DEVELOPING: Police Investigate Stabbing Near Clarendon

by ARLnow.com August 9, 2012 at 3:00 pm 18,474 228 Comments

(Updated at 3:15 p.m.) Police are on the lookout for a suspect in a brutal daylight stabbing near Clarendon.

A man was stabbed multiple times outside the Pio Pio restaurant at 3300 Wilson Blvd just after 1:30 this afternoon. He was transported to Inova Fairfax Hospital in what’s now being described as life-threatening condition, according to Arlington County Police spokesman Dustin Sternbeck.

Police say the incident started when the victim, who was working in a nearby office building, spotted a man breaking into his car. The victim gave chase across Wilson Boulevard, and the two men got into a physical altercation outside Pio Pio. During the struggle the suspect took out a knife and stabbed the victim numerous times in the hands, shoulder, front, back and arms, according to Sternbeck.

Blood could be seen splattered on the walls and sidewalk outside of the restaurant.

After the stabbing the suspect took off south on N. Jackson Street, toward the Ashton Heights neighborhood. A police officer was flagged down by a witness at 1:38 p.m., Sternbeck said. Officers set up a perimeter and used a K-9 unit to try to track down the suspect, but police believe he may have stolen a white work van a few blocks away in order to flee the area. Officers are currently looking for the van, Sternbeck said.

The victim is being described as a 31-year-old resident of Montgomery County, Md. The suspect is described by police as a 28 to 32 year old Hispanic male, approximately 5’9″ and 150 lbs. He was wearing a white t-shirt that was likely ripped in the struggle, was well as dark blue jeans.

Warning: Readers might find one of the photos below disturbing.

  • Meh..

    Time for ArlCoPo to step it up a notch.
    This crime wave is getting out of hand……

    • Meh..isanidiot

      So, how would the police prevent a guy from getting stabbed by a criminal he was trying to fight?

      • Mary-Austin

        What was the guy thinking?
        Not exactly a crime worth trying to look like a hero and going to the emergency room over.
        Looks like he lost a lot of blood.

    • Matt

      Agreed. Step it up ACPD – stop issuing tickets and start patrolling for illegal and suspicious behavior

    • tumblebum

      A potential new record! Police are trashed on the first comment. Outstanding! Gold medal performance during the Olympics.

      • Mark

        I don’t think that saying “step it up a notch” is equal to “trashing” the ACPD.

        The perception by most people I know in Arlington is that ACPD does little more than monitor for moving violations and provide road blocks at running/cycling events. With that perception also conceivably out there among potential criminals, why wouldn’t those criminals feel empowered?

  • Chris B

    That is terrible.

  • Duder3

    Oh, but we’re much safer now than we were before the Metro got here! (Eye roll.)

    • Stroker Ace

      All these criminals have been biding their time since they metro’d in back in the early eighties, yeah.

    • Patrick

      This is one of the many side effects of having a diverse vibrant community where any and all can live regardless of their ability to pay. Thank you Arlington County Board for your continued support of criminals (i.e. subsidized housing).

  • JammingEcono

    WTF? I’m going to need a flak jacket to go with my brown flip-flops pretty soon.

    • T-Ravinous

      Priceless comment…. my question is – how does some guy get worked over by an agressor who is smaller than most of the woment walking through Clarendon?

      • Novanglus

        Answer — the other guy had a knife

        • DarkHeart

          He pulls a knife, you pull a gun. That’s the Clarendon way.

          Odds are, if he had called the PoPo to the Pio Pio he wouldn’t be stabbed and ACPD would have this dirtbag in custody.

          • PeePee PooPoo

            I’m a personal fan of alliteration, but the story suggests that the attempted break-in happened across Wilson Blvd from Pio Pio. So, maybe “if he had called the PoPo to the WiBo …”

          • CCW

            If this were me he would have brought a knife to a gun fight. One less criminal to worry about.

      • Safety First

        And, the citizen didn’t have a gun.

      • JamesE

        most women in Clarendon are larger than 5’9 and 150 lbs? Behemoths!

        • BlueSkies

          I think it’s more of a statement on how burly (or not!) the men of Clarendon are.


      Kevlar flip-flops now, bro. DERPHERP

  • Dezlboy

    With Pio Pio’s reputation, I would have figured the fight was over its predatory towing. Yep, they have tow trucks pull cars out of their parking lot even when they are closed for the nite.

    • Tomn

      good, it’s their lot, they can control it how they want

      • awesomepossum

        Agreed. If I were them, I’d allow the towers to do it for half the revenue paid to retrieve the car.

  • JohnB2

    I hope he recovers but it’s his fault for chasing the guy. Take pictures, call the cops, and file an insurance claim next time.

    • Hollywood

      No, it isn’t. It’s the fault of the one who stabbed the victim.

      • New Canaan

        Exactly. Taking pictures, calling the cops, and filing an insurance claim is an invite for more crime. As for the victim, if he’s going to chase after someone, he or anyone else would do well to heed the words of Tony Soprano to Junior: “Better come heavy or not at all.”

    • CrystalMikey

      Probably an instant reaction, can’t say I wouldn’t do the same if someone was breaking into my car. Anger would surely cloud my judgement a bit.

      • Waldo

        Given 10 or 20 seconds to think about it, most people that boost cars have some tools on them. The types of implements that can make a fight turn one-sided really quick. Maybe he didn’t think like that in the first split second he decided to go after the guy. But you better be sure of the outcome before you run down a criminal.

        • CrystalMikey

          Yeah, I do agree with you.

    • Jason S.

      What you are saying is that if I break into a car and the owner confronts me, the owner is at fault for me stabbing them? How far can we take that defense? If my waiter doesn’t want to get to stabbed they shouldn’t put too much or too little ice in my soda?

      • Rosslyner

        It’s not about fault, it’s about risk. The criminal is completely at fault, but it’s generally a bad idea to put your life at risk over property.

        • Jason S.

          I don’t disagree with you when we discuss risk; however, I have a problem with John’s readiness to blame crime victims who are getting stabbed in the middle of the day.

          • awesomepossum

            You’re muddling two concepts: responsibility and blame.

          • st

            Absolutely correct.

            As a matter of moral blameworthiness, the criminal is completely at fault for the stabbing.

            As a matter of personal responsibility, don’t chase down criminals, or you’re going to get injured. Just like I will tell my daughter not to walk by herself late at night.

  • CA

    Thanks for sharing the blood stained pics!

    • Tomn

      Its part of what ARLNow does … mugshots of dead people. Lotsa blood on crime photos. The words did it for me, but that’s what they do here.

    • Aaron

      They’re really VIBRANT, aren’t they? Maybe it’s better to just pretend that nothing bad ever happens around here!

      • awesomepossum

        I’m gonna pistol-whip the next one of you to say “vibrant”

    • CrystalMikey

      There’s a warning at the end of the story.

    • Jason S.

      What kind of bubble do you people live in that you get that upset by the sight of a little blood?

  • Tomn

    Jesus, Arlington, WTF?

  • Shame

    Man, I wish some of you would save your dumbass comments. I’m sure the guy in the hospital would be SO happy to hear that this is his fault, Blame Metro, and blah blah brown flip flops.

    You don’t have to type EVERY thought rattling around in your head. Less is more.

    • Shameless

      Welcome to the Internet.

      • Tre

        Just because it’s the internet doesn’t condone it. I think us ARLnow regulars should take it upon ourselves to save our witty/snarky remarks for articles that don’t involve death or someone near death or victims of violent crimes. I’m all for it else where as there are PLENTY of other articles(pizza chain opens, fro-yo opens, slip lanes reconfigured, yadayada)

        • Dezlboy

          Agreed. (yes, I made a snarky comment above, my bad).

        • Not your bro

          I agree. Although the same jokes in those other types of articles get pretty old, too.

    • +1

    • ArLater


    • -1000000002

      • JamesE


        • redstang423


      • ArLater

        You are trying way too hard.

    • Taylor

      Very well said. Thanks.

    • Josh S


  • Arlingtonian Stuck in an Alexandrian Body

    What the hell is going on in Arlington lately?

    • Your Mom

      Plenty of money in the area. Also most people in Arlington don’t act and look that threatening to a criminal.

      • awesomepossum

        The answer is for us all to hang tough.

  • Guy LeDouche

    Horrible. I hope the victim pulls through.

  • nunya

    good grief.

    well, looks like jury duty wont be too boring for some time.

  • WeiQiang

    Hope the perp gets nabbed and the victim recovers quickly and completely.

    Do not physically engage a criminal, unless your or someone else’s life is in danger. Call the cops. Take video. Taunt him from a safe distance. Unless you’re going to [somehow] engage [legally] using a means that ensures you can’t get shot, stabbed, or otherwise injured, it’s not worth it.

    • dll

      taunt him from a distance?

      • DCBuff

        As in: your mother was a hampster and your father smelled of elderberries.

        • DCBuff

          uh, hamster

          • nom de guerre

            “I don’t want to talk to you no more, you empty headed animal food trough wiper. I fart in your general direction. Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries.”

          • NorthArlingTim

            You were waiting for that one. It’s the one thing I always think when I see your pic.


            This is a horrible thing to happen. I wish the injured person all the best.

          • WeiQiang

            … my mother was Manhasset, not The Hamptons.

      • nom de guerre
      • WeiQiang

        Safe distance … it was a ludicrous example meant to suggest some [any] other course than getting in a physical altercation. I understand that dude may have been so pissed that he wanted to jack the guy and thereby lost his wits. You just never know how crazy someone will be who is breaking in to a car in broad daylight.

        • nice!

          Listen to you talkin’ like a tough cool bro today!

          • WeiQiang

            lol … if you don’t mind the anti-brah juxtaposition of “jack the guy” and “thereby lost his wits”. brognitive disonance.

          • nice!

            Absolutely! Your wit and wordplay are always so a propos and fun. “Brognitive dissonance” — too funny!

    • Hate to say it…

      but, as soon as the would be car thief was chased down and physically confronted, he became a victim of assault. If you throw the first punch the law is not on your side. I feel for the guy in the hospital, would have probably done the same. But, just because someone breaks the law doesn’t mean you have the right to resort to violence.

      • Jake

        Not sure that’s right. Always thought you could resort to physical violence in defense of property, just not deadly force. Could be wrong. Dunno.

  • Tre

    Hope he gets better and that they catch this psycho. IMO it’s always a lose-lose when you mess with crazy.

  • damn arlington, u scary

  • JamesE

    The only thing worse than all this recent violence are those two girls who constantly tag each other on your Facebook feed.

    • New Canaan


  • Jeddah the Pharaoh

    find your own damn woods

  • Scared and proud of it

    This is why those “hero” stories worry me. It’s cool to catch the bad guy, but unfortunately you are risking this result. I’m not blaming this victim – or any victim. I’m sure he had no idea someone committing a property crime would come after him like that.

    • New Canaan

      We need more police, firefighters, and teachers!!!

    • Boom! Roasted

      Very sad story. People need to think calmly when confronting a criminal like this. Unless you’re equipped to take someone down if things escalate, scaring them off is the victory. Any footage/pictures is a bonus.

    • awesomepossum

      I’m sure he had no idea a felon was capable of physical violence.

  • DCBuff

    Forget the Pio Pio (shady place), this is right next to the Carvel/Mario’s, where lots of families eat outside. For this perp to be running down Jackson (my street, btw) into AH, ACPD really needs to step up the policing. The guy probably went right down Jackson to the foot bridge and into the County Fair. Or hung a right at Pershing and went straight to the barrio at Glebe.

    • Tre

      So you wan’t a cop on every block in Arlington?? I really don’t get this step up the policing rhetoric… unfortunately the pre-crime technology you saw in Minority Report hasn’t been invented yet. Police will respond as quickly as possible but it’s impossible to be everywhere at once.

      • Clarendon

        It’s true, but I thought having the police substations scattered about for cops on bikes was a good idea. For example, the one in Clarendon at 3033.

        • DCBuff

          No, not a cop on every block. But, I’d like to see a police dept. that doesn’t have a ticket quota. I’d like to see ideas like the substations reconsidered. There are ways to enhance neighborhood policing. And, given the Arlington version of a summer crime wave, I’d like to see a show of force by ACPD. This would take money that might otherwise be dedicated to favored projects, but I’d like to see safe streets before I see a trolley. Jackson is a very family heavy street and it is legitimate to want that street and others in AH (and elsewhere in Arl) to be safe and secure. I have confidence that the detectives that solved the jewelry store murder can take this one one, but that is reactionary not pro-active.

          • CrystalMikey

            But honestly, this address is too close to main Police HQ for a substation, so this point is kind of moot.

          • DCBuff

            What is moot? My point at least was hardly just a call for substations. And, Clarendon called for cops on bikes as part of that. So, what don’t you get?

          • Clarendon

            I think it was when the Chief of Police was Flynn


            Not sure how good he was overall, but it was he, I believe, that had the cops on bikes everywhere and encourage foot patrols too. I worked in Ballston at the time and the cops would engage people more often just to say hi or ask about your dog as they were walking around. I believe this provides visibility (which is a deterrent) and also tells would-be criminals that law enforcement and the citizenry are engaged and working together. It’s one of those things thats hard to quantify (like how many tickets you write) but I think it has an impact on deterrence.

          • WeiQiang

            Bikes would work much better in the denser neighborhoods.

          • drax

            Walk/bike the beat.

          • Ashton Height Dad

            DCBuff, agree 100%; well said. Safe streets before any pet project. The County must fulfill its duty to protect its citizenry before it can justify other inititiatives.

          • DCBuff

            Thanks neighbor!

          • Greg

            Agreed. Unfortunately, we have a Board who think you should buy a new aquatics center and streetcar just because someone will lend you the money, and who thinks as much low income Section 8 housing as possible is best.

          • CommonCents

            You wouldn’t know a crime wave if you were dropped by helicopter into Compton. It’s not like we have the Son of Sam walking Clarendon Blvd. Get a grip.

          • DCBuff

            Actually, it seems that you need to get a grip. What we have is a series of apparently unrelated, but significant for our community, horrific crimes over the past few weeks, many of them unsolved. We have people who have been killed or badly injured, including recent attacks on women. We have a criminal who wasn’t simply breaking into a car during broad daylight in a high traffic area, but was also packing a knife. And, after he used it, he ran down a residential street, one with a significant number of families with young children. On the other hand, we have a county run by politicians more interested in glamor projects than nuts-and-bolts governing, and a police department run by someone who set ticket quotas for the officers who might otherwise be out patroling the streets. So, residents/taxpayers/concerned citizens seek to have those crimes solved, criminals taken off the streets, and our community not becoming vulnerable to random, transient crime. What we don’t need is common nonsense.

    • ClarendonBro

      ACPD has parking violations and speeding tickets on lock…but real crimes and protecting the public, not so much…

    • JamesE

      I’d like them to patrol and be on the look out for bros taking all the garlic.

    • Ring my bell

      I eat at Pio Pio often, and for some strange reason, altho I NEVER see more than a couple people there, the food is delicious and fresh and affordable. and the girls at the counter friendly. It does not seem shady to me. but I’m not sure wha’ts keeping it afloat. Anyway, you might want to try it.

      • Clarendon

        So you’re that guy I see in there !

        Actually I have heard from one or two others that the food was good. I’m also curious about its ability to survive – maybe they do delivery ? It’s a bootstrap problem- people don’t go in there because it’s empty (plus there are a lot of loyal Pollo Rico customers).

        • Pablo

          Have been calling for years for an ARLNow investigative report on Pio-Pio? What gives?

          If a Dunkin Donuts couldn’t last there, how does a consistently empty chicken place with a bar stay in business year after year?

          • nom de guerre

            Answer-Same business model as Sam’s Corner.

          • Clarendon

            I don’t think Dunkin Donuts had any lack of customers. The franchise owner just wanted out. Not sure why someone didn’t just take it over.

          • dave schutz

            When she was about to close, the Dunkin Donuts franchisee told me she was giving up because the owner had raised the rent to $11000 a month. So it does sort of puzzle me how a low-traffic place like Pio Pio can come up with a rent like that.

          • awesomepossum

            Drugs, obviously. Ever looked outside the Carvel? It’s like shade-central.

          • awesomepossum

            I wouldn’t be surprised if the suspect regularly hung out at that very location.

          • ThirstyBennie

            there’s a BAR?!?!?!?

  • DarkHeart

    He should have been carrying one of those guns from Amazon.

    • DCBuff

      Free shipping!

      • JeffB

        He was sent a television by mistake.

        • Greg

          I was wondering what happened to the TV I ordered a week ago.

  • Oh Yeah

    What is going on lately in Arlington?

    • Chimichanga

      go check out a blog, arlnow.com. plenty of news to catchup.

    • news summary

      well there’s been a lot of people caught wanking, there’s a few yogurt/ burger shops opened, a few cars (all automatic) flipped over and/or crashed into poles and smoking is still not allowed in bars.

  • South Awwlington

    What in the world is going on with this place?

    Between the homicides, indecent exposure jo’s, rapes, etc.

    Arlington is not cute anymore.

  • NoVapologist

    55 comments and no mention of illegal immigration. Amazing.

    • i’ll bite. we should close the border off between maryland and virginia, prince george & montgomery co. peeps r ridiculous. u don’t pay VA taxes, get out u illegal immigrants!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • X

        How do you know the guy is illegal?

        • Greg

          You don’t know but I’d make a bet that he is.

    • Happy Now?

      something-something ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION!

    • bum

      Obviously Spanish gangs.

      • Duder3

        You mean like Basques?

        Spanish = from Spain.

        • Vasco


      • South Awwlington

        No, you mean Central American gangs.

    • Arlingtony

      Are you talking about from South Arlington to North Arlington? You would think Route 50 would be a good enough barrier. Think it’s time we widen Rt. 50.

      • Ralph T.

        Maybe a moat with alligators?

    • WeiQiang

      Perhaps because those who most often mention illegal immigration haven’t yet posted here.

    • Max

      You have no idea who the person was. Regardless, this is an issue of violence, not immigration.

      • DCBuff

        Actually, it becomes an issue of both violence and immigration if, and only if, it can be shown the criminal is an illegal alien.

      • X

        Of course. But there are fools that think that ALL Hispanics are illegal immigrants, when in fact, MILLIOS have been here for generations (even before the U.S. added the SouthWest). And there’s the issue of Puerto Rico, a U.S. territory…..

        • Greg

          There are just as many fools who think illegal immigrants are all nice and friendly people who get a bad rap.

          A significant portion of crimes committed by hispanics are done by illegal immigrants. That is a fact. So when I see someone broke into a car and stabbed someone in broad daylight, the first thing I assume
          is illegal immigrant and the second thing I think is drugs.

  • Useless Comment

    The car was probably an automatic.

  • Id

    Even if the cops get him and he turns out to be an illegal immigrant, he has no worries of being deported due to the deportation holiday.

    • Aaron

      Yep, I’m sure the perpetrator stabbed the car’s owner through no fault of his own.

    • WeiQiang

      “Under the new policy, people younger than 30 who came to the United States before the age of 16, pose no criminal or security threat, and were successful students or served in the military can get a two-year deferral from deportation, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said.”

      …. if they pose no criminal threat. Is there another policy you’re hanging your red herring on?

  • Chris

    There has been a rash of car break-ins all over the Clarendon area. Cars are broken into in the garage in my building almost nightly. It’s unbelievable.

    • Duder3

      And I’m sure the culprits all live in Lyon Village, in $1 million houses. Or $800,000 condos. Of course they do not take the Metro from dumpy apartments in DC or FC to Clarendon, knowing it has lots of money and lots of expensive items, plus unarmed urban hipsters. No, the criminals live right there in Clarendon, in expensive dwellings. So Metro has nothing to do with it!

      Hope the victim recovers OK.

      • Matt

        I doubt that

        • Duder3

          Yeah, that was called “sarcasm.”

          Some people want to pretend transit doesn’t bring criminals. Somehow it brings thousands of people to a small area but magically filters out the bad guys.

          (When was the last time you heard about a stabbling north of Lee Highway?)

          • Dooder

            I heard about worse a couple days ago on this forum, actually. Are you still being sarcastic? Or does the double homicide in Hall’s Hill earlier this week not count, since it was two blocks south of Lee Highway in North Arlington?

          • Duder3

            Now come on; that area is an anomaly–a weird little island of poverty amid affluence.

          • Dooder

            OK, here’s two more anomalies for you.

            The last two murders to occur in the county before those this month were in Lyon Park, and in Lyon Village. Neither was transit-related, both were in North Arlington. In the former case, it was an Arlington resident who committed the crime. He didn’t take the bus or train here. In the latter, DC residents were arrested and charged, but regardless, it was in the very early morning hours, when neither buses nor metro were running. They drove here.

            Just saying, recent history doesn’t jive with your claim that transit brings crime. In fact, it brings the reverse. Public transportation in the form of the Orange line is the main reason that North Arlington is so affluent. You’ve got it backwards.

      • Ashton Heights

        You can blame “the views at clarendon” for that. It’s too much of a coincidence that all of this is happening a few months are they opened.

        • Duder3

          Honestly, I blame Buckingham, the Days Inn, the sh1tty apartments on Columbia Pike and at Seven Corners, and the Metro from SE DC and Columbia Heights, in that order.

          • dll

            So you want to shut down metro in Arlington?

          • Duder3

            No; I want to let the so-called affordable housing become market-rate housing–and get the cops to be more aggressive and numerous. More cops on foot and on Segways, not just riding around in the A/C waiting for calls on the radio.

          • dll

            So what does all that have to do with your implication that metro is bringing crime to Arlington?

          • Dooder

            Uh, they are market rate. Duh.

          • Duder3

            It IS bringing crime to Arlington, no question–but that ship has sailed. The criminals are going to target Arlington. It’s wealthy, close by, and easy to reach. All we can do now is deter them via vigorous enforcement–and get rid of any housing that might accommodate them.

          • drax

            No question? So you have evidence that criminals take Metro from elsewhere frequently, commit crimes here, and take it back home?

          • Dooder
          • drax

            Crime is up this year though. Your old stats don’t show that.

          • Clarendon

            Just think if there had been an Arlnow back in the early 90’s. It would have been a dismal string of violent crimes. I think the genral economy has a lot to do with it (among many other factors, of course). As the economy stays bad, crime tends to go up.

          • observer

            The crime spike in the early 90’s was 99% crack, 1% economy. And that 1% was the economy of crack.

          • Dooder

            I blame intolerant affluent pricks who move here with their parents’ money. They attract criminals, and then complain about it.

    • tuesdayschild

      I saw bunch of broken glass on 13th street last night. Car breakins.

      There needs to be more police; less pet projects for Jay and the county board.

  • SoArl

    Keep the trash in DC. Hope the victim is ok and they catch the guy.

    • DCBuff

      Wish one could blame it on WDC. Given hispanic description, possibly an Arlington resident, maybe Buckingham or near the Pike/4MR.

      • South Awwlington

        Let’s hope they catch the dude, process him and give him his too.

    • SoArl

      Hey now – user name is taken 🙂

      • soarlslacker

        There are many versions of the name.

  • novasteve

    Time for people to start CCWing in ARlington and blow these criminal thug elements away.

  • novasteve

    Breaking into cars in broad daylight? Apparently there is word on the street the police do nothing other than raise revenues.

  • Ashton Height Dad

    Arlington is at fault here, from its citizenry to the County Board and ACPD. Most of us tolerate homeless people laying around our parks, minor grafitti here and there and random acts of violence, so long as they are not on our block. This slow erosion of public values leads to a changing culture that accepts minor crimimal behavior and that ultimately leads to more frequent serious criminal incidents like the tragic today’s. Unfortunately Arlington, this is where we are and we all have to be more judgemental about the kind of county we want. Do we want to tolerate this increased level of crime or will we all make personal sacrfices to preserve our neighborhoods? Small actions like picking up trash on the street to reporting suspicious people to police goes a long way to change public values.

    • i like where ur mind is at & ur username as well

    • observer

      Welcome to Smart Growth Arlington. Growth that outstrips the government’s ability to provide adequate basic services. Not enough police, not enough schools or school buses, roads in terrible shape.

      • DCBuff

        Re: roads in terrible shape. Ironically, they were resurfacing Jackson today (can be seen in one of the photos).

      • But We Have……….

        Artisphere !!

        As snarky as my comment is I am agreeing with your point…there needs to be a refocusing upon getting the basic services right.

        The heck with black box theaters when people are getting stabbed ….sheesh.

        • observer

          You conflated a couple of cost items, but it also begs an interesting question.

          The black box theater(s) that you are probably referring to are actually being paid for by developers, at the “request” of the county in exchange for zoning variances. What a novel idea it would be for the county to require cash contributions to the police operating budget from greedy developers seeking to push the limits of our zoning.

          After all, you could possibly draw a conclusion that building more and more density leads to more crime. How about developers paying a little to offst the indirect consequences of their profiteering.

          • CW

            Probably a bad idea bc developer would just pass those costs thru to residents with a markup on top. Might be smarter to explore revenue generation methods that are more direct.

          • Andy

            And you don’t think they are passing on any of the costs for other things the county demands from them for special site plan approvals?

          • Nah

            So what? Why shouldn’t the developer pass along the costs? Why should residents be shielded from them? It’s the price of admission. Don’t want to pay for services you use? Then don’t live here, and don’t use them.

          • Choices

            Anyway, if you don’t want to pay developers a premium, you can always knock down a perfectly good house in Lyon Village and build yourself a Super-Sized McBungalow.

    • Elmer

      Broking my own vow not go any further in comment but I agree that you are onto something important there. When Mayor Guiliani turned NYC crime around, he started with going after petty crimes and nuisances (quality of life issues).
      They mocked him but guess what? It worked.

    • Ashton Heights


    • Arlington Bro

      Don’t kid yourself. Arlington has been a hippie colony pretty much ever since there were hippies. More likely response is Arlington county hikes taxes to build more “low income housing” and “green natural gas” buses.

      • O RLY

        How long have you lived here Bro? Cause I haven’t seen any hippies here in my 12 years. And the tax hikes ’round here go toward building bros fancy swimming pools…

        • Kony Thornheiser

          Market Common sounded the death knell for any remaining hippies, artists, and other people that made Arlington fun.

        • Hollywood

          Maybe the hippies are gone but the affordable housing thing is out of control. Why should the government be involved in providing “affordable housing.” Affordable for whom??? Drug addicts, criminals, welfare dependents????

          • Get real

            It’s meant for the people working the cook line at all the high-end restaurants you eat at. But in reality, there’s a strong possibility that most of the affordable units in new developments are occupied with affluent recent college grads who move on once their income matches their socioeconomic class, and another one moves in. Would love to see the data.

  • Elmer

    For my part, I also hope the victim is OK and they catch the perpetrator. Period.

  • streetcar

    This would not have happened if the pike streetcake was up and running

    • South Awwlington

      You would make irrelevant comments if the streetcar were up and running. No wait, yes you would.

      • South Awwlington


  • Jeff

    its the damn bus station..

  • AgentZero

    Wait.. does this mean ACPD will now do something other than speed traps on George Mason????

  • Arlington Bro

    BTW I live on Jackson St too. Fully expecting a tax cut from Arlington Co on the decrease in property value from having blood soaked murderers running down our street. Any day now … LOL.

    • DCBuff

      Just as long as there were no blood stains on our newly resurfaced street!

  • Elizabeth

    To be honest, I’d start yelling at a guy breaking into my car in broad daylight. Who thinks they’ll get prison shanked on the corner of Jackson and Wilson at 1:30 pm? I wouldn’t. I lived on Jackson for 30 years.

    It’s just so bold. Most daytime thieves scram when caught red-handed. Way too visible. I dunno, this could be a harbinger of bad things. If perp gets away with it, then we get a bad rep for being easy pickings…spiral spiral.

    Meanwhile, I’m going to blame bath salts and pray the victim recovers.

    • Duder3

      It’s a good reason to avail yourself of a concealed-carry permit. This is Arlington, but it’s still Virginia.

      • Hollywood

        I am all for your right to carry. But in this particular scenario, how could the victim have legally used his weapon before getting stabbed? I am legitimately asking.

        • Duder3

          If someone pulls a knife on you, then you would reasonably be in fear of your life. It’s a bit of a gray area because this situation wasn’t in the victim’s home (where he’d have no duty to retreat), but I still think that if he’d pulled a legally registered gun and the perp had run off, after breaking into his car, the victim would not have been charged with anything.

          • So you’re a lawyer?

            The “perp” did run. The car’s owner ran him down, confronted him, then got stabbed. I probably would have done the same, but I’m glad the owner didn’t have a gun. He’d be in a lot of trouble now if he did. Carrying a gun give you the right to pretend you’re a police officer, or do their job.

          • So you’re a lawyer?

            meant to say “doesn’t give you the right.”

          • curious george

            There is no gun registration in Virginia.

      • curious george

        In a perfect world the victim should have been able to shoot the criminal dead.

        But since the criminal ran away, and if the victim pursued him and shot him, the victim probably would get charged as the criminal was no longer a direct threat.

        I would not vote to convict the victim but it would be a big hassle for him even if not convicted.

  • PioPio Drive-thru

    I like the food at PioPio too (although I like El Pollo Rico better), but PioPio is closer to me and has a drive-thru (which I have only used when I had a baby in the carseat.) Sometimes I wish it had remained a Dunkin Donuts…hard to find a place in Clarendon to get good doughnuts.

    • Kony Thornheiser

      DD moved to CoPi across from the hooker motel.

  • SouthArlJD

    This is sad. I hope this poor guy recovers. True, it was ill-considered to decide to chase someone breaking into his car, but only natural to want to stop such a brazen act. He should have called the cops and filmed the incident with a cell phone while waiting for them to respond. In that area a cop is likely to be there within a minute, and the bad guy wouldn’t have had much chance to get away; however, it’s not this guy’s fault that some thug stabbed him. If they ever find that guy look for him to get at least 20 years.

  • Mc

    I’m a fan of Arlington police but feel they need to step up and do something different to address a wave of incidents. We aren’t talking about third rate bank robberies any more.

  • Jimbo

    North Arlington. Figures.

  • Me ke

    Wow…the only thing worse than this unfortunate incident is the frat boy mentality that can still figure out a way to make fun of it…really moron their is a guy in the hospital because of this…when is your internship over so you can move the hell out of Arlington?

    • nice!


  • Chief of Peace

    Hello Arlington Citizens,

    I’ve been told by my officers about all the great law enforcement ideas that are being written on this website by highly educated, highly opinioned completely unqualified citizens. Just in this one story I’ve read some real gems. Based on all these completely stoopid suggestions I am reorganizing the police department. Effective immediately, all officers will be riding bicycles, will not write any tickets and only patrol North Arlington for criminals wearing “I’m a murderer” sign around their neck. Please email any other suggestions to [email protected].

    • Jon & Ponch

      Awww . . . can we keep our motorcycles? Puh-leeeeease?

    • CommonCents

      +1. The “step it up ACPD rhetoric” is getting old… esp for a police dept that just locked up the jewelry store killer. After a while its probably just bad for morale and all these “suggestions” do more harm than good. At the end of the day, 99% of the citizens here don’t know how good they have it. Go to DC and tell the Po-Po your car got broken into, see if anyone even shows up at all. Probably not.

      • Use The Internet


  • Tumblebum

    If we could just return to the good old days when things were “Sweet”.
    Like 90-91-92 when there were a total of 35 homicides and there were over 33,000 index crimes. Ah yes, those were the days. Ah well, I suppose we’ll just have to grin and bear it.

    • Aaron

      That’s not possible!! Everything was better in the old days!!! Arlington was more of a community and there were no transplants and kids could walk a mile to school without getting molestered!! Your claim has insufficient truthiness to be allowed to stand.


      • Tumblebum

        I understand you anguish. But you have handled it much better than the illegal parkers ,speeders, and property tax evaders who have a need interject their pain into major crime stories so that as many folks as possible will feel sorry for them. Thanks for the heads up. I’ll try to be more thoughtful in the future.

  • Just Me

    Arlington allowing and supporting the illegals are part of the problem, when the police find him and if he is illegal I bet we will not know anything about it. Prayers for the man that was attacked.

  • Mr. Arlington

    I’m shocked Pio Pio is still open. Does that dirty chicken still stand outside promoting the place?

    My thoughts and prayers go out to the victim and his friends and family as well. 🙁

  • Mr. Arlington

    Also, I don’t really consider that to be Clarendon….its more Va Square than anything….

    • Mr. Arlington

      …….hm ok, ‘near’ Clarendon…fair enough

    • John

      It’s Clarendon. I grew up here. I remember when Va Square was nothing more than a strip mall. It’s definitely more Clarendon than places near Courthouse that claim to be in Clarendon.

  • David

    According to Washington Post, “The victim survived surgery at a local hospital and is in stable condition” Sternbeck said.

    Let’s hope for a speedy recovery and they catch the suspect. Please leave your snarky and half-witted comments at home, this guy nearly died for standing up for himself.

  • Wishing the victim a speedy recovery. It’s horrible that this happened in the middle of the day.

    I wonder if this event is connected to the recent string of late night car break-ins in the garages of Clarendon condos?

  • Debs

    2 ACP officers were walking on the 4 mile rune bike trail out by EFC this morning as I was out running my dog at about 6:40am …They were obviously looking for somebody or something… I also see officers on bike on the trail frequently…I am out most mornings by 6:10…

    • C Spackler

      I run parts of 4 mile run and custis trail every morning (0530-0645) and have NEVER seen a police officer. Why do our observations differ?

  • Elroy

    lotsa tough guys/wanna be bernard goetz types round here!

    less talk and more action, gueros! grow a pair and do something about it rather than sit on your flabby, pale asses and punch out frustrated, scared comments on a poor excuse for a local blog. learn to fight, buy a gun and learn to shoot, get to know your neighbors, anything that makes you proactive.

    i find that the mindset “you wanna take my life? risk yours” greatly decreases one’s chance of becoming a victim.


    non arlington/former arlington resident.

  • bobbyt

    Ok, that’s it. Time to outlaw knives.

  • DarkHeart

    Anyone know the status of the victim?

  • I am very enjoyed for this blog….It’s an informative post. Thanks


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