Arlington Pet of the Week: Harper T. Beast

Dogma Bakery

Our latest Arlington Pet of the Week is Harper T. Beast, a leopard gecko.

Harper is named after both a young D.C. star athlete and a famous author Harper Lee. Here’s more about the lizard that’s “not the least bit wet or scaly” from his owner, Kathryn:

Harper T. Beast is a one-year-old Leopard Gecko who changed my perspective on being a pet owner. Though we had a few pets growing up, I never got overly attached to any of them and never expected to be a pet owner in adulthood. But something about getting a lizard fascinated me, so I went out and got the little hatchling.

Because geckos can’t be reliably sexed until their about six months old, Harper is named after both the Washington Nationals outfielder Bryce Harper and the American writer Harper Lee. When it was determined that Harper is male, he proved to live up to his namesake as a daredevil with a bit of an attitude and a heart of gold. The literary inspiration for his name is also appropriate as his favorite activity is to curl up onto my chest while I read.

Lizards might not be as funny as cats nor as companionable as dogs, but Harper certainly has a personality all his own. He loves having his belly rubbed, and he never learned that Leopard Geckos can’t climb, so I’m constantly pulling him down from the curtains or catching him before he takes a nose-dive off of the couch. Kids love his soft tail (he’s not the least bit wet or scaly) and when he tickles the back of their neck while he explores their hair. Harper finds nothing as fascinating as hair.

Harper has taught me to love animals in a way I never expected. Yes, he’s a fascinating creature and an easy pet to care for, but he’s also opened me up to a new community of people. Because of Harper, I am now a pet owner.

The Arlington Pet of the Week is sponsored by Dogma Bakery, located at Shirlington Village (2772 S. Arlington Mill Drive) and, coming soon, a new location at 5157-A Lee Highway.

Want your pet to be considered for the Arlington Pet of the Week? Email [email protected] with a 2-3 paragraph bio and at least 3-4 horizontally-oriented photos of your pet. Each week’s winner receives a $25 Dogma gift card.

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