You should be embarrased Jim Moran represents you.

    • Skeptical

      Sadly, though Jim Moran does not pass the sniff test as a person, and has been dispiritingly corruptible on numerous occasions, Patrick Murray fails utterly to represent any of my values.

      Sometimes I write in a vote or support a third party candidate, depending, so long as I see that Moran is safe. Once upon a time the GOP ran moderates and centrists — Scott Tate comes to mind — but in the 21st century they have parted their moorings. Sigh.

      We are stuck with this guy.

      • dk (not DK)


  • Phil

    Here’s another for the Jim Moran scrapbook. Probably no big deal, but Moran seems to always be sailing a little too close to the wind.


  • SomeGuy

    866 words by my count. Jim Moran broke the rules.

    • MIke

      Moran was going for extra credit. In addition to 750 words on the stated topic, “Why you should vote for me,” he thought he could answer a bonus question : “Why Patrick should have people vote using the names of people who aren’t actually voting at all”

  • timetothink

    Ummm that was not sub-750 words. Moran ignores all rules.

    • novasteve

      Like it matters he ignores rules? He’ll get reelected as sure as the sun will rise on Wednesday, because of the plethora of nonthinking boobs that live here.

      • Phil

        Yeah, the same people who thought Romney’s off-the-cuff “47%” comments were so awful, have no problem with Jim Moran, who–despite his phony “let’s all come together” blandishments in this piece–unabashedly gives the middle finger to the 40%-plus of 8th District voters who will never, ever vote for him. He doesn’t represent me in the slightest.

        • The Other 40%

          his phony “let’s all come together” blandishments in this piece

          Yep. His staff must have been cracking up when they wrote this piece for him. I’m on his email list to keep informed of what’s going on in our district, and 95% of them do nothing but blame Republicans for whatever issue it is he’s addressing.

      • nonthinking noob

        I wish I was super smart like you.

      • sigh

    • Walter
  • sam the cat

    Didn’t his son already fix this election for him? I believe Moran already won

  • GC_Now

    Moran may be an SOB, but he’s our SOB. He’s an old school pol who brings a gun to a knife fight and doesn’t mind getting a little dirty. Pragmatically, replacing him with a freshman would also mean losing valuable positions earned by seniority on key committees. What would we gain by electing some unknown to fill this seat? Reelecting Moran is the right thing for Arlington.

    • Exactly


    • carlynglen

      This is precisely the vapid thinking that has permitted the louses in Congress to continue unabated for decades as career politicians whose singular goal is get re-elected every 2 years and to do so find new “slabs of pork” to bring home as proof they’re worthy of our votes.

      @GC_Now – If I buy you an expensive gift every time I punched you in the face, can I please keep punching you in the face??
      (p.s. I’m getting the money for the gifts from you and all your neighbors)

      • drax

        That’s why we have to re-elect a louse – to protect us from all the other louses. Or at least that’s how I’d say it if someone paid me to.

    • Undecided

      This is the kind of thinking that creates cushy politicians without any desire to do the right thing. Sad that people approve of unethical behavior.

    • Tragedy of the Commons

      “Vapid thinking” was the best description of this.

      In order for Moran to get his earmarks, he has to let the other 334 members of Congress get their earmarks. The thinking that it’s “ok” if it’s “our” guy is what every district thinks, and yet people wonder why our spending is out of control and there’s a deficit.

      According to Gallup, Congress’ approval rating hasn’t been over 25% since Feb 2011 (Currently at 21%. It was 13% in September). But I guess it’s always the *other* District’s representatives that are the problem, right?

  • NIMBY The Chicken

    Remember that time he tried to start a fight on the house floor? Good times…

  • John Fontain

    Yeah, but does he care about the fat, furry beavers?

  • Hooked me up

    Had a problem with Dept of Ed over student loan that was going to cost
    me 4k, one call to Moran’s office,30 days later, no problem. he’s got my vote.

  • Joe

    Hooked me up, it is nice that Moran helped you with your problem. But ANY Congressman does that. It is possible to get a Congressman who does constituent service yet is not a buffoon like Moran is.

  • Undecided

    I know politics are a sticky subject for folks. Many have their party loyalties, but when do we start requiring our elected politicians to maintain fair and honest morals? There’s one major issue here, and it’s a candidate’s questionable ethics in terms of voting. The man’s own son was caught on video advising someone on how to cheat votes. Lets get real… do you think that’s right? Do you want someone like that representing your state? Your country? It’s disgusting to me and there’s no place for that. Moran should immediately be off everyone’s voting list, but apparently party loyalties are too strong. That’s the sad truth about the state of our nation. In a day of reality TV, nothing shocks us anymore, and we forget all the unjust actions with the blink of an eye.

  • JimW

    I can say one positive thing about Rep. Moran – he squared me away on the Global Warming hokum. I sent him a letter about it and he informed me that mankind is only responsible for 3% of the carbon dioxide added to the environment and that 97% is due to Nature itself. Therefore, Global Warming and Climate Change are not in any way due to mankind’s activities. HE GOT THAT RIGHT (or correct, I guess as he’s definitely “left”). Now, if he only follows his own “science”.

  • Hooked me up

    To get hooked up the Congressman has to have power. In Congress, power comes with tenure. Give me a Congressman on the appropriations committee for a long time. “All politics are local”

    • Undecided

      Why not vote for “Change” like you did 4 years ago? How does that same message not apply to the dirty politics that practiced in Congress.

  • Right of Center

    Jim and Patrick on Fox 5 News making excuses for P’s ‘mistake’…what a bunch of slimeball dbags.


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