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Crime Report: Armed Robbery in Ballston, Stabbing in Rosslyn

This past Saturday afternoon, a convenience store in Ballston was robbed by a man with a gun, according to this week’s Arlington crime report.

From the Arlington County Police Department:

ARMED ROBBERY, 141108035, 900 block of N Stafford St, On 11/8/14 at 1510 hours a male subject entered a convenience store and displayed a handgun while demanding money. The suspect, described as a black male, 20-30 years of age, 5’07” 160 lbs, wearing a beanie or watchman’s cap underneath a black hoodie, red polo shirt with white stripes, and a black varsity jacket with red trim, black sneakers with white toe tip, and a black backpack with pink trim.

On Tuesday evening, a man was reportedly stabbed in the neck near the Rosslyn Metro station.

MALICIOUS WOUNDING, 141111045, 1800 block of N Moore St., On 11/11/14 at 1852 hours, a male victim told police he was stabbed in the neck by an unknown male. The suspect is described as a white male wearing dark clothing, dark sunglasses, and carrying a backpack. The victim was transported to the hospital for treatment.

The rest of this week’s crime report, after the jump. All named suspects are considered innocent until proven guilty.

BURGLARY, 141105055, 5300 block of Columbia Pike,On 11/5/14 at 1740 hours, a female victim called police stating she noted numerous pieces of jewelry were determined to be missing as of 11/2/14. There are no known suspects at this time and the total amount of jewelry missing is $17,326.00.

GRAND LARCENY, 141105022-032, 1400 block of S. Hayes St, These reports are related to report number 140325039 and document separate incidents the suspect/arrestee confessed to during that investigation. The original case has already been closed with an arrest and prosecution.

ROBBERY/STABBING, 141107051, 1625 N George Mason Dr, On 11/7/14, a male subject being treated at VA Hospital told officers he was stabbed at approximately 0200 hours that morning by an unknown subject who emerged from the bushes as he was walking home on Fairfax Dr at N Wayne St. The suspect is identified as an unknown race male in his late 20s, wearing a black zip up jacket, black pants, a black knit cap, and had a small knife with a brown handle, possibly a paring knife.

ATTEMPTED BREAKING AND ENTERING, 141108002, 1000 block of N. Nelson St, On 11/08/14 at 0020 hours, 2 female roommates reported to police they found the glass to the rear door of their townhouse broken upon their return at 0011 hours. They left the residence with 2 other friends at 2156 hours the night before. No entry was made and suspects have not been identified at this time.

ASSAULT ON POLICE OFFICER, 141108017, 2500 block of 20th Rd N., On 11/8/14 at 0636 hrs, officers responded to this location for a domestic disturbance. While attempting to check on the welfare of the female subject, the male subject, who was intoxicated, became aggressive and verbally abusive to officers, ultimately striking one of the officers. The male subject was taken into custody.

BURGLARY, 141108060, 3000 block of Washington Blvd, On 11/8/14 the victim reported to police that an unknown subject took numerous power tools and a mountain bike from his storage locker between 11/2/14 and 11/8/14. The chain the victim used to secure the storage lockers was cut and the lock is also missing. There is no suspect information at this time.

ASSAULT AND BATTERY ON A POLICE OFFICER/OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE W/FORCE/RESISTING ARREST, 141109002/003, 3100 block of Wilson Blvd, On 11/08/14 at 2353 hours, officers were issuing a summons to a female subject when she became combative, cursing at officers and refusing to sign the summons. As the officers attempted to make an arrest, the male subject who was with her, struck officers with his hands and grabbed one officer attempting to bring him to the ground. Both the male and female subjects were arrested and only minor injuries were sustained.

BURGLARY, 141109023, 2700 block of S Veitch St., Some time between 11/8/14 at 1830 hours and 11/9/14 at 1045 hours, unknown subjects entered the victim’s apartment and stole numerous items. The reporting party was house-sitting for the victim during this time period but was not at home during the burglary. There was no sign of forced entry.

BURGLARY, 141110034, 1700 block of N Hartford St, On 11/10/14 at 1407 hours, the victim reported subject(s) unknown to her entered her home and stole 2 laptops and some cash while she was out between 1000 and 1400 hours. The subjects made entry through the back door where a broken glass pane was found. A neighbor stated an unfamiliar vehicle was parked on his side of a shared driveway, with one occupant in the driver’s seat. When questioned, the subject stated he was an Uber driver. The driver is described as a average build black male with medium complexion and droopy eyelids. No description was given for the vehicle.

DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY (SERIES), 141111040/041/042, 300 block of Army Navy Drive, Sometime between 1634 and 1713 hours on 11/11/14, an unknown subject punctured the tires to 3 separate vehicles in the valet parking lot. A former employee who was terminated that day may be a suspect in the incident.


11/5/14, MD/7AT4633, 1994 Honda Civic, 4dr, Red, 141105041
400 block of 18th St S

11/6/14, VA/7616H2, 2004 VW Golf, 4dr Dark Blue, 141106044
1600 block of Kirkwood Road

10/11/14, RECOVERED STOLEN AUTO,141011027
1000 block of N Cleveland St


GRAND LARCENY, 141105001, 1700 block of Jefferson Davis Highway
EXPOSURE, 141105005, 141105005, 2300 block of 11th St N
LARCENY, 141105011, 200 block of N Glebe Rd
WARRANT SERVICE, 141105012, 4200 block Wilson Blvd
SUSPICIOUS CIRCUMSTANCES, 141105013, 1600 block of N Quincy St
DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY, 141105018, 1600 block of N Oak St
FRAUD, 141105019, 500 block of 14th Rd S
LARCENY BY FALSE PRETENSES, 141105020, 900 block of N Randolph St
DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY, 141105021, 1200 block of N Fillmore St
LARCENY BY FALSE PRETENSES, 141105034, 1200 block of S Taylor St
FRAUD/PETIT LARCENY, 141105038, 1000 block of N Glebe Rd
POSSESSION OF MARIJUANA, 300 block of 15th St S
WARRANT SERVICE/PROBATION VIOLATION, 141105050, 4300 block of 6th St S
POSSESSION OF MDMA/NO OL, 141105061, 4100 block of Old Glebe Rd
ASSAULT AND BATTERY, 141105062, 1000 block of N Highland St


MISSING PERSON, 141106007, 1400 block of S. Joyce St
DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY, 141106009, 400 block of 23rd St S
INDECENT EXPOSURE, 141106011, 400 block of 12TH St S
ATTEMPTED LARCENY BY FALSE PRETENSES, 141106020, 2000 block of N Jefferson St
FRAUD, 141106025, 6100 block of Lee Hwy
FRAUD, 141106037, 1400 block of S Fern St
GRAND LARCENY BY FALSE PRETENSE, 141106039, 2700 block of Clarendon Blvd
GRAND LARCENY, 141106043, 3900 block of Wilson Blvd
WARRANT SERVICE, 141106048, 2400 block of Shirlington Rd
FRAUD, 141106050, 3800 block of 9th St S
ENGAGING IN A BUSINESS WITHOUT A LICENSE, 141106052, 2300 block of S Meade St
ASSAULT AND BATTERY, 141106059, 900 block of S Dinwiddie St
PETIT LARCENY, 141106060, 700 block of N Glebe Rd
ASSAULT AND BATTERY, 141106061, 2800 block of N Glebe Rd
WARRANT SERVICE, 141106065, 1500 block of Crystal Dr
PETIT LARCENY, 141106067, 5000 block of Columbia Pike


TRESPASSING, 141107007, 2900 block of N Sycamore St
GRAND LARCENY, 141107009, 1900 block of N Uhle St
GRAND LARCENY, 141107016, 4400 block of Fairfax Dr
ASSAULT AND BATTERY, 141107025, 1100 block of S Hayes St
GRAND LARCENY, 141107026, 1800 block of Wilson Bl
DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY, 141107030, 2500 block of Pershiing Dr
GRAND LARCENY, 141107035, 1700 block of 21st St N
LARCENY FROM AUTO, 141107038, 1900 block of N Moore St
LARCENY FROM AUTO, 141107039, 1900 block of N Moore St
SHOPLIFTING, 141107042, 700 block of N Glebe Rd
GRAND LARCENY, 141107043, 1000 block of S Hayes St
PETIT LARCENY, 141107044, 1100 block of S Hayes St
GRAND LARCENY, 141107045, 3600 block of Columbia Pike
GRAND LARCENY, 141107049, 1100 block of S Hayes St
POSSESSION OF MARIJUANA, 141107050, 1700 block of S Hayes St
MISSING JUVENILE, 141107053, 4500 block of 31ST St S
ASSAULT AND BATTERY, 141107056, 1900 block of N Culpeper St
THREATS, 141107066, 100 block of N Thomas St


CHINS, 141108001, 1400 block of Crystal Dr
TRESPASSING, 141108005, 3100 block of Clarendon Blvd
ASSAULT AND BATTERY, 141108014, 700 block of S Jefferson St
POSSESSION OF HEROIN/DUI, 141108025, 3100 block of 9th St N
GRAND LARCENY, 141108031, 1100 block of S Hayes St
MISSING ADULT, 141108045, 120 block of S Courthouse Rd
POSSESSION OF MARIJUANA, 1411080046, 800 block of I-395 S
DOMESTIC DISPUTE, 141108052, 1400 block of N Thomas St
CREDIT CARD THEFT, 141108054, 1400 block of N Courthouse Rd
LARCENY FROM AUTO, 141108061, 800 block of S Florida St
POSSESSION OF MARIJUANA, 141108064, 1300 block of Jefferson Davis Hwy


LARCENY FROM AUTO, 141109001, 1900 block of Ft Myer Dr
LARCENY FROM AUTO, 141109005, 1500 block of Wilson Blvd
THREATS, 141109024, 1800 block of N Herndon St
GRAND LARCENY, 141109031, 1100 block of S Hayes St
ATTEMPTED LARCENY FROM AUTO, 141109033, 700 block of 23rd St S
GRAND LARCENY, 141109035, 1100 block of S Hayes St
DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY, 141109037, 1600 block of S Hayes St
PETIT LARCENY, 141109040, 2700 block of Washington Blvd
PETIT LARCENY, 141109042, 900 block of N Stafford St
CHILD NEGLECT, 141109043, 1100 block of S Thomas St
GRAND LARCENY, 141109044, 700 block of N Glebe Rd
OVERDOSE, 141109048, 1300 block of 28th St S
GRAND LARCENY, 141109051, 2100 block of 15th St N
ASSAULT AND BATTERY, 141109055, 1500 block of N Scott St
DOMESTIC ASSAULT AND BATTERY, 141109060, 1500 block of Clarendon Blvd


FOUND PROPERTY, 141110003, 2000 block of N Adams St
LARCENY FROM AUTO, 141110008, 800 block of N Kentucky St
GRAND LARCENY AUTO, 141110009, 900 block of N George Mason Dr
FRAUD, 141110013, 2700 block of Clarendon Blvd
ATTEMPTED GRAND LARCENY, 141110025, 5500 block of Columbia Pike
GRAND LARCENY, 141110027, 1100 block of S Hayes St
IDENTITY THEFT, 141110028, 2800 block of 3RD Rd N
FOUND MONEY, 141110030, 4200 block of S Four Mile Run
DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY, 141110031, 6000 block of Wilson Blvd
CREDIT CARD FRAUD, 141110033, 1100 block of 16th St S
RECOVERED STOLEN AUTO, 141110035, 600 block of Walter Reed Dr
PETIT LARCENY, 141110037, 700 block of N Glebe Rd
LARCENY FROM AUTO, 141110038, 3200 block of 24TH St S
ASSAULT AND BATTERY, 141110039, 4000 block of S Campbell Ave
COUNTERFEIT REGISTRATION/DRIVE WITHOUT A LICENSE, 141110044, 2100 block of Washington Blvd
POSSESSION OF SYNTHETIC CANNABINOID, 141110045, 2000 block of Clarendon Blvd


TRESSPASSING, 141111001, 4300 block of Columbia Pike
FAIL TO ID/TRESSPASSING, 141111002, 4600 block of 2nd St N
ID THEFT/DISCHARGING A FIRE EXTINGUISHER, 141111003, 2800 block of 24th Rd S
ATTEMPT LARCENY FROM AUTO, 141111011, 800 block of S Arlington Mill Dr
ATETMPT FRAUD, 141111012, 4400 block of 6th St S
CHINS, 141111017, 900 block of S Columbus St
THREATENING/HARASSING COMMUNICATION, 141111021, 5500 block of Columbia Pike
DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY, 141111022, 700 block of N George Mason Dr
LARCENY, 141111024, 1600 block of N George Mason Dr
DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY, 141111029, 900 block of S Columbus St
DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY, 141111035, 3100 block of Columbia Pike
EMBEZZLEMENT, 141111047, 1000 block of S Hayes St
DOMESTIC DUSTURBANCE, 141111048, 6942 28th St N
POSSESSION OF MARIJUANA 2ND, 141111053, 1400 block of N Longfellow St

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