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B&C Jewelry Boutique Opens in Clarendon

by Katie Pyzyk December 19, 2012 at 2:45 pm 7,345 30 Comments

B&C Jewelry Boutique in Clarendon B&C Jewelry Boutique in Clarendon

A jewelry store has moved into the space previously occupied by Sisters3 boutique in Clarendon. B&C Jewelry Boutique (2729 Wilson Blvd) quietly opened its doors to the public on Sunday.

Nolan Forness owns the store, along with his wife, daughter and son. His wife’s father started the business in 1953 and thus far the family has had one store in Alexandria.

Forness grew up in Clarendon and currently lives in Crystal City. He said the family had been looking to expand into Clarendon for a long time, and jumped at the opportunity when they saw the space open up.

“I knew the old neighborhood and the new neighborhood is a whole lot busier,” Forness said. “We knew it was a hot location. There were no jewelry businesses around and we thought we’d fill that void.”

This location’s specialty will be silver pieces by several unique designers. Forness touts his membership in the Independent Jewelers Organization, and promises that customers will find items that aren’t available elsewhere. The store will also offer Pandora jewelry, jewelry repair, watch repair and custom jewelry design.

Forness said his family has been ready to open the new location for a few months, but they were just waiting for the custom-made jewelry cases to arrive. The store opened on Sunday, and the sign went up yesterday (Tuesday).

The family is considering this a “soft opening” period and plans to have a grand opening sometime after the holidays.

  • John

    I hope they replace the sign fast. It doesn’t look like much thought was put into it at all, and potential customers may be turned away. The sign should reflect the quality merchandise the store likely offers.

    • Swag

      Yeah, that thing is just a complete mess.

      • CW

        Yeah, the owner of a 60-year-running business moved into Clarendon thinking that people would be won over by the appeal of a longstanding, family-owned local establishment featuring unique products unavailable elsewhere. Poor guy doesn’t know that Clarendonites care more about the signage than any of that petty stuff.

        • Alex

          Well said.

        • 7-11-bum

          Do you really think every window shopper will know this is a 60-year-running business? The window displays may entice visitors, but from the other side of the street, it looks like “Junk Sold Here”.

          • John

            Exactly. It boils down to marketing, and there are business owners that simply don’t understand the earning potential of good signage.

            The signage now looks like what you’d find at a discount retailer in a strip mall.

  • Dezlboy


  • Karzai’s Mammy

    Not my thing, but at least it’s something different.

  • Swag

    Next time spend $20 on a graphic designer before you spend $200 on your sign.

    • Mary-Austin

      What graphic designers around here work for $20?

      I do know a certain McDonald’s around here where you can get a ride in a Pontiac Aztek for $20.

      • Design

        I would be happy to re-design his sign for free. I love seeing a family run business do well, but the sign does detract from the potential quality inside.

      • Swag

        Any first year student could make a better sign in about 15 minutes.

      • Zach

        Makes sense. That sign is about as classy as a handie in the McDonald’s parking lot.

  • Ty

    Awesome, much needed! Look forward to shopping here.

  • ArlNative

    a little snark…. the custom stuff at their Alexandria location (Bradlee Shopping Center, on King Street near 395) isn’t that great, unique or special. They are a locally-owned mass-marked jeweler. Hope they prove me wrong.

    • ArlNative


    • Dezlboy

      Agreed. Inorder to earn the title of “independent jeweler” they must meet their organization’s Minimum Purchase Requirement [from among pre-selected jewerly wholesalers] of $35,000 per year.

      Still may be a great store with great products, but can’t imagine the store will carry one-of-a-kind unique eyecatching jewelry. Than again, I don’t wear any, even below the belt.

  • torsionbar

    I think this is outstanding, I can’t wait to shop there. As a long time Clarendon resident, I’m tired of all the cheesy bars, restaurants, and chain stores. It’s nice to see something different open up.

  • Sara

    Yes!! Def doing holiday shopping here looking forward to checking it out!


    Best wishes to B&C. To say they’ve been an Alexandria business is technically correct, but they have always been located just across the street from Arlington, and served nearby Arlington residential areas.

  • Sara

    Stop snarking and go in tonight, most of you just attack attack all day.
    As ‘bad’ as the sign might be, how many of you can afford this? Typical youth (under 35) of Arlington living outside the means. Just, move to Gainesville where your cash will go further. I’m willing to wager you in your rentals and roommates can’t purchase anything of luxury, am I correct? Ha, yeah. Thought so.

    • John

      I want the business to succeed, and I hope the owner will invest in better signage. This is Clarendon’s first jewelry store since Kay Jewelers closed in 1973.

    • torsionbar

      Don’t worry Sara, most of the under-35 Arlington crowd, with their maxed out credit cards and empty savings accounts, will soon end up in Gainesville, Manassas, and Haymarket. They just haven’t realized it yet, as they’re too busy eating burgers and fries, drinking too much beer, and spending all their cash at the Apple Store and the Pottery Barn.

  • fairgirl

    B and C provides a ‘nothing special’ service to my community. So does the health and exercise club next to B and C, the small Giant supermarket, froyo shop, battery store, the branch banks, and so on in Bradlee Plaza. Give these people a break.

  • Arl Girl

    Maybe they can *win* and Arlington Magazine “best of” next year. Why not? seems that is awarded to anyone

    • Sara

      Haha soooo true, I just read those you are right!

  • Abby

    As the former tenant to that space I wish them the best of luck. We could ever afford a sign for people to comment on. I hope you will all give them a try and support a business who is just trying to survive and grow in this awful time. Merry Christmas.

    • FTW

      Abby, for the win.

  • i know its late but Best wishes to B&C. We’ll definitely drop by here soon, looking forward to checking it out!

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