Man Arrested for August Stabbing Near Clarendon

by ARLnow.com November 5, 2012 at 4:35 pm 8,056 53 Comments

An Arlington man has been arrested for a brutal daylight stabbing near Clarendon in August.

Police say 28-year-old Elin Daniel Reyes of Arlington stabbed a man outside the Pio Pio restaurant at 3300 Wilson Boulevard on Thursday, Aug. 9. Reyes has been charged with malicious wounding and robbery. He’s expected to be arraigned later this week.

The charges are the result of an “extensive investigation,” police say. Reyes has been held at the Arlington County Detention Facility on a probation violation since Oct. 18, according to an Arlington County Police Department press release.

As reported in August, the victim of Reyes’ alleged crime was stabbed numerous times in the hands, shoulder, front, back and arms. His injuries were described as life-threatening at the time. The brutal stabbing occurred after the victim gave chase when he saw his car being broken in to.

Photo (above) courtesy ACPD. Warning: Readers may find one of the photos below disturbing.


  • X

    Thank God they caught that thug/criminal!

    • Marie

      Thank Police they caught that thug/criminal!

      • ef yourself


    • Charles

      “Man Arrested for August Stabbing Near Clarendon” but would he have been arrested he did the stabbing near Balston?

  • Alexander Tuneski

    Any update on the victim’s recovery? What is the criminal record of the assailant?

  • Bicyclist

    Nice job on catching that guy.

  • novasteve

    I hope he didn’t stab the guy who basically lived in the back of Pio Pio

    • ClarendonXpatriate

      That guy tried to break it up just before the stabbing began. He may have yelled “Get off my lawn!”

  • DynaFlash 8

    Can he still vote absentee?

    • James

      I am curious to see if he’s a citizen or illegal.

  • Internet Investigator

    Google says this ain’t this fellas first rodeo. Likes stealing cars and apparently likes to escalate his criminal activities to almost murdering someone. Throw the book at him and lock him up for a long time to come.

  • Flying Spaghetti Monster

    I’m disturbed by that photo displaying an unholy mish-mash of architectural styles that is Wilson Blvd.

    • ballstonian


    • Mary-Austin

      but its vibrant…

  • South Awwlington

    Why shelter and feed him for this rest of his miserable life? Where’s that chair anyway?

  • John Fontain

    What a worthless piece of garbage. Prison will be too nice of a punishment for him.

    • SteamboatWillie

      Prison will be too nice of a punishment?

      What would prefer – the stockade? a public hanging? the electric chair? burned at the stake? hung drawn and quartered in the town square?

      • clrdon

        Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes and Yes.

  • Becoming indifferent


    • DynaFlash 8

      I’m sure the only “papers” are a yellow sheet longer than your arm.

    • X

      How do you know he needs “papers”?

  • Gen Lee

    Ain’t diversity grand??

    • X

      Because only minorities stab people? you obviously need to get out more!

      • Gen Lee

        It’s called proportion of violent crimes committed versus proportion of the population. Go read some crime statistics from the FBI and DOJ. Educate yourself.

        • drax

          Which is called racism.

          • DCBuff

            The mere acknowledgement of a statistical fact is not racisim; what one implies with stastical facts may well be.

          • Need a Bigger Shark

            Actually, that’s discrimination, or prejudice. Being racist is the advocacy of advancing one race over another (or others). The KKK are racists.

            Nothing said here is advocating that whites (or any other race) should be ruling the other races, so you can’t seriously indicate this is racism.

            Being prejudiced or discrimination is the act of being disparaging to other races, such as using ethnic slurs, or profiling by race.

            Your arrogance is offensive Drax. Perhaps you might consider giving up the gig of trying to be Arlington’s darling little democratic know it all, and just focus on being, I don’t know, a normal human being?

        • drax

          The DOJ stats show that the most violent group by far is males of any race.

          Time for a male roundup!

          • Hank

            I gotta believe it’s going to be difficult to convince anyone whose commenter name is “Gen Lee” that institutional racism exists.

    • yourmom


    • Christ on a bike

      Ain’t racism dumb!

  • JimPB

    The rest of the story: What’s the current health and economic status of the

    Incarcerated prisoners should work to better fill their time, to learn skills that can help them obtain gainful employment when they are released, to pay toward the cost their food, clothing, lodging, health care and protection while incarcerated AND to pay restitution to their victim(s).

    • Kathy in Arlington VA

      Well said!

  • roquer

    The moral to this story is always carry a gun. If the victim had one, there might be no trial. Yay.

    • WeiQiang

      The victim was at work. Firearms are often not permitted in the workplace.

      Perhaps the perp would have permitted the victim to get his gun out of his car before the victim gave chase.

  • Lee-n-Glebe

    So happy to see the follow-up on this one. Nice job ACPD.

  • DeportEmAll

    I presume he’ll be deported after he serves his sentence.

    • ridiculous assumption

      yes let’s all assume everyone with a foreign sounding name is here illegally

    • Halo

      Unfortunately, if he is an ‘illegal’, he will most likely just be deported. That was my first thought when I saw his photo and wondered about the unconcerned expression (my subjective interpretation needless to say).


    Anybody check his immigration status? He is also a fugitive in Prince William County.

  • Tumblebum

    No county tag or speeding complaints? C’mon, let’s get with it people.

  • Joe Hoya

    Are there stabbings that aren’t brutal?

  • lonewolf

    By implication, when spousal abuse, incest (favorite among Republicans, bar fighting and white collar crimes are committed…do we just assume these are committed by white men?


      Now, that is what I am taking about. White collar crimes do more damage. But, you have to remember that Arlnow has always been a place for the Klan to complain about immigration.

      • DCBuff

        Both of you are kind of scary.

        • lonewolf

          Well…the truth is always scary.

      • ClarendonXpatriate

        Shush Ian!

  • Yikes

    A good reason to only eat at El Pollo. 😉 Safer, better chicken, great family. Just saying.

  • Kara

    I would like to knwo what happened to the guy he stabbed. Did he survive?

    • nom de guerre

      He must have or else the charge wouldn’t be malicious wounding.

  • Alex

    He’ll be out again soon? That’s not even funny.

  • Hasdrupal

    Why can’t the media tell us the full story? Status of the victim, etc. first story said the victim saw the breaking from the window of his office. I have walked by the spot several times and see no building with a window that looks out on PioPio.

    And what’s with all these Peruvian chicken outlets? Arlington must have more Peruvians than Lima.

    • Mick

      I just hope its chicken and not condor chicks.

      If I recall correctly, I was watching a School Board meeting on cable access TV when a bunch of them (Peruvians, not condoors) showed up at an APS evening meeting decked out in those knitted chullo caps. I think a certain school board member was up to her usual fifth-column activities and was trying to pack the audience for some myopic agenda item she wanted, rather than serving the needs off ALL citizens.


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