Biden Visits Metro 29 Diner

by Katie Pyzyk December 7, 2012 at 3:50 pm 6,392 76 Comments

Vice President Joe Biden hosted a lunch at Arlington’s Metro 29 Diner (4711 Lee Hwy) this afternoon, to discuss the country’s trek toward the fiscal cliff.

Biden arrived at the restaurant around 1:15 p.m. to meet with seven people who say their finances would take a hit if the country goes over the fiscal cliff.

One of the attendees, Anne Marie Munos, lives in Falls Church. She was chosen based on her online response to the White House request for citizens to discuss why Congress should extend middle class tax cuts.

“I can’t see how we can afford to pay more taxes,” wrote Munos. “We certainly won’t be able to boost the economy because our buying power will suffer even more than it already has.”

Biden said it would take “15 minutes” for a bill to get finished if Congress agreed to let taxes on the wealthy increase.

“This is no time to add any additional burden for middle class people,” said Biden. “The downside of going down this cliff… is real.”

The lunch visit was not announced in advance, and other customers were not prevented from using the restaurant during the visit. Biden and his guests were taken to a separate section of the restaurant and guarded by security. Patrons were allowed to enter the restaurant after going through a security check, and a few dozen gathered around to listen to the Vice President speak.

After finishing lunch with his guests and spending some time taking photos with other customers, Biden left Metro 29 Diner around 3:00 p.m.


  • MrMeow

    I love how the dem idea of compromise means getting everything they want.

    • Mary-Austin

      And the GOP idea of compromise is getting everything they want even though they lost.

      • Joan

        I’d like to point out that there are about 30 GOP governors. With over half of the states having GOP governors, I don’t see how you can just say “they lost.”

        • wibble wobble

          Awwww itsn’t that special….

        • Mike

          They lost because they lost the Presidency, two more seats in the Senate, 8 (or is it 9) seats in the House…so what part of “lost” don’t you get? Most of those 30 governors were not on the ballot, and many would also have lost if they had been.

        • BoredHouseWife

          there is only superficial differences between the dems and the pugs. our team vs their team needs to stay in football.

        • Road Diet

          That is so cute 🙂

    • Sandra

      The Dems controlled the House, Senate and had the President Obama during his first two years in office. They were unable to pass a budget. The third year and this year, the fourth, the GOP passed budgets in the GOP controlled House. These budgets have been dead on arrival in the Democrat Senate. The Dems cannot deal with the budget, sadly Mr. Meow expresses what the Dem philosophy is.

      • Andy

        Amazing as it may seem, there is no need or requirement for an overall budget since the actual costs are controlled by the multiple appropriations bills which congress, as required by the constitution, does have.

        • drax

          The GOP talking points abuse the term “budget” all the time, because they know most people don’t understand what it really means.

    • MC 703

      Taxes not going up for 98% of the country at the expense of the top 2% is too much for you?

  • B22201

    Not related to the visit itself. But, do people actually like that place? I went once for breakfast (as diners typically have decent breakfast). . . it was not that great.

    I actually haven’t had much luck eating in that general area. Cowboy Cafe when it was on Columbia Pike was okay, went to that one on Lee Hwy a couple months ago, and it was terrible.

    • CW

      I’ve found it to be mostly boring stuff that I could make myself.

      • jesus

        well you’re mighty negative. You can do that at most restaurants… sandwiches you can make yourself. steak you can make yourself. french toast you can make yourself…

        • CW

          I guess you must go to pretty boring restaurants then. I try to go to places where the chef is more skilled than I am. I call that “value add”.

          • Larchmont

            Do tell where you found a short order cook more skilled than you are.

          • drax

            I go to restaurants because they put loads of butter in everything back in the kitchen, and I can’t bear to put that much in my own food at home. Ignorance is bliss.

          • CW

            Now that I can agree with!

      • bobbytiger

        Joe who?

    • David

      I found it a bit on the pricey side for a diner, I’ve only been once though and don’t remember the food. Their desserts are supposed to be good though.

    • stevo

      If you want basic diner (no frills) go to Linda’s a few blocks west on Lee Hwy. If you want classic diner (good food) go to Silver Diner in Clarendon. If you want hipster diner (over priced mediocre food), go to Metro29. It was a novelty when it first opened and the food was OK, but there hasn’t been any spark to it years. Probably because it’s run by a manager, not the owner.

      • Bob

        Edith and I have been making a darn good breakfast 24/7 for 43 years!

        • WeiQiang

          we collectively owe you an apology for not listing you first … and you are correct. and you play music that VPOTUS would like.

        • B22201

          I agree, it’s better than Metro 29.

          I’ve been to some good-random ones while I was working in NY once, north of the city.

          As far as chains go, this one in Phoenix was pretty good: http://www.5anddiner.com/ Kind of wish it was here.

        • Mike

          Yes, they should have gone to Bob and Edith’s, but no tables big enough for that group.

          • fedworker

            you mean no table big enough to fit Biden’s ego

      • novasteve

        Do/did the Hengsts run all the Silver Diners or just the one in Rockville?

      • Phyllis Richman

        Everything about Linda’s is pretty cool except for the food…it can be pretty bad.
        29 is getting bashed here a bit unfairly in my book…it is not great but it also isn’t bad.
        The deserts are huge.
        But to each his or her own…….or more pretentiously, “chacun à son goût”

        Bon Appétit

        • Sandra

          I love Bob and Edith’s but I have eaten at Metro 29 several times and have always enjoyed my meals. I have been there at varying hours and have ordered many different types of food. I think the people who are putting it down are being unfair. On FB I saw someone refer to rats and roaches and I have NEVER seen either one there. The comment regarding roaches and rats is abusive.

      • Andy

        The hipster bit made me laugh because it’s mostly an over 80 crowd in there 😉

        • Waycroft Mike

          Haha, I had the same thought!

        • janedough

          the hipster replacement crowd….

          • drax


        • AARP

          Hey who do you think invented hip ??
          Now get out of my way or I will run you over with m scooter !!

        • Minor Threat

          That is true, that over 80 hipster crowd. Stevo might be jealous that the over 80 crew is more hip them him. Sorry dude, I’m sure they can help you out.

      • Minor Threat

        Classic dinner? Silver Diner fake corporate place run by a manager. Welcome to Arlington, where everything is upside down.

        • Libby

          Agreed. Silver Diner is wannabe. Metro 29 as well. Bob & Ediths is a diner.

    • McChipstah

      I live here and concur w/your assessment. Thirsty Bernie’s not very good nor am I a fan of the Lebanese Market. Tired of the Clarendon Ballston scene too. I find myself heading downtown these days for eats. Going to Bucks Camping and Fishing tomorrow night. btw Linda’s Cafe is decent for a N.Arl breakfast joint.

    • Larchmont

      Our family eats there occasionally and enjoy it. Not bad at all. Not fabulous but for a close to home diner it is reliable.

    • dk (not DK)

      ditto. In fact, when I read this headline, my first question was: “why in the world would he eat there?”

  • Dr Seuss

    Here’s an idea: balance the budget. Balance the budget! Know what doesn’t resemble a cliff of any kind? A balanced check book. Eliminate the corporate tax. Eliminate the Fed. Force people to work by ceasing to support their decades-long dependency on Welfare. And stop picking winners and losers in the market! You’ve been creating misallocations of resources with your cronyism and nepotism.

    Biden. Stick to what you know: foreign policy. You’re right on target, sir.

    As for Congress: go home. You spend your time there ‘campaigning’ for the next election cycle anyway. You’re less likely to interfere in my life and my neigbors’ lives if you aren’t on the Hill.

    • Hollywood


      No politician is actually serious about balancing the budget. I’m fine with Clinton-era tax rates, so long as we return to Clinton-era spending levels.

      • Max

        When States are able to manage wars, bailout other States, and provide for the security of a country while keeping a balanced budget, let me know.

      • drax

        Hard to do with a bunch of wars and an aging population.

    • Josh S

      For a guy who names himself after an author who wrote funny, cheerful stories for kids, you sure are a sourpuss.

      Apologies if your name is actually Dr. Seuss…..

      You call for a “balanced check book” as if federal government spending were as simple and inconsequential as your or my personal checkbook. It’s not. It’s a terrible analogy that really needs to be shown the door. Fortunately, these kinds of internet comment threads are the only place it really shows up – not even the talking heads use it cause, as empty as they are, even they realize it’s not an appropriate analogy.

      Also, how does one balance the checkbook by eliminating the corporate tax? And why would one not tax corporations? If you compare corporate profits (continue to shoot higher and higher every year) with personal income (flat or falling for decades), it would seem that the corporate tax rates could easily be much higher than they are and things would be a lot fairer.

      • speonjosh

        it’s more complicated than that.

    • drax

      None of those things get you a “balanced check book” though.

  • gnushell

    I ate there once and found their food to be awful. I would never go back.

  • bert

    Oh man I hope Secret Service knew about the guy camouflaged against the WMATA bus

    • Camo

      Got to say that caught my eye as well…..very strange effect…it looks as though his head is just floating.

    • Rick

      So Kal Penn was in movies and gets to work with Obama, Danny Masterson only does TV and he gets stuck with the VP.

  • malaka

    Wasn’t that diner on that godawful food channel show with Guy Fieri? Diners, Drive-ins and Dives or somthing?

    • CW

      Yes. A lot of the places featured on the show are pretty good. I don’t think this one is. I think it was featured more for the “old school vibe” than the food.

  • Becoming Indifferent

    Seems like most of the places Guy Fieri features aren’t diners or dives, at least not in the traditional sense; more like faux dives for hipsters.

    • drax

      Because most real dives actually suck.

  • Adam

    I wonder what Biden got to eat with his giant ogre teeth.

    • Larchmont

      The Mickey Mouse pancakes of course.

  • fedworker

    Check out its last health dept inspection report: http://www.healthspace.com/Clients/VDH/Arlington/Arlington_Website.nsf

    …Dressing was 48F in four door prep (expo area). Tuna and chicken salad were 48F in three door prep. Tomato and ham were 45F in two door prep. All foods in walk-in were 44F.

    • dk (not DK)

      A few years back, the WaPo mag did a piece on a restaurant health inspector. At the end of the article, the interviewer asked if he had a favorite restaurant. He smiled and said, ‘I don’t eat in restaurants.”

    • Libby

      Thanks for the link. I had a good, and only slighty frightening, time looking up the restaurants I frequent!

  • fedworker

    credit to 22201 for 12 for posting the link in the Forums section

  • novasteve

    Was this because Sam’s Corner wasn’t available?

    • nom de guerre

      Sam’s Corner would never allow Joe Biden to visit-we would respectfully tell him we were closed and lock our doors to this fool.

      • Sandra

        Is Sam’s Corner going to reopen? Great comment, nom de guerre!

  • Unreal23

    How long has it been since the Democrats in the Senate passed a budget? Over 3 and a half years. How many people voted for the president’s last two budgets, over three vote between both Houses of Congress, NO ONE. 0-610 is the combined final vote tally. When Republicans were in power, at least they put spending plans on the table. The most predictable financial crisis of our lifetimes is 100% solvable. Unfortunately one side refuses to negotiate in good faith

  • Buckwheat

    Let’s go over the cliff! Sure defense cuts will hurt, but they can be fixed. Payroll tax cut will end, but that is funding social security payments. WTF were they thinking when they passed this! 99 weeks of unemployment will end. I’ve thought about applying for unemployment and living a nice life for 2 years! Let’s go back to Clinton rates and broaden the tax base. Can’t just soak the rich to fix this problem! EVERYBODY needs to pay their fair share! Listen to Howard Dean for Gods’s sake! Can you believe it?

    Oh, I like the thick bacon and the challah bread French Toast is very good!

    • Buckwheat

      oops! I’m conservative, so there is only one God:) Should be “God’s”.

      • johnny b

        For the Clinton tax rates to work, the Spending Percentage to GDP must also match the Clinton era. Biden and his boss will never agree to that, not to mention Reid and the no-budget dems in the Senate. The cliff is looming, and it won’t be Bush’s fault for this next recession.

        +1 on the french toast….but lunch and dinner there has definitely gone downhill.

        • drax

          Whose fault is the fiscal cliff exactly?

      • The Gods

        We beg to differ.

  • sunflower

    love the conflation of food and politics!

  • David

    Metro 29 is the worst place in Arlington to eat. Food sucks. Way over priced. Why are there long lines? Because people are stupid.

    • drax

      And Arlington voters only vote based on the “D” next to the name! People who don’t share your opinion are stupid!

  • 120

    Is everyone on this site a hater? The food may be a little more expensive but when you see the portions, it is totally worth it. French toast is the best around. The long lines speak for themselves. My only complaint is the parking spaces are too small.

  • sunflower

    “There’s an old joke – um… two elderly women are at a Catskill mountain resort, and one of ‘em says, ‘Boy, the food at this place is really terrible.’ The other one says, ‘Yeah, I know; and such small portions.’

  • b&e is a classic greasy spoon, delicious eggs, hotcakes, waffles, etc. but metro 29 makes a great open face hot turkey sandwich. i’d like to put it head to head with whitlow’s sometime…

    just needed to address all the hate. and now i need some blueberry hotcakes from b&e like whoa.


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