The Papery to Close in Clarendon

by Katie Pyzyk January 3, 2013 at 1:15 pm 3,044 31 Comments

The Papery in Clarendon is closingThis may give you a sense of déjà vu, but The Papery in Clarendon (2871 Clarendon Blvd) is closing. After making a comeback in late 2011, the business will now be closing for good.

Dick Visconti’s family owns the chain of stores, which is based in New Jersey. He said his brother had wanted to open a store in Arlington, but suddenly lost interest.

“My brother was operating the store and chose not to be involved anymore, and it got in the run down condition you saw,” Visconti said. “I came back in October 2011 and kept the store operational until now.”

When Visconti revived the store a little more than a year ago, the intention all along was to keep it open only until the lease expired, which happens this month. There is no plan to open a new Arlington location due to logistics.

“Unfortunately I’m done with Arlington. I’m a New Jersey based company and to operate in Arlington is logistically not feasible,” said Visconti. “I regret it because I think Arlington is beyond an awesome place to live and have a business, Market Common is an awesome location.”

Visconti said he hopes the store’s employees will be able to quickly find new jobs.

“They’re an outstanding staff. I wish I had them here,” Visconti said. “I told them that if any of them wanted to move to New Jersey, I’d hire them in a second.”

The Papery is holding a 50% off sale on everything in the store until it closes on January 13. Visconti reiterated that he wishes he didn’t have to close, but he doesn’t see any other option.

“I just live in New Jersey and can’t do it, that’s the bottom line,” said Visconti. “I’m really sorry that we have to go.”

  • Really

    Place your bets on the new tenant: Fro yo, cupcakes, or fro yo.

    • Captain_Obvious

      burger joint.

    • FrenchyB

      Overused ArlNow comment store.

      • drax

        The Brown Flipfloppery.

      • Josh S

        The place would certainly not lack for inventory…..

    • Deadite

      It’s gonna be a combination burger joint and flip flop cobbler. Duh.

      • Tj

        Man, you guys and your dull, overused jokes. Please move back to fairfax or wherever you all came from. Fro yo, brown flip flops, burgers…. Just come original with your jokes.

        • Captain_Obvious

          point taken, but you should see the # of fro-yo and burger joints in Arlington…so it actually is original.

        • Deadite

          Seeing as how your name is TJ I’m guessing these jokes hit a little too close to home for you. Amirite TJ, brah?

    • WeiQiang

      I think we’ve all been missing the obvious. I still get a good chuckle and occasional guffaw from a good garlic froyo turnover reference, but no one here [and I’m pointing at you, KEV] ever recommends … a gun store. Certainly, the Arlington Young Republican Alliance Against Corrupt Arlington Democrats could rally more people to a gun store than to RiRa Irish Pub to watch Fox News once a quarter.

    • brah

      Trev’s garlic pizza pub and photography studio

  • Glomlor

    I missed it, where was he from?

    • Jim

      Which exit?

  • Chris

    Is it just me or was this place almost never open? I’d pass by at 7pm on a weekend and they’re closed.

  • Douglas Parker

    If the staff there was ‘awesome’, and I fully believe him, I have no reason to think otherwise – why doesn’t he hand the day-to-day to his #1 down there?

    Not being able to be in 2 places at one time is a common problem, but if there are good employees at the ready, why not ’employ’ them?

    • Douglas Parker

      Sorry Arlington and Market Common are ‘awesome; staff is ‘outstanding’.

    • arlmom

      They had no inventory–good employees or not. For-basically a card store–they had the worst selection of cards I’ve ever seen. They had empty shelves…and this was for years. I live a few blocks away and I would run in after the gym once in awhile to pick out a special card for a relative’s bday, etc. but the selection sucked. I had better luck at Rite Aid after awhile.

  • Hattie McDaniel

    Maybe something useful will open in that space.

  • novasteve

    $10 says it turns into Avacado Fresh or the latest burrito joint.

    • Mitt

      $10,000 says it doesn’t

    • Where is ATown

      I may have to agree with Steve for once. There are only four other Mexican restaurants within one block. I just hope that it is Chipotle.

  • Josh S

    With a Baja Fresh like three doors down, I’m with Mitt on this wager. Put me down for a C-note.

    • Deadite

      Also, Lime is right there.

  • Oh Well

    The staff was not helpful, or awesome. Went in there the first time for wedding invitations, got someone who knew nothing about the invitations. Second time in, I asked for a specific product and got told “nope.” when I asked if it was carried. I mean, they could have tried a LITTLE customer service.

  • Cyrus

    So I says, Dad, I’ll run the location in Arlington because it’s awesome. He says sure, you’re a smart yoot and it’s an awesome location. Then the Jets and Giants don’t make the playoffs and the Redskins does, so I says fogettaboutit, I’m outta heah.

  • Crossfit

    It will become a Crossfit and there will be all kinds of brahs and brahettes pushing giant tires down the sidewalk out front. It’s going to be totally sick brah.

  • CaffeineAddict

    I hope a Starbucks goes in there, because, you know, the other one is waaaay down the block

  • Zarniak


  • fongsway

    I’d love more retail.. like Bethesda Row. Real privately owned type shops , not chain stores, not chain food places .. If they can pull it off there, why not here? Bethesda has Wear it Well, Urban Country, Amethyst, and Pirjo – and Raku. I’d love Japanese or noodle shop food. Too much Mexican and pub stuff already.

    • karzai

      Fongsway you and I think alike. I actually talked to the owner of Raku a few years ago and tried to convince him to look at Clarendon to open another Raku location. His name is Marcel, from what I recall.. I think I had him interested but obviously nothing resulted. We need a good Asian fusion place….

  • private business owner

    I would love to open a business in Arlington, but from the way it sounds, many of the businesses located in Arlington are not privately owned…. I wonder why. When we were shopping for space for our business, we couldn’t find anything that was affordable. If the rents were more manageable, perhaps there would be more privately owned businesses located in Arlington.


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