Zinga Frozen Yogurt Expected in Williamsburg

by Katie Pyzyk November 9, 2012 at 2:45 pm 4,941 24 Comments

The froyo craze continues in Arlington, this time as a new store apparently targets the Williamsburg Shopping Center.

According to its website, national chain Zinga Frozen Yogurt plans to move into the vacant space at 2914 Sycamore Street, which used to house Garden City Florist.

Like many of the froyo stores popping up around the county, Zinga allows customers to serve themselves one of the three dozen rotating frozen yogurt flavors. There are more than 50 toppings to choose from, and the finished product is sold by weight.

Zinga sets itself apart from similar establishments with its freshly baked “bottomz” — such as waffle bowls, brownies and vanilla cake — which customers can use as a base on which to build their frozen creations.

So far there has not be an announcement about when construction will begin or when the store is expected to open.

  • NeedsMoreYogurt

    This is not enough! We need more! MORE!

  • drax

    So this is “WilliamsburgNOW” now? I have to drive all the way to Williamsburg for yogurt?

    • YTK

      Of course not,, why SURELY there must be MANY MANY Froyo establishments near YOU!! Do not flip your car on its roof in your haste to get there, however.

  • Observer

    Bring back Charlie’s plz.

  • internet tourettes

    baked “bottomz,” yea, baked “bottomz”……….

    • Topz

      I like fresh baked bottomz

      • YTK

        fresh baked? fresh spanked?

  • DCBuff

    In an unrelated news item, automatic transmission SUVs with MD/DC plates driven by texting drivers were seen flipping on Sycamore St. near the Williamsburg Shopping Center.

  • Joe

    isn’t there one going in at Harrison too?

    • Joe

      oh nevermind. guess it’s already open.

  • JimPB

    I think it’s “in” and open at the shopping center on Harrison by Lee that Harris Teeter anchors.

  • YTK

    Do we need a piksha of an overturned SUV in front of that store to complete the ambiance????

  • brickwall

    you can meet me at the froyo or the froyo or the froyo or the froyo or the froyo or the froyo or the froyo or the froyo or the froyo or the froyo or the froyo or the froyo or the froyo.

  • northarl

    honestly.. we dont have any froyo places here in the north arlington (sycamore/williamsburg/yorktown) area.. this will only be the second one opening..you all are acting like there is one on every corner!! lol

    • Math major

      If you don’t have any froyo places in North Arlington, how can this be the second one?

      • northarl

        Tutti Frutti just opened up next to Harris Teeter.. that makes one.. this will make the second =)

        • YTK

          Oh !! Tutti Frutti! All A Roottee !!!

  • Grindr

    There are 17 bottomz within 2855 feet.

    • Scruff

      I’ve got 22

  • So 2011-2012

    Any places in Atown where I can swirl overpriced froyo over an overpriced cupcake and top with my choice of over 50 toppings? Flipped over car with DC/MD tags in front of the store is a given.

  • chris

    Does it make me a bad Arlingtonian if I have never been to a froyo store?

    • Arlingtoon

      I think it just makes you like the rest of us.

      • Larchmont

        Yeah right. My guess is the majority of the anit- froyo, burgers, pizza, etc.. places that people here complain about do so with those items sitting between them and the keyboard.

        @ chris, I haven’t been to one either, I prefer gelato and ice cream.

    • YTK

      It does not merit a revelation in the confessional booth.


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