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Veterans Day Ceremony in Clarendon — Local VFW and American Legion posts jointly organized a Veterans Day ceremony at the Clarendon War Memorial on Sunday. At the annual remembrance ceremony a wreath was laid for Lance Cpl. Niall Coti-Sears, who was killed in Afghanistan this year. [MyFoxDC]

Reeves Farmhouse May Be Sold — The Arlington County Board is expected to decide whether to sell the historic Reeves farmhouse, at auction, for residential use. The county had been looking for ways to save the farmhouse for public use, but rejected a proposal to use it as a learning center, apparently due to the proposal not adequately providing for the high cost of needed repairs and renovations to the house. [WAMU]

Historic Status for Green Valley Pharmacy? –– Next month Arlington County Board members are scheduled to consider a proposal to designate the Green Valley Pharmacy a historic landmark business. The pharmacy opened in 1952 at 2415 Shirlington Road, in the neighborhood now known as Nauck. The county’s Historic Affairs and Landmarks Review Board supports the historic designation proposal. [Sun Gazette]

Shirlington Tree Lighting Two Weeks Away — Shirlington Village will hold its annual Christmas tree lighting event on Tuesday, Nov. 27. [Shirlington Village Blog Spot]

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    WTF. The Arlington County Board is expected to decide whether to sell the historic Reeves farmhouse, at auction, for residential use. The county had been looking for ways to save the farmhouse for public use, but rejected a proposal to use it as a learning center, apparently due to the proposal not adequately providing for the high cost of needed repairs and renovations to the house.

    • Trolly Troll


  • Wayne Kubicki

    The Reeves supporters made a strategic mistake in their request for County funding. If they had incorporated a black box theater, aquatics center and connecting spur to the Columbia Pike streetcar, the County Board would have funded this in a nanosecond.

    • Bacon

      Or, if they proposed to make it an auxiliary for ATS, the motion would have passed with flying colors, and they would have dedicated a school bus for it.

      • YTK

        All they had to do is turn it into a Froyo Place

    • WeiQiang

      it’s a “Luxury Pools Center”. read the signs.

  • Wondering

    Wondering if a developer could purchase Reeves and tear it down to put up a McMansion. Anything stopping them from doing that?

    • Wayne Kubicki

      Site is nearly 2 acres, so it conceivably could accommodate more than one new house.

      If the Board decides to sell, I’d imagine the sale would impose a whole list of conditions as to what the buyer could (and couldn’t) to with the site.

      • Ed

        I think the county has given landmark status to the property, so they have whatever limits that conveys. I’m actually not sure what statutory authority that carries, if any.

        The county has really bungled this. They should have never bought it if they weren’t willing to pay for the improvements. Instead it’s been slowly degrading further for the past decade. Houses like that just will not last over 100 years unless they have continual upkeep by a dedicated owner.

        • drax

          Other option is to simply tear it down and make the land a park.

          • Sam

            I wonder if the School Board is looking at it as a possible site for a new school.

          • Arlingtune

            A tiny, little school.

          • Sam

            Is it a small lot? I know nothing about the property.

          • Arlingtune

            It’s about 1/4 the size of a typical Arlington elementary school lot.

    • bobco85

      Of course, they would have no privacy because the hillside directly faces the Bluemont park baseball fields. I really hope they don’t develop the hill, though, as I have too many great memories of sledding there. Sledding > development

  • JnA

    County Board put $430,000 for public art in Penrose Park and $320,000 for a designer fence at the wastewater treatment plant on the consent agenda.

  • Interesting…

    Historic status for the Green Vally Pharmacy?!? Seriously? I guess that’s a good idea if we want to take the local school children there on a field trip to see a real, live open-air drug market!

    • HP2000


    • Mary-Austin

      Is that your lesson plan for teaching them your “Hey there’s black people standing around…they must be selling drugs” curriculum?

  • Al

    I’ve been hoping since the Chicken shack burned down that Green Valley would too. A barbed wire fence and boarded up windows would look better and leave less garbage in the gutters and streets.

  • Al

    Nothing says well maintained upstanding place like the need for a No Trespassing sign that you can see nailed to a tree in Google Street View.

  • drax

    76,000 veterans homeless. Many with severe disabilities. Pretty sad.

  • Wondering

    Perhaps a new private owner will preserve the main house and divide the rest up into lots since it’s two acres.

  • Arlingtonian

    The County Board designated the Reeves Farm property as a local historic district in 2004. See: http://www.arlingtonva.us/Departments/CountyBoard/meetings/2004/dec/1211/35.pdf

    If the County sells the property, the new owner will need to ask the County’s Historical Affairs and Landmark Review Board (HALRB) to approve a certificate of appropriateness (CoA) for any changes to the exterior of the house and surrounding area that the owner may desire. If the HALRB votes to deny the CoA, the owner can ask the County Board to approve it.

    This is where the lawyers make their big bucks. By negotiating with County staff and the HALRB and obtaining neighborhood support by offering to pay for something, the lawyers may be able obtain approval of a CoA that would otherwise be denied. It can be an expensive proposition for the owner, but sometimes it is worth it.

  • Jack Sprat

    The recent plan from the parks department included a proposal to buy private land adjacent to public parks to provide more public open space.
    So, now they plan to sell Reeves Farmhouse and land, which is public open space adjacent to a public park for use as a private residence.
    Way to go!

    • drax

      The Board has said it is NOT planning to sell the Reeves property.

  • Ted

    Where is the Northern Virginia Conservation Trust? I thought they were supposed to be concerned about preserving open space?

    This is what we get for re-electing incumbents to the County Board.

    • Mike Nardolilli

      Reevesland is parkland. The question is how to raise the $1 million needed to refurbish the historic farmhouse to permit it to be opened to public use. The County Board and County Staff made it clear last Saturday that the County is not interested in selling the land, despite speculation by some to the contrary.

      • drax

        If the Board spent the $1 million from tax funds, Ted would be whining about incumbents too.

    • drax

      How is this a result of electing incumbents? When you bash incumbents, please at least make some sense.


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