Pedestrians Struck by Car Near Glebe Road

by ARLnow.com November 16, 2012 at 8:38 am 6,062 23 Comments

(Updated at 8:50 a.m.) Police and paramedics have responded to the intersection of Washington Boulevard and Glebe Road for a report of two pedestrians struck by a vehicle.

Initial reports suggest a mother and her child were struck. The mother is being transported to the hospital but the child was uninjured, according to scanner traffic.

Eastbound Washington Boulevard was shut down in the area of George Mason Drive due to the emergency response, but is now being opened back up.

  • Not Me

    My thoughts and prayers to those involved.

    • SATAN

      your prayers do nothing! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA

      • Quoth the Raven

        Even for typical arlnow comments, that’s pretty low.

      • P. Monroe

        While I agree with you, now’s simply not the time.
        (And while you’re at it, GET OFF MY LAWN!”)

      • Sam

        Not at all funny.

      • Not Me

        While I’m not religious, I nonetheless wish them all the best.

  • thelevyisdry

    Waiting for more facts, but I can hear the mobs assembling to avenge the mother of a child that used to be allowed to ride the bus to school.

    • SoArl

      That was my first thought – mother was probably walking the kid to school. So sad – hope all are okay.

  • Simplydusty

    Why is this intersection so dangerous?? I drive through it every day during am rush hour without incident.

    • JamesE

      Same, but I see a lot of people run reds to make a left or make a hard right and not checking for pedestrians crossing

      • Happy Cyclist

        Res Ipso Loquitur

        • DynaFlash 8

          ahem …

          Res IPSA Loquitur

    • NoArl

      I don’t get it either. I live near there and drive or walk through it regularly, and it seems like a very standard, straightforward intersection – good visibility, only two roads crossing each other, no unusual lane configurations, left turn lanes with signals (at least at rush hour), nothing strange at all. There are some weird intersections (like Washington/ Wilson / Fairfax in Clarendon) that you can sense are just accidents waiting to happen, but not here. Yet lately I keep hearing about accidents at Glebe and Washington. Maybe this is a case where some sort of traffic study might actually be worthwhile, to figure out what the problem is and what can be done about it.

      • CW

        It’s exactly the mentality you’re describing that causes the accidents. At those “complicated” intersections, people are on their best behavior because they’re scared. At the simple ones, people get complacent.

        I’m not exactly sure that I would call this a “simple” intersection. You have a six-lane road and a four-lane road. Both are major arterial highways. Many of the people approaching that intersection are either rushing to I-66 or they have just come off 66 and they are still thinking 60 MPH. Because of the size of the two roads (washington and glebe), and the fact that they’re arterials, not residential streets, people tend to fly.

        • NoArl

          I see what you mean, but there are lots of similar straightforward intersections between arterial roads (e.g., Glebe and Lee) that don’t have these sort of problems as far as I know. But you may be right that the proximity to I-66 plays a role in it – I hadn’t thought of that.

        • Debs

          I saw a car…going east on Washington BLVD one morning a few years ago…T-Boned by a truck that could not bother to stop for a RED LIGHT on South bound Glebe…Could not believe it….Some people are just so inattentive….This crash happened right in front of me…it was horrible. The intersection is NOT the problem…it is the drivers!

    • SteveP

      Not sure where this or other recent incidents happened, but I can see how moving westbound on Washington Blvd and making a right on Glebe Rd *might* be an issue. The comfort inn is close to the intersection so that visibility could be impaired for a distracted driver.

      Aside from that, there are fair number of turn signals and pedestrians could be walking without a walk signal when the left turns lights are active (or cars are running them just after they lose the signal).

      Completely guesswork here. It really doesn’t seem worse than other nearby intersections.

  • ARLNow Traffic Analyst

    without any picture I find it hard to engage in my usual pointless speculation. I am certain, however, that a cyclist was to blame.

    • drax

      Homeless illegal alien cyclist from Maryland.

    • Happy Cyclist


  • SHLady

    Always scary when pedestrians are hit. I hope they are ok.

  • Just Wondering

    Does anyone know the current condition of the guy who was seriously injured when he was hit by a car in Clarendon a few weeks ago?

    • Arlingtonienne

      I’ve been wondering about him too…


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