Video: Moran Speaks Out Against Federal Pay Freeze Bill

by ARLnow.com February 15, 2013 at 2:30 pm 1,142 46 Comments

Today the House of Representatives passed a bill (261-154) that would freeze the pay of federal workers for a third straight year.

Rep. Jim Moran (D-Va.) spoke out against the bill, comparing it to Irish satirist Jonathan Swift’s “A Modest Proposal.”

“Today, the House majority, unfortunately without Mr. Swift’s humor or irony, offers its own Modest Proposal,” Moran said. “To ensure our elderly are cared for, let’s cut the pay of those responsible for their health. To make sure our food and drugs are safe, let’s diminish the benefits of those whose job it is to screen for safety and unintended effects. To find a cure for cancer, let’s punish the researcher who toils daily to save millions of Americans from the disease. To care for our veterans, who were sent by this body to fight in foreign lands, let’s make their caretakers find a second job.”

The proposal, H.R. 273, is not expected to be taken up by the Senate, and thus not expected to become law. Federal workers are currently slated to receive a 0.5 percent pay raise after March 27, thanks to an executive order issued by President Obama in December.

  • GOP

    We didn’t say that. What we’re saying is screw the elderly and food safety and cancer and veterans.

  • Hee-Haw

    Those “D’s” always trying to ban something…oh wait, nevermind.

  • Tea Party

    Screw you for not wanting to screw them badly enough.

  • Nancy Pelosi

    If Congress would take some action and institute a million dollar minimum wage, everybody in America would be a millionaire. What an ideal society we could create!

    • drax

      You flunked Econ, didn’t you fake Nancy Pelosi?

    • woah nelly

      I’m sure there is a joke in there somewhere.

      • Congress


        • Keynes

          Basically, yes.

          Worked in the Great Depression.
          WOrked with the Marshall Plan.

          Corporate America seems content to buy one another, pay themselves massive bonuses, and fight government regulation instead of investing in growth.

          • Keynes In Reality

            Lets ask Greece how spending their way to prosperity worked.

            Great depression budget deficit was lower than it is now.

          • Suburban Not Urban

            Wrong, a war pulled us out of the Great Depression

          • Debs

            YES, WWII the American public paid for…..in taxes and other fund raising (SAY WAR BONDS)…but OH NO…NOT Iraq or Afghanistan…let’s go shopping INSTEAD….Bush was SUCH A LOSER…and now we all lose. Does America feel better NOW? Ask former President Bush and Stupid Cheney….they still cling to the false premise that “they will welcome us as liberators!”

          • drax

            “Spending our way to prosperity” is a right wing straw man. Keynesians do not believe that at all. Nobody does.

          • drax

            The war alone did not get us out of the Great Depression. GDP was back to 1929 levels by 1936. Employment didn’t catch up to pre-depression levels until the war though.

  • Public Servant

    Phew! That 0.5 percent pay raise will more than offset the up to 14 days we were just told we will be furloughed due to sequestration. Or maybe not. Good luck defending the nation on the days we are furloughed.

    • Hollywood

      HAHAHHAHAH! We’ll take our chances…thanks

  • That’s what happens

    When you go to work for an employer with well-publicized budgetary problems and tremendous debt issues, you have to be prepared to face things like pay freezes. No different than going to work in the private sector. Welcome to reality.

    • DCBuff

      And there has been a pay freeze in place for the past 2 years, along with increased costs for healthcare and retirement. So, federal workers are quite familiar with reality. Welcome to facts.

      • That’s what happens

        Glad to see we’re on the same page then.

        “Welcome to facts”? What does that even mean? You’d have to introduce facts which disprove what I said in order for that statement to make any sense.

        • DCBuff

          You did not say anything necessitating being disproved. I stated facts–2 year pay freeze coupled with higher healthcare and retirement costs–you simply made a “statement.” Perhaps, given your rather dense perspective, I should have written, “welcome to the facts.” Welcome to reality, on the other hand, has no meaning in this context.

          • That’s what happens

            OK. A 2 year pay freeze with higher healthcare and retirement costs — just like a ton of people working in the private sector. AWESOME FACTS, BRO.

    • Wife of FedWorker

      “When you go to work for an employer with well-publicized budgetary problems and tremendous debt issues, you have to be prepared to face things like pay freezes. No different than going to work in the private sector. Welcome to reality.” – My husband went to work for DOD over 30 years ago, when we didn’t quite have the same budgetary probems. Nor did we have the constant gridlock problem we have now. Private sector employees would never stand for no cost of living raise for 3 years running – but seem to think it’s fine for the Fed. What would your response be to your employer who said “Pay freeze for 3 years and counting, welcome to reality”???

      • Id

        Your assertion that private sector employees would never stand for no cost of living raises for 3 years running — most private sector employees I know have taken pay cuts to keep their jobs; no raises due this economy; for others loss of jobs. Wait until March 1st when this sequester kicks in. House of pain.

  • Hasdripal

    When Moran speaks Congress listens, a towering intellect whose record demonstrates that only those with a superb education and high moral fiber are worthy of representing us.

  • alaaro

    Typical Dem concept. Spend with no clue as to the repercussions. I was going to make another “raise the minimum wage” joke, but someone beat me to it.

    • DCBuff

      Typical Tea Party rant. Oppose anything without a clue, period.

      • CourthouseChris

        And rhetorical skills, don’t forget rhetorical skills. Fallacious reasoning is their bread and butter.

      • alaaro

        No, there’s definitely a clue. It’s called MATH. Foreign language to some, it seems. You cant spend money you dont have. What is the latest federal budget deficit? $850B? Thats money spent that we dont have. I have a lot of friends and family that work for the govt, and Id love for them all to get massive raises, but if the govt is spending more than it takes in, so how can you justify it? Private companies dont give raises they cant afford, or theyd go out of business. Just because you work for the govt doesnt mean you are entitled to a raise. If you dont like your job, leave and find a new one.

        • drax

          Um, wait a minute – first you say you can’t spend money you don’t have, then you cite the deficit – which represents money spent that we “don’t have.”

          I suppose you’re not in debt either, huh?

          Debt is not a problem. Lots of debt is. Crashing your economy just to reduce debt will only make the deb worse.

  • David M

    I can’t stand Moran. But I’m a fed, and I’m fed up. Page 104 of the IRS pub 1040i (1040 instruction booklet http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/i1040.pdf) shows government outlay. Federal employees (law enforcement & general government) are less than 2% of federal outlay… there is plenty of real savings and real discussion in the other 98%! …. to include banning federal funding for trolleys.

    • Tumblebum

      When you want lots of outrage you don’t suggest cutting paperclips and staples, only replacing half the new cars planned, letting departing employees positions go unfilled for a while, etc. Same as local government saying that they are going to have to lay off cops, firemen, teachers, etc. A time proven method. I fall for it every time.

    • Chris M.

      David, if you talk to Americans outside DC, I don’t think they are going to be very sympathetic:

      • David M

        I don’t want sympathy. I want cuts where cuts are due. I put up with my “fair share” of cuts even though my work load actually increased, and I didn’t complain. But, now the media & pols are just using feds as scapegoats. I’m tired of it.

  • YTK

    When I first started with the Feds in 1979 we rec’d a 9.7% pay raise — now we will be lucky if we get an 0.05% “raise”.

    • CourthouseChris

      Well, that’s a bit of an unfair comparison. Inflation is not what it was 30 years ago.

    • Deadite

      This is literally the dumbest post I’ve seen here all week.

    • JimPB

      YTK: 1/2 of 1% is 0.5%.

    • Amycarter

      You don’t have memories of sitting in mile long gas lines, etc. the economy in the 70s sucked – Feds still got raises.

  • bobbytiger

    And, to the Federal “workers”, enjoy your paid holiday this coming Monday. I believe this one is called “Presidents Day”, no?

  • Mary-Austin

    Jim isn’t looking too well there…maybe Patrick is stressing him again.

  • Garden City

    Funny how during the 60s we managed to gear up the Great Society programs, continue building the interstate highway system, put a man on the moon and fight the Vietnam War, all without managing to pile up massive deficits. How did we do it? We weren’t afraid to make people pay for the things they wanted. Now we want it all but demand that someone else be taxed for it.

  • Marie Antoinette

    What is he complaining about? He gets sketchy mortgage loans at an interest rate that would make Grover Norquist blush…

  • FedUp

    Of course he is complaining about pay freezes for fed employees. While the private sector realizes that the economy is not what it used to be and is scaling back, the federal government wants to keep pretending that things will somehow get “better” like they always have. They can’t see the reality that things won’t be so rosey this time.

    • drax

      So we won’t ever recover from this economy?

      • Id

        We will recover, when you start letting businesses make money again. A lot of companies are sitting on huge cash stockpiles because of this political BS regardless of what side of the fence you are on.

  • Dave in SA

    Big Jim forgot to mention the 43 Democrats that voted for the bill and the ten Reps that voted against it and then the 12 Dems that did not vote. Basically 20% plus House Dems agreed with the bill.

  • Ham

    So glad they are freezing it. Too many people earning above average wages in the gov’t that do not earn it. I say start the early buyouts or start cutting people. It’s a drop in the bucket of what needs to be done to restore fiscal strength ni the public sector.


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