ACPD Recruits Graduate from Police Academy

by ARLnow.com January 4, 2013 at 10:25 am 1,570 65 Comments

Arlington County Police Department recruits at a graduation ceremony

Twenty-one Arlington County Police Department recruits graduated from Northern Virginia’s regional police academy late last month.

A graduation ceremony for the recruits — 17 men and 4 women — was held at George Mason University’s Center for the Arts. The recruits will now be required to participate in 12 additional weeks of field training before becoming fulling certified by the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services.

Arlington’s next police academy class is expected to be much smaller, we’re told.

  • Buk Futer

    Oh, great, more parking spaces taken up in Courthouse! It’s all about me!

  • novasteve

    Some of those chicks be cute.

    • ?

      [Post removed per comment policy]

      • Captain_Obvious

        wow, way harsh. They’re cute to someone, obviously…

      • dd

        Please show some respect, punctuation mark.

        • ?

          no, punctuation mark.

      • drax

        Really? This is the best you can do?

      • drax

        It must be really hard being a woman. What petty bullsh*t they have to deal with sometimes from shallow jerks.

        • novasteve

          What’s shallow? They’re cute. The men are handsome, but since I’m straight I’m more focused on the women. Perhaps I should become a national journalist and focus on what a woman wears, tell her she looks too fat for it and make a lot of money doing that saying who looks a certain way a an awards ceremony?

          • drax

            Your post was shallow, but not benign. I was referring to the comment by ? that was removed.

          • novasteve

            not benign? I certainly meant no harm in it, and I hope they serve the county well.

          • drax

            Sorry, steve, I meant it was shallow but benign. An extra “not” found it’s way in there.

        • NOVAk

          …and the men are hot!
          -anon guy

    • SteamboatWillie

      Your comment suggests that you didn’t make “get out more” one of your 2013 Resolutions.

    • BBMS

      The one I saw eating dinner at Ballston last night could hook me up anytime.

  • G Clifford Prout

    I wonder if the Police Academy is anything like “Police Academy?”

    • Freddie

      There’s no Blue Oyster … but we DO have Freddie’s!

  • Swag

    12 weeks of traffic enforcement… If they can survive that, they truly have no souls (and thus would make excellent cops).

  • Dezlboy

    Call me Scrooge, but….these officers will be putting their lives on the line to save our lives. So, easy on the flippant remarks?

    • Deadite

      How do you know this?

      • Captain_Obvious

        because cops DO put their lives on the line. Even basic traffic stops can be life-changing, especially if the suspect decides to run or worse, pull a gun…it happens, you know that, right ?

        • Deadite

          OK, but nobody has had their life on the line until it’s actually been put on the line. Just because you have the uniform and the badge doesn’t mean your life has been put on the line. Get it?

          • Quoth the Raven

            That doesn’t make any sense. They’ve chosen a profession (like solider or Marine) where there is a pretty good chance they’ll be in harm’s way at some point. So yes, while technically these brand new cops have yet to “put their lives on the line”, they’re going to be doing so quite soon. Seems like you’re playing semantics.

          • Captain_Obvious

            I think you still don’t get it. Every day they go to work, his/her life on the line…its that simple.

          • Deadite

            Every day you ride the Metro your life is on the line.

            Sorry, I’m just not one of those lemmings who rushes to label all cops and firefighters as heroes. Commit a heroic act first and then I’ll call you a hero.

          • drax

            Of course it does, deadite.

            Putting your life on the line means risking it. By doing police work, you expose your life to additional risk, ever day.

            And nobody used the word “hero” – you threw that in.

          • Captain_Obvious

            By that logic, everyday you do anything, your life is on the line.

            No one is labeling these graduates as heroes already. On a daily basis, their lives are at far greater risk than you or I. Cops are targets and they are trained to react to all situations as possible threats. They carry a gun for a reason…

          • Josh S

            I would tip my hat to these new police the same way I would to a new teacher or social worker – they have chosen an extremely challenging profession that is critical to society but generally comes with a lack of monetary reward. And I think just making that choice is worthy of some respect. Sure, any one of the people could turn out to be corrupt, abusive, and/or otherwise selfish or a menace to society. But for now, we celebrate their achievement thus far and say Godspeed or best wishes or shalom or whatever words work for you.

          • Deadite

            Thanks Josh – that’s about what I was trying to say albeit from a different angle. Dezlboy’s original comment was “these officers will be putting their lives on the line to save our lives.” All I was saying was how can he POSSIBLY know that all of these officers will someday risk their own lives to save someone else’s?

            People completely misinterpreted my original reply.

          • Captain_Obvious

            Your original comment was a vague question. Your subsequent comments show your low opinion of law enforcement jobs.
            Care to backtrack anymore ?

          • Deadite

            What did I say that gives the impression that I have a low opinion of law enforement? Was it the part where I said I won’t cannonize them and kiss their feet before they have actually done anything heroic?

          • Captain_Obvious

            You’ve tried to marginalize their profession by trying to say riding the metro puts you at just as much risk as a police officer and that’s just false. Furthermore, you’ve injected your own “hero” comments because you have nothing else to say. You’re the only one making “hero” comments Your comments make you look like a hater.

          • drax

            Saying they put their lives on the line is not canonizing them or kissing their feet.

          • Deadite

            “these officers will be putting their lives on the line to save our lives.”

            You don’t think that’s tyring to make them seem like heroes? The hyperbole in that line is a bit much, namely the “save our lives” part (we ALL will have our lives saved by these cadets?!). Just because the OP didn’t specifically use the word “hero” doesn’t mean he wasn’t trying to make them appear heroic.

      • Dezlboy

        @Deadite: okay, not your life. But everyone else’s. Satisfied?

    • x-arl

      dezl–many thanks

  • CrystalMikey

    Congrats to all the grads! I for one appreciate the job ACPD does day in and day out.

    • x-arl

      as do I, thanks for the positive comment….

    • Douglas Parker

      Agree. Thanks to the officers and best of luck for a successful and rewarding career!

  • airumair

    is it just me or the women at the front look photshopped in?

    • WeiQiang

      no. it’s just you.

      now, the third officer from the right in the middle row – who is a foot shorter than the guy next to him – he looks ps’d in.

      btw, good on ’em all.

    • haha

      I can’t get over that the asian guy has his eyes closed. really.

  • Major Pup McPuppo Jr.

    wonder which one of these youngsters is gonna bust me for masturbating outside of a 7-11

    • drax

      Probably the K9 squad.

    • Col Fap McFappo

      You’re a wolf. It’s expected that you’ll “groom” yourself.

      • Major Pup McPuppo Jr.

        *exhales sigh of relief* that’s great news

      • Jack O’s Mom

        My teenaged son is very well groomed.

  • Clarendon Skank

    I see a few who I would like to check out their nightsticks.

  • novasteve

    Feel kinda bad for the guy in the front row, obviously gonna get teased for being in the short row.

  • Kendra

    Congratulations, graduates.

    Thank you for choosing to serve and protect our community.

  • JustMe

    Congratulations, be save and thank you for taking the job of keeping us safe.

  • Rory

    Good luck, and don’t sacrifice integrity no matter what. Tell the truth at all times.

  • outoftowner

    Be careful out there, Arlingtonians. A whole new cop crop that will want to meet their quotas

  • GMo

    They need a better tailor for those uniforms. They look like they have accordions on their ankles…maybe because of that dry cleaner’s fire last night?

    • Josh S

      Nice catch. Perhaps it is related to the propensity of baseball players to wear their uniforms as pajamas?

    • BBMS

      That’s not too much break. Maybe a little on a couple of the females.

      But you try painting a stripe down your suit pants and see how it looks.

  • Disappointed

    I was expecting more Mahoney, Lt Harris, Hightower and Tackleberry references from this crowd.

  • Mary-Austin

    Top row 3rd from left is a total babe.

  • North A-Town Snob

    “Arlington’s next police academy class is expected to be much smaller, we’re told.”…I don’t know if I want our police officers to be much smaller than some of the shorties in this pic…though a couple of the dudes on the ends look like linebackers. Kidding of course…congrats to the new officers…overall we should be glad we have the types of cops we have here instead of some of the issues in Philly, B-More, etc with corrupt cops.

  • Me

    I am always amazed how many folks seize upon a good news story to say somethin stupid and petty..geez these guys are stepping up to protect us and the best you can come up with is “cute” or splitting hairs on the word heroic…many of you guys are chiding Arlnow.com but its pretty obvious you are stuck in adolescence

  • OpenCV


  • FED

    Arlington Police force is totally reactive. Couldn’t do community policing if it received a billion dollar grant from DOJ.

    • sn-arl

      could you please give examples? other than your own unfortunate run-ins with them of course…


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