Yesterday, an email was sent from Superintendent Dr. Pat Murphy to Yorktown High School staff, informing them that classes had been cancelled for the remainder of the day.

The only problem? The email was a fake and was not actually sent by Dr. Murphy. According to a tipster, the email read:

Dear Staff,

Due to recent events, all Yorktown classes periods 7 and 8 will be cancelled. Please take appropriate measures and inform the sudents [sic] that they will be released early today, Wednesday May 22.

Have a nice day,

Pat Murphy

Unfortunately for students, Yorktown teachers and administrators didn’t fall for it. Yorktown was dismissed at its normal time, according to Arlington Public Schools spokeswoman Linda Erdos.

Erdos said the schools Information Services department is investigating the fake email. It’s unclear if the superintendent’s email account was hacked or if his email address was simply spoofed.


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