Bishop O’Connell Softball Ranks No. 3 in Nation

by ARLnow.com March 6, 2013 at 3:45 pm 17 Comments

Jillian Ferraro (photo via Bishop O'Connell)The Bishop O’Connell softball team went 27-1 last year, capturing their 17th Virginia Independent Schools state title in 19 years and their 9th straight Washington Catholic Athletic Conference championship.

The team seemingly has no place to go but down. In fact, in preseason rankings by MaxPreps.com, there are only two teams in the country with higher expectations. The Knights ranked #3 in the national rankings, just below Northern (Owings, Md.) and Amador Valley (Pleasonton, Calif.).

All-American pitcher Tori Finucane and catcher Jillian Ferraro, who have committed to Missouri and UNC respectively, are back for their senior seasons. Finucane was named to the MaxPreps 2013 preseason All-American first team, and Ferraro to the All-American second team.

Finucane had a improbable 0.09 ERA and 332 strikeouts last year, and Ferraro chalked up a .542 batting average, 55 RBIs and 8 home runs.

According to a school-issued news release: “Other mainstays in this year’s lineup promise to be Hayley Metcalf (.488 batting average), Amanda Ehlers (.438) and Mary Burk (.310) with newcomers Olivia Giaquinto and Jenna Spille expected to contribute right away.”

Spring softball practices are now in full swing and O’Connell will open its season at home at 4:00 p.m. on Tuesday, March 12 in a game against St. Mary’s Ryken. The rest of the school’s softball schedule can be found on the Bishop O’Connell website.

Photo via Bishop O’Connell

  • Jeff

    Nice legs, good form, great swing. Go O’Connell!

    • Real Jeff

      If you’re in high school, I guess “Nice legs” is OK. Otherwise it’s just creepy. And would you mind posting under another name? If you’ve ever tried to post in the Forums, you know “Jeff” has been registered for some time… to me. I guess this is an ArlNow issue – different Forum and article names?

      • NoVA RN

        Am I the only person who found this comment ridiculous? “Jeff” probably posted under his birth name, a name that countless other people in the world respond to besides you, not thinking that he’d come under fire for it. Give him a break.

        • Real Jeff

          You are right; it was silly. Just didn’t want to be associated with the legs comment.

          • Tyler

            Why don’t you like nice legs? Kinda weird you prefer guys legs. #notthatthereisanythingwrongwiththat!

        • Tim

          Jeff, you ding dong…I’m sure the “nice legs” comment was in reference to her stance. In other news, I’m sure you’re a real “fun” person to hang out with.

      • ph7

        “Nice legs” may be creepy, and certainly overstated.

  • The other Jeff

    No…I’M Jeff. And so’s my wife.

    • tumblebum

      Jeffs are like sasquatch. Rumored but never confirmed.

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  • Geoff

    Not bad, for a bunch of ladies.

  • Guest

    It appears Arlington is home to a team of spirited champions. Great job, real proud.

  • Jammny

    I do not believe this article! Why? Because only recently we were told that the end of the world would befall O’Connell H.S. if they did not get college level sports field lighting. The H.S. did not get the lighting, yet someone is trying to foist this article on us.

  • Bud Collyer

    The panelists have all voted…so now…will the real Jeff please stand up!

  • RunningWriting


  • Alex an Dria

    “Give me an ‘L’….Give me an ‘E’……Give me a ‘S’ …Give me a ‘B’….. you fill in the rest…What does is spell? “Catholic School Lesb ****!! Go GO GO!

  • NameGoesHere

    Man, this site sure is polluted with a bunch of strange individuals. The commenting / bickering here is ridiculous. I should have known not to click to view the comments……


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