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Morning Notes

by ARLnow.com January 4, 2013 at 9:35 am 32 Comments

Walking the dog past the State Department Training Center on S. George Mason

Legislators Holding Public Meeting Tonight — Arlington County’s delegation to the Virginia General Assembly will hold their annual public legislative hearing tonight (Friday). The public is invited to address the delegation at the meeting, which starts at 6:00 p.m. at the Arlington County Board room on the third floor of 2100 Clarendon Blvd. The delegation includes three state Senators and four members of the House of Delegates. [Arlington County]

Changes to ART 42 Schedule — Minor schedule changes to the ART 42 bus route will take effect starting Monday, Jan. 7. The changes in scheduled arrival times are designed to “improve on-time performance.” [Arlington Transit]

Camel to Visit Arlington Church — A live camel will be visiting an Arlington church this weekend in celebration of Epiphany. Chewy the Camel is scheduled to show up at the Church of the Covenant (2666 Military Road) around 10:00 a.m. on Sunday, Jan. 6, and the public is invited to the event. “Join everyone that morning at 10:45 a.m. for a celebration and parade, as well as the Spanish and English telling of the Wise Men’s visit, accompanied by goodies and crafts for children in Fellowship Hall,” the church said on its website. [Church of the Covenant]

Flickr pool photo by Ddimick

  • Captain_Obvious

    cool pic

  • wants information

    ARLnow: PLEASE caption and credit the photos you post adjacent to the photos. It would be nice to know where this great photo was taken. The little photo credit at the end of posts is not sufficient. See what other news organizations do (washingtonpost.com, nytimes.com, slate.com, wtop.com).

    • JamesE

      click the photo, it isn’t that hard.

      • daniel


      • wants information

        yes, but that does not always give full information. For instance, on the ACPD story, there’s a small caption with no photo credit when you click on the photo. Give credit where credit is due.

    • JohnB

      It’s the Walter Reed community Center.

      • JohnB

        Oops. From flicker: “Bella the Dachshund on a chilly evening walk near the State Separtment [sic] Training center on S. Georgae Mason in Arlington VA.”

        • SteveP

          Yep, definitely the short trail between George Mason and Alcova Heights that comes in around 6th St S. There’s a trail that goes under George Mason that connects it to the park across the street in Barcroft, but I’ve never seen the gates open. I’d be curious if anyone knows what the deal is with that tunnel… a similar one going under Rt 50 near the Red Cross is open. Anyhow, it’s a nice little connector trail.

          • BBMS

            Yeah, I would like to know if there is any interesting history behind the tunnel under 50. I used to play in there as a kid. I think it predates the time when 50 and George Mason was just a traffic light on-grade intersection, before they lowered 50 and built the bridge for George Mason. That State Department facility land has some interesting history as a military intelligence post when it was called Arlington Hall.

          • Dan

            ” has some interesting history as a military intelligence post when it was called Arlington Hall.”

            Yes during WWII that was where the US code breakers were headquartered.

          • Buckingham Bandit

            During WWII, the facility, Arlington Hall, was used to house analysts exploited decrypted Japanese coded communications. My guess is that after the war, signals and communication exploitation continued to take place, but I know in the 1960s, the Defense Intelligence Agency (brand new at the time) was housed there. It is now at Bolling AFB, and Arlington Hall now serves as headquarters for the Army National Guard Readiness Center, and the National Foreign Affairs Training Center, also known as the State Department’s Foreign Service Institute (think diplomat school).

        • Dennis Dimick

          Sorry for the typos on the flickr caption, have fixed them for you…this is on a short trail near the south entrance that continues just east of S. 6th Street and connects to S. Quincy…also, I guess the proper naming convention for this location is the “National Foreign Affairs Training Center.”

  • Trevor’s Lifting Partner

    Can anybody tell me more about this live camel? This must be quite an impressive live camel if it made the news

    • Captain_Obvious

      and his name, “Chewy”, is awesome.

  • MissKittenCat

    that dachshund needs to be a pet of the week.

    • Captain_Obvious

      Isn’t it another animal’s turn ? This week was a dog already.

    • penthouse

      Were you Pet of the Month?

  • beyond silly

    a camel at a church, really is this necessary. these animals are not here on earth for our entertainment and amusement. how tacky.

    • Swag

      Could be worse–it could live in Australia (where they’re trying to exterminate them).

    • Joe Hoya

      I’m sick and tired of these mother f’ing camels in this mother f’ing church.

      • drax

        You are awarded one FREDTERP.

    • Trevor’s Lifting Partner

      Agreed. They are only here for us to eat and to carry us over long distances

      • drax

        Unless they are dogs. Then they are here for us to build them parks and bakeries and clean up their poop.

    • Hank

      Obviously, you’ve never tasted delicious camel meat. A bit gamey, but succulent nonetheless. And definitely better than the godforsaken atrocities served at Ted’s Montana Grill.

      • gourmet

        Hump Carpaccio is delicious!

      • Banksy

        Reminds me of this: twitter.com/fanboydotcom/status/280553710101344256/photo/1

      • DCBuff

        Eat more camel.

        • YTK

          Lemac avec les pommes frites.
          What I want to know is was it wearing a diaper at the church or were people slipping and a-sliding.

    • CourthouseChris

      Cheap tricks to push the opiate the masses increasingly do not want.

  • fedworker

    Forget streetcars (sorry Zimmie). I say we use camels to transport people up and down the Pike. If its good enough for three wise men….

    • Tejadanaut

      Soon, camels will be taking spaceships up and down the Pike. So, we must add density to house the camels, and by adding density we will be able to tax more and thus subsidize the housing for the camels.

      • fedworker

        will it be market rate affordable housing?


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