Sisqó to Perform at Mad Rose Tavern

by ARLnow.com March 6, 2013 at 10:15 am 31 Comments

Sisqó, the Baltimore native best known for his 2000 hit single “Thong Song,” is scheduled to perform later this month at Mad Rose Tavern (3100 Clarendon Blvd) in Clarendon.

Sisqó, also of the R&B group Dru Hill, will be performing as part of an “I [Heart] the 90’s Party” at Mad Rose at 9:00 p.m. on Thursday, March 28. The event will feature a performance by Sisqó and 90s music played by DJ Chris Styles.

An event calendar entry says there will be no cover charge, though it also advertises a $15 “cut line pass.” The page says Mad Rose will be offering “mad specials… priced like 90’s gas prices.”

  • JohnB

    Oh how far you have fallen.

  • Mike

    I grew up in the 90’s. Can I pay $15 not to go?

  • novasteve

    Death spiral. Trying to turn it into a college bar?

    • drax

      What’s wrong with a college bar though?

      • DCBuff

        Nothing. In a college town.

        • Travis

          Marymount says hi.

      • novasteve

        well if they had college town prices I would find it less disagreeable. I miss dollar pitchers even if it was Old Style.

  • nom de guerre

    *Places a nitroglycerin tablet under the tongue*

  • Rachel

    lost my virginity to that song!

    • Guest

      You must be so proud.

      • Rachel

        Not my proudest moment, lol. But DeShawn was very good to me that night!

      • ph7

        Losing one’s virginity is one of life’s greatest moments. May it be safe, enjoyable, not too late and free of other’s superstitious religious condemnation!

  • WestoverNative

    Oh man. This sounds amazing! As a 90s kid, I am really looking forward to this. I’d like to see how washed up he looks in-person!

  • Deadite

    I’m not sure who should be more embarassed about this – Mad Rose or Sisqo?

  • This is how we do it

    2000 is not the 1990s. They need to get Montell Jordan instead.

  • Lanadeltacobell

    Is Mad Rose Trollin? How much did it cost to get Sisqo

    • ARLrez

      Probably a lot of Canadian dollars. Has to fly in from Edmonton for this gig.

    • ph7

      Probably less than it cost Sisqo’s dignity.

  • johnny b

    Show more cute puppies…..
    Show fewer bubble-butts shakin their cellulite!

  • KevOMG

    oooooo how the mighty hath fallen…

  • ConcackADomamey

    I invite all the squares who troll the ARLnow msg boards to wear their favorite colored thongs to the Sisqo show. See you there!

  • Doodoo breath

    Mad rose sellin out….but they’re getting money tho…constantly packed. I can’t hate, I don’t have a club and sisqos manager idn’t blowin up my pager tryin to get a show

  • orkork

    According to google- hes worth $8m…

  • Clarendon

    Why is this news ? Doesn’t Sysco supply many of the area restaurants ?

    Livin’ la vida loca.

  • Chris

    Remember when this was supposed to be a high end whisky bar?

  • ReggaeJay

    Give me a break – if they booked Ginuwine, now that’s some straight up 90’s.

  • Red1

    More evidence that Clarendon is on its way down. First the so-called affordable house complex in Clarendon opened this OCT, which seemed to coincide with an increase in property vandalism, loitering, and harassment of individuals at the metro stop. Now, this trash act. And the country board can’t figure out why 30 something are moving out of the area.

    • bsspotter

      Oh please…you’re complaining about the mean streets of Clarendon?

    • GoodOmens

      A homeless shelter has been opened for years near the Clarendon metro, way before the place you mention. Nice troll comment though.

  • ArlNative



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