Race Celebrates Healthy Dating Practices

by Katie Pyzyk January 23, 2013 at 3:58 pm 12 Comments

No Fear in Love Race logoAs Valentine’s Day approaches, there’s much attention on relationships. Next month, a 6-mile race will weave through Arlington to promote healthy relationships and to bring attention to domestic violence.

The “No Fear in Love Race” is designed to celebrate healthy relationships and to teach teens and young adults how to avoid unhealthy ones. The idea behind the name is that experiencing fear in a relationship is an early indication that it may be unhealthy.

The third annual event begins at Marymount’s Ballston Center (1000 N. Glebe Road), and the race will take place on the Custis and W&OD Trails. There will be refreshments, group and individual race prizes, raffles, and discussions about the promotion of healthy dating relationships.

Advance registration is available online for $25, and same day registration will be $30. Race organizer Karen Bontrager hopes to raise $3,000 to offer a dating abuse survivor a one year scholarship to George Mason University.

“I have been on both sides,” Bontrager said. “If we can bring one person from darkness to light, it will be a life saved.”

Race time on Saturday, February 23, is at sunrise (6:45 a.m.), signifying movement from darkness to light. Participants are encouraged to wear purple because it is the color of royalty, and Bontrager says that is how everyone deserves to be treated in a relationship. Participants will also be able to honor a survivor of domestic violence.

  • Jessie

    Great idea, but way, way too early in the morning.

    • CrystalMikey

      I agree on both counts.

    • drax

      Anyone up that early probably didn’t have a date the night before.

  • MB

    Hey, honey, I’ll beat you there!

    Err, I mean . .

  • DarkHeart

    Both sides? Been abused and an abuser? Or been abused and dated someone who has also been abused? At any rate, Joni Mitchell time!

    • SomeGuy

      I had the same curiosity. Sounds like she’s owning up to doing some of the abusing. Which is good… in a way.

    • Tabs


    • Tabs

      I bet what she means though is that she witnessed domestic abuse as a child, and experienced it as an adult.

  • Huh?

    What’s a “healthy dating practice”? Not going on a date to IHOP or KFC?

  • John Fontain

    Sounds like a noble cause, but really – does their have to be a race for everything?

    • internet tourettes

      Hey, at least its not 3,000 guys in pirate costumes on Harleys shutting down 66 at rush hour….

      • drax



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