Video: PLACE Initiative Update

by ARLnow.com November 23, 2012 at 3:30 pm 4,009 25 Comments

At the County Board’s New Years meeting in January, new Board Chairman Mary Hynes announced a new initiative called PLACE, which stands for Participation, Leadership and Civic Engagement.

The initiative has resulted in weekly “open door” meetings with County Board members, civic engagement training for county staff members, and the new PLACE Space “community networking” web site.

PLACE Space allows Arlington residents to engage in online conversations about community issues and to join “circles” for specific neighborhoods or interests. There’s a circle for cyclists, hikers, church-goers, and even for “fig aficionados.”

In the video above, the county’s television channel takes a look at progress on the PLACE initiative so far.

  • sunflower

    with apologies to Toyota–you asked for it; you got it. Now let’s see how many participate.

  • Once bitten

    If anyone goes to the Open Door Meetings to speak one on one with a County Board Member about an issue, they should be aware that the meetings are considered public and anything discussed can be sent out in email form to the people one had an issue with, even if that person is not in the open door meeting. Treat it like a public meeting that is being broadcast.

    • Ballston Resident

      Think the PLACE initiative is being started to offset the very negative impact the county suffered when trying to put the homeless shelter next to Woodbury Heights and the many other residents of the area without due process. It was done behind closed doors, threats of imminent domain were made and the county suffered a real black eye here. Think Mary Hines’ efforts are trying to offset this, but I think the damage caused will take years to fix. The shelter should not be located in this building and that is what a lot of people strongly believe.

      • ACDC Hack

        Until people stop pulling the “D” lever or touching the “D” button, the people at 2100 will do what they damn well please…they have to be at least slightly afraid of losing an election.

        • Ballston Resident

          ACDC Hack,

          You are right and the current Arlington County Board should at least feel a bit concerned about losing an election.

  • Gymmyray

    Sounds like just another place to bitch and moan!

  • Poppy

    I have already given up on PLACE. I’m the first to admit being near-Luddite, but I can navigate, open, interact on other sites—–but found PLACE maddening and not remotely “user friendly.” I had hoped to engage in the backyard-chickens dialogue, offer many native plants for free, and more. Our NextDoor site is vastly easier, tho’ that doesn’t get to county board ears, as comments about I-66, retailers, chickens, etc. would on PLACE. I hope they revamp the site—–I’d like to be on it, but life’s too short for the frustration of it.

  • Wilbur

    PLACE is an experiment in social media democracy by a county terrified to experiment in social media democracy. It is lame.

    • drax

      Your post is an experiment in self-contradiction.

  • Yikes

    Arlington has some of the homeliest women on the planet — some of which
    may not be women…. where did they all come from?

    • drax

      Please post a photo of yourself so we can comment.

      • Good For The Gander

        “Please post a photo of yourself so we can comment.”

        You first Draxy…….

        • drax

          No, not me. I’m not the one bashing someone else’s appearance. I’m not the gander – Yikes is. See how that works?

          • Gander

            Ah come on, your many imagined fans are waiting with bated breath to get a “gander” of your visage !!

    • ARL-VA

      Grow up.

  • ArlingtonWay

    Good grief. You could play a drinking game with that video based on the number of silly management speak buzzwords in it. Always love it when “dialogue” is used as a verb. Snazzy British narrator, though. Very continental! All we need is a streetcar and it will be just like jolly old Europe here in arlngton! Oh, wait …

  • Steve

    I just have one question after watching that video. What is PLACE? I mean, what IS it? Total gibberish.

    • Gibber The Elder

      Hailing from Gibber, I greatly resent your implication that we Gibbers have anything whatsoever to do with this initiative.
      Let me assure you, the sort of nonsense in this video would find no audience on the planet of Gibber.

  • Sam the Cat

    From her coments in the video it would seem someone got all hyped up on good intentions…which will help pave the way for the trolly.

  • KalashniKEV

    OMG… that looks just like one of the “instructional films” from LOST!

  • George James

    When I first read about Place, I thought that Mary Hynes realized that the system blocks out individual access to decisions. What with clique dominated Civic Associations and county departments which ask for comments and then ignore the input, it seemed like a genuine solution.
    When you look at the video about how an individual who was concerned about traffic has now joined the system, and the strong emphasis on engaging individuals and mentoring them, the goal is obvious.

    Place is just a means of identifying and mentoring the next generation of elected Democrat officials.

    • drax

      So they’re the Borg?

  • ArlingtonWay

    Seems like Place is some meetings and a website. But if you, you know, just come out and say that, you can’t really have the video, right?

  • Ted

    DES can’t do anything about the blatant illegal dumping that occurs at the household reycling drop-off at Four Mike Run Drive and the Pike. When there’s even minimal enforcement there I’ll believe in PLACE.

    • Not Jim

      Hey Jim (‘Ted’),
      What in the world does your comment have to do with PLACE?
      But to your topic, would you like some 24/7 popo protection at the site? Willing to pay?


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