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Morning Notes

by ARLnow.com November 14, 2012 at 8:45 am 5,709 53 Comments

Home Sales Up, Prices Down — October home sales in Arlington were up 45 percent by volume, year over year, but prices were down. The average home price decreased to $542,941 from $562,217 in October 2011, which was partially attributed to a larger proportion of rowhouse and townhouse sales in relation to detached single-family homes. [Sun Gazette]

‘Incredible Edible Book Contest’ — On Dec. 1, the Cherrydale Branch Library will hold an “Incredible Edible Book Contest.” Contestants will create something edible to represent a book title, scoring points for cleverness and originality. The entries will be judged by a panel that will include Justin Stegall of Bakeshop and David Guas of Bayou Bakery. [Arlington Public Library]

Arlington Teacher on Date Lab — Jose Fuentes — a teacher at Key Elementary School, we’re told — was set up on a date as part of the Washington Post’s weekly Date Lab feature. Unfortunately, his date was “not really a Clarendon person” and the dinner at Eventide did not lead to a second date. [Washington Post]

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  • Thes

    “When I do go out, it’s more Adams Morgan or Dupont Circle. … You’re not gonna catch me over the bridge [in Arlington] when I go out; no, I’m not interested.” Boo!

    • JamesE

      “Physically: Thinner to cut, but not huge. A little hipster, or trendy. ” She should go to H-street instead

      • Footie

        He should have worn the brown flip flops.

      • Hollywood

        “economic justice” tells you everything you need to know. Next.

    • Hank

      That chick was terrible for so many reasons. Jose may have dodged a bullet there.

      • HappyCyclist

        really – she likes to bike, she’s outdoorsy, she’s not really into clubbing or Clarendon, she doesn’t watch much TV or movies. she wants someone with a calling. Whats she think, this is Portland or something?

        • Hank

          Please, Portland wouldn’t be nearly hip enough. Park Slope is played out, as is Allston. I hear Tulsa has a burgeoning scene, though.

          • Footie

            She’d have to be more in to guns and Jeebus to make it in Tulsa. Also, hating Obama is a given.

          • HappyCyclist

            well duh, Park slope. Stroller land.

            Its bed stuy, or Windsor Terrace, I think. maybe sunset park.

          • WeiQiang

            Tulsa … so last June. Cleveland.

    • Caroline

      “…she wouldn’t be the girl who would catch my eye”


      Thank goodness I am not in the dating scene anymore. Jose sounds pretentious. I think Date Lab should have set him up with a nice Latin man. 😉

      • Whitney Wilson

        For what its worth, I know Jose a little bit (he’s my son’s teacher) and I think he’s a terrific person. I obviously can’t speak to what he’s like from a dating perspective, but I certainly wouldn’t call him pretentious.

        • Tabs

          Pretentious isn’t the right word.

          He didn’t have to say (twice) that he found her unattractive.

      • WeiQiang

        While I concur that Jose is easy on the eyes, the man wanted to date a woman. Living in Arlington, I’m surprise that you immediately invoked the Dupont Rule. Between the cars and competition for nastiest flip flops or coolest untucked plaid shirt and beddiest-head, brahs in Arlington are no shirks in the land of pretention … just pretention of a different sort than the Real Gays Of Logan.

        • ArlMom

          Hello Jose-

          How you doooin? Maybe I should have sent my kids to Key instead of Science Focus…

      • Deadite

        What’s wrong with saying she’s not the type of person he’s physically attracted to? Do guys have to be attracted to all types or else we’re A-holes?

        • Tabs

          How would you like it if someone felt the need to make dang sure you knew they found you un-effable?

          Really, nothing needs to be said. In this Date Lab context, the reporter has asked “did you find him/her to be your type” or the like. So I think it’s OK to say “not my usual type no but he/she is nice-looking” and leave it at that.

          • Deadite

            You’re way too sensitive. There’s nothing wrong with saying someone didn’t catch your eye. He’s not saying she won’t ever catch anyone’s eye.

          • Tabs

            Yes, I do try to be sensitive to others’ feelings.

          • SomeGuy

            Nothing wrong with being mindful of one’s feelings, Tabs… although it seems like you’re only ever sensitive to women’s feeling, and typically to the degree of outright bias.

            But to Deadite’s point, he didn’t say she was unattractive, or even “un-effable” (which, let’s be honest, are 2 different things). He merely said she’s not the type he usually goes for. Maybe he’s into 1-legged midgets, for all we know. Or 6’4″ Amazon women. Please try not jumping to conclusions that fit your angry feminist narrative.

            Besides, it’s not as if a person gets involved with this “Date Lab” thing not knowing that they’ll be evaluated publicly.

          • JamesE

            Arlington girls do that all the time when they look away in disgust from me!

      • Jane Dallas

        And maybe you should leave your thinly-veiled homophobia at home.

    • B22201

      I think they’ve both very similar to one another.

      Just need to be willing to meet in the middle and they probably would have gotten along (not just location-wise, but in general).

      In like a year or two, I literally went on at least 100 dates. If you lived in Columbia Heights or H-Street. . .we weren’t going out again. It’s just a convenience thing, and knowing that I’d NEVER motivate to ever visit you should we actually start dating. But overall, you can’t be a “I don’t go out across the bridge” type person, or you won’t meet anyone. Unless it’s because she’s riding a bike everywhere. If she lives in DC, I probably wouldn’t want to bike over to Clarendon either.

      I get stressed out in most places in Clarendon, but if you start dating someone are you still going out to the same bars each night? Usually, you’re then going out to dinner, and getting a few drinks somewhere quiet. Not hanging out at Spider Kelly’s or Dan’s in Adams Morgan.

      They just seemed very set in looking for something specific. She wanted a heroin addict looking hipster that rides a bike around U-Street, doesn’t own a tv, travels, and is interested in “economic justice” (I don’t even know what that means). He wanted the typical girl in Clarendon.

      Eventually, they’ll both find what they want. . . somewhere.

      • Clarendon Skank

        I’m ALWAYS available.

    • Thunder Boy

      She is butt, and he is a teacher with no money, what do you expect.

  • JimPB

    ARLCO library maintains its leadership in innovation with the “Incredible Edible Book Contest.” Bravo.

    • MC 703

      You’re right. Let’s stick to books and periodicals. No fun events should be held. Unless it involves the newspaper wooden stick thingies.

      • drax

        Children should copy scrolls with a quill pen by oil lamp 14 hours each day. Back to basics!

        • YTK

          I will create a FROYO book, to be read/eaten while reclining on the undercarriage of an upside down SUV.
          In front of the library.

          • WeiQiang

            too much

  • MC 703

    What a wench!

    • YTK

      Oh it could have been worse– she coulda been a Ratchet Wench

  • Alan

    More tax revenue bad news for the county.

    • DCBuff

      Where did you read that?

  • Eric

    Those are two terrible human beings.

    • SomeGuy

      Please elaborate, Eric.

      • Eric

        You didn’t understand the first time?

        • YTK

          OK — thanks. That explains it now.

    • Thunder Boy

      agreed. they are both ghey

      • GreatRosslynDriver

        How does misspelling the word take the pejorative aspect out of calling somebody “gay”? If you”d like to call them lame, you should just do that.

        • Westover

          It’s not being used in that pejorative sense, and your second comment illustrates that very fact.

          • GreatRosslynDriver

            How is saying “that’s so gay” to call something lame and stupid not a pejorative use of the word, no matter how s/he spells it?

        • SomeGuy

          Thunder Boy’s spelling is not a pejorative. What do you have against homophones?

          • GreatRosslynDriver

            There is no place in decent society for homophones and bigots!

            Fine, fine, fine, maybe it’s a homophone, maybe it’s an attempt to retain “it’s so gay” by changing the spelling. There are a million other ways to convey the same meaning without using the term at all.

          • drax

            Maybe he’s homophonic.

        • Diwali

          Sounds ghee.

          • Lights


      • Correction

        “the ghey”

        • Another Correction

          It’s “teh ghey” fool

          • YTK

            This is not the whey to argue.

  • bert

    “Date Lab: With a side of ‘Gangnam Style’”


    • drax

      “We have to do it.”

  • Date Lab

    I prefer mine with a side of “bang ’em style”


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