Arlington, VA

Marine Corps Marathon LogoOrganizers for the 38th Marine Corps Marathon made a course change announcement today that will likely produce sighs of relief from many planning to run the race. The course for the October 27 race will be flatter than in previous years.

The most notable change occurs from miles 6 through 9, where runners will now travel north on Rock Creek and Potomac Parkway to Beach Drive, then back onto the parkway on relatively flat roads. Previously, runners crossed from Arlington into Georgetown via the Key Bridge and had to turn left onto Canal Road, where they’d ascend a 150-foot grade near the Georgetown Reservoir between miles 7 and 8.

The altered route will send participants along M Street in Georgetown before heading onto the parkway, which hasn’t been done in the MCM since 2006.

Another small course modification occurs around mile 19 on the National Mall leading to the Capitol. Runners will head down 3rd Street to Constitution Avenue, then in front of the Capitol along 1st Street. They will make their way along Maryland Avenue and then back onto 3rd Street.

The race will still begin along Route 110 in Arlington and will finish near the Marine Corps Memorial in Rosslyn. An interactive map of the full marathon course can be found online.

The MCM sold out in a record 2 hours, 27 minutes in March. Those who snagged a spot but can no longer run have until August 30 to complete the transfer process or until August 31 to defer an entry. Both can be done online.


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