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BREAKING: Bank Robbery Reported on S. Glebe Road

by Katie Pyzyk December 11, 2012 at 4:42 pm 5,029 54 Comments

(Updated at 5:05 p.m.) Police are on scene at the Bank of America on the 3600 block of S. Glebe Road, for reports of a bank robbery.

Police scanner traffic indicates a note was passed to a teller and a weapon was implied, but there is no confirmation that a weapon was actually seen. Police are searching the area and interviewing witnesses as part of their investigation.

Initial reports said the suspect escaped in a silver sedan. According to scanner traffic, the suspect is described as a black male between 5’10” and 6’0″, who was wearing black pants, a knit hat, black gloves and had a dark brown or black scarf wrapped around his face.

Earlier today, police were called to a nearby BB&T Bank (2947 S. Glebe Road) when a teller told police two men dressed all in black and holding a gun had entered the first set of bank doors, but then turned around and left. They reportedly left with one other man in a silver sedan.

Also today, an armored car guard was shot during a robbery attempt in Oxon Hill, MD. The Washington Post reports that the incident occurred around 1:00 p.m. and three or four suspects were seen leaving in a silver, four-door car.

No connection has been confirmed among any of today’s incidents involving silver, four-door vehicles.

  • Louise

    It’s one of the guys from the BB&T this morning!

  • Claire

    I really want to say something about how incredibly stupid this is, but I am just disgusted beyond belief. So a teller at a bank not a mile away reports dudes all dressed in black with their faces covered and later on the same day a dude wearing the same clothes driving the same color car SUCCEEDS in robbing a nearby bank and totally gets away???? what the f*ck do we even have police for?

    • Louise

      What do you suggest police could have done to prevent this?

      • Claire

        Um…maybe been nearby somewhere. I guess there aren’t enough good donut shops in the area.

        • drax

          Near where? Every bank in Arlington County at the same time?

        • CommonCents

          Maybe the cops were near another bank that was NOT robbed. Until newspapers and blogs start covering bank-robberies-thwarted-by-police-presence, I guess we will never know for sure. I do know I am now dumber for having read your comment. Furthermore, every time I walk into a donut shop or coffee shop all I see are foreign cab drivers. As long as the public at large waits in line for frozen yogurt and cupcakes in this area, i don’t think the the right has been earned to throw out cop/donut jokes.

        • ACPD

          shut up

        • CrystalMikey

          Really? You expect them to be at every bank in the county?

        • MC 703

          You figured it out. Cops only patrol near donut shops.

          • ALCH80

            Clearly, it’s poor planning. All banks should be built within 500 feet of a donut shop. Problem solved.

          • dunkinpunkin

            actually there are 2 dunkin donuts within a half mile of that bank.

    • tumblebum

      From now on it will be required that all “dudes: dressed in black stand on the curb and alert police to their presence. That should solve the problem.

    • drax

      Because the police can just stand guard in front of every single bank all day.

    • drax

      Claire’s post is a classic example of the ridiculously irrational expectations some people have on this forum, and in general.

    • Ziv

      Claire, you seem to mistake the primary function of police officers. They don’t actively protect us as much as they work to ensure that there is a perception that if someone commits a crime, say rob a bank or assault someone, that they will be caught, prosecuted and incarcerated. There simply aren’t enough of them to have a very good chance of blanketing all the banks in Arlington after an incident like the one at the BB&T.
      That having been said, when seconds count and you need a police officer in the worst way, the police are just minutes away.

    • torsionbar

      Claire, the part I think you don’t understand is the role of Police. The mandate of the Police Department in Arlington, and in fact every county across the country, is not to prevent crime. In fact, there is a supreme court ruling on this very subject – the Police are under no obligation to prevent any sort of crime. Their job is purely to investigate after the crime has already occurred, and attempt to apprehend the suspects.

      In fact, they have no legal liability whatsoever for the prevention of crime. You have no legal right to recover any sort of restitution from the police department for failing to respond to an incident, or failing to prevent a crime.

      This is why self-defense rights and the 2nd amendment are so very important. It’s the only thing we’ve got to defend ourselves against criminals.

  • SMDC

    So the cops weren’t monitoring nearby banks? I guess they figured no one could be so stupid…..

  • 7-11-bum

    This makes a good case for some kind of alert system. Any business could be recipients of broadcast alerts if they wish. We have Amber Alerts, why not robbery alerts?

    • CommonCents

      What would the alert be? Watch out for black guys wearing black? Many black guys wear all black for whatever reason. And the tellers barely know their elbows from their a$$es, so I wouldn’t count on them to figure out which car which customer came out of.

    • Oz

      You mean like Arlington Alerts? That could have been a way for police to broadcast information after the first bank called, but no crime actually occurred, so….

  • fedworker

    When I first read the description of the perp wearing a scarf, P.Moran came to mind. Obviously I can’t be P.Moran cuz ya know…P.Moran would never wear black pants

  • Shocked

    [Post removed per comment policy]

  • MikeinARL

    What we have here is failure to communicate.

  • MrsD

    I believe what we have here is some desperate people, maybe out of work, down on their luck. Not saying it is right to rob a bank, just that with the economy in the toilet maybe just really desperate and no common sense.

    • bobbytiger

      Or, maybe they just they didn’t have enough money to complete their Christmas, [and, for you non-believers, Xmas], shopping.

      • Autoexec.bat

        Doesn’t the “X” in Xmas stand for Chi, the first letter of the word Christ in Greek? Just sayin’.

      • drax

        “Xmas” is not for non-believers.

        “Xmas” comes from the practice by Christian scholars of using the Greek letter chi (X), the first letter in the Greek word “Christos” (Christ) as an abbreviation for Christmas.

      • janedough

        I do “know”(anecdotal evidence only)that some (undetermined number) people do NOT like Christmas referred to as Xmas. I don’t remember why…

        • drax

          Some Christians are just as ignorant about their own history as others are. The world’s full of people getting angry about stuff that doesn’t even exist.

  • Alterclaire

    I know, let’s get rid of all the donut shops! Yea!
    Ya know, because cops eat donuts, right?
    If we got rid of all the donut shops…then..then…we wouldn’t have bank robberies, right?
    Yeah! those lazy cops! woot! ……..


  • smarterclaire

    No. No, wait! what if…what if we put all the donut shops around all the banks?
    Yea! then no one will rob banks, because, because….because the cops will always be around the banks!
    Yeah! Woohoo! I feel like an activist! this is great!….

  • bren

    not usually a fan of censoring, but glad some of this stuff got cleared out.

  • B22201

    In this day and age, with two minutes worth of Google research, is robbing a bank really worth it?

    The 2009 average take was around $9000. Also noteworthy is that over 3/4’s of those robbing banks eventually get caught.

    Obviously I don’t condone stealing anything, as I’m also the one that wants to cut the hands off of car/wheel thieves. But, that same research shows that robbing a armored car nets an average of $130,000.

    Don’t they also give you those fake bills that have a dye pack in them to explode once you leave the bank, and make your money worthless?

    Just seems like a dumb way to get money as you can’t get far away, and live on a beach in Mexico for the rest of your life on a few thousand dollars split up among several people.

    • We all are not 1%

      Interesting analysis, but a wee bit 1%-ish in evaluating the benefit half of the equation.

      $9,000 is a lot of money to almost half the US population. If one makes $9 hour, then the average haul is half a year’s income. (I am making a wild assumption that the bank robber would then would wisely spread out the haul over six months spending rather than blowing it all at once and perhaps even put the money into a bank account for safe keeping.)

      • Josh S

        I think it’s more of a risk/reward type analysis. Even for the 47%, let’s say, is $9K worth a 75% chance that you get caught and go to prison? Not to mention the off chance that a security guard or nearby policeman will shoot at you if you try to run? For $9K?
        Versus working six months at $9 an hour. Not saying that’s a really fabulous life either, but it still seems better to me. But I don’t really like rollercoasters, either.

        • Glebe Roader

          I agree with you, but I don’t think people who are robbing banks with a $9000 payout are doing a risk/reward analysis beforehand. For the record, I like rollercoasters but not rides that go around in circles. The risk is that I get sick and throw up — there is no reward.

        • We all are not 1%

          Still too much 1%-ing in your analysis. (plus my comment was directed to the reward factor only but you can work on your reading comprehension if you have time when not sharing your wisdom with us)

          $9,000 vs. “I’m not going to get caught”.

          It is very apparent that the Arlington school superintend should be blamed for failing to teach adequately the concept of percentages.

          • B22201

            The Fairfax County school system should be praised for taking me on a bank field-trip in elementary school to know that you’re probably going to be on-camera, they give you a dye-packet, and you’ll probably get locked up.

            Hopefully they get caught, and we can find out which school system failed.

      • B22201

        I’ve made/lived on $10 an hour. I still think the risks outweigh the reward in this case. If they were the same guys as the earlier article, that’s at least 3 guys to split it between.

        There is probably more profit to be made in robbing something else, considering the likelihood you’ll get caught anyway.

        • Glebe Roader

          You’ve moved up from your $10/hr job because you are intelligent enough to understand the risk/reward for robbing a bank isn’t even close. Believe me, I’m not defending these two-bit bank robbers, but they probably REALLY think it’s worth it.

  • Zimmie

    Cannot be me, because I openly commit crimes in public (and then laugh in your face).

  • Sam

    ARLPD shouldnt recieve any salary money until they get off their bum and catch the guy..

    • MC 703

      Is this Claire? Same witty stylings.

  • Major Pup McPuppo Jr.

    this settles it. i am so fed up. there should be donut shops AT LEAST one per block. to keep up police presence

    • Buckingham Beauty

      We coule put one next to every Starbucks in Arlington, and we’d be all set.

      • Buckingham Beauty

        could, not coule

  • Major Pup McPuppo Jr.

    thats looks like a pretty nice bank from the pics

  • Sam

    just saw arlpd leaving dunkin donuts off lee highway…

    • Buck Futter

      Because no one with a desk job ever drinks coffee. Its only cops keeping them in business. Gotta love ArlNow… Overpaid paper-pushers mocking the real workforce from the comfort of their iPads.. The majority of them probably doing so at MY taxpaying expense (i.e. do-nothing federal contractors).

  • Sam

    my hard earned tax dollars at work!

  • YTK

    I guess it’s time we invested in the Matress Savings and Loan

  • Airporter

    Nothing more than front line re-distribution. No need to worry until you are the target for re-distribution


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