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Crime Report: Car Windows Smashed, Coins Taken

Someone smashed a half dozen car windows to steal some pocket change last week.

The crime happened overnight in the North Rosslyn area, according to police. From this week’s Arlington County crime report:

LARCENY FROM AUTO/DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY (SERIES), 141112016-021, 1600 BLOCK N COLONIAL TERRACE, Sometime between 1700 hours on 11/11/14 and 0720 hours on 11/12/14, an unknown subject(s) smashed the front passenger windows of six vehicles and stole loose change. There are no witnesses and there is no suspect information at this time.

The rest of the weekly crime report, after the jump. All named suspects are considered innocent until proven guilty.

BURGLARY 141113038, 3600 block of N Nelson St., Sometime between 2100 hours on 11/12/14 and 1309 hours on 11/13/14, an unknown subject(s) kicked in the back door of a vacant house. Unknown if anything stolen.

BURGLARY 141114051, 200 block of N Cleveland St., Sometime between 1315 hours and 1500 hours on 11/14/14, an unknown subject(s) entered unlocked house and stole electronics.

ROBBERY141116045, 900 block of S Dinwiddie St., On 11/16/14 at 1856 hrs, subject reported being robbed by known suspect. The investigation continues.

DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY (series), 300 block of Army Navy Dr., On 11/15/14 at 1730 hrs, suspect slashed tires. Suspect may be known; investigation continues.

LARCENY FROM AUTO (series), 1500 block of Arlington Bl.,between 2400 hrs on 11/15/14 and 1017 hrs. on 11/16/14, multiple vehicles had windows smashed and items stolen.

LARCENY FROM AUTO (series), 1600 block of N Queen St,between 2000 hrs on 11/15/14 and 1053 hrs. on 11/16/14, multiple vehicles had windows smashed and items stolen.

RAPE, 141117080, 6000 block of N Wilson Bl., Victim reports that known suspect attempted to rape her on November 13. The investigation is on-going.

AGGRAVATED SEXUAL BATTERY, 141118001, 1500 block of N Pierce St., Victim had been sexually assaulted by known suspect. The investigation is on-going.

LARCENY (series), 3500 block of S Clark St., On 11/14/14 between 1730 hrs and 2037 hrs, unknown suspect broke into lockers and stole items. No suspect information.

BURGLARY, 141117100, 100 block of N Abingdon St.., Between 1030 hrs and 2229 hrs on 11/17/14, unkonw suspect entered home via unlocked sliding glass door and stole electronics, jewelry and coins

BURGLARY, 141117098, 5700 block of 36 St N, Between 0815 hrs and 2146 hrs on 11/17/14, unknown


11/13/14, MD/5BF5554, 2012 Toyota Camry
4200 block of Wilson Bl


POSSESSION OF MARIJUANA,141112014, 800 block of N Frederick St
FOUND PROPERTY, 141112022, 1000 block of N Stafford St
TAMPERING, 141112026, 2800 block of S Lang St
VIOLATION OF PROTECTIVE ORDER, 141112029, 2600 block of 16th St S
EXTORTION, 141112030, 2200 block of N Glebe Rd
SHOPLIFTING, 141112031, 2500 block of 9th St S
CHINS, 141112034, 1600 block of S Eads St
GRAND LARCENY, 141112035, 700 block of N Glebe Rd
DOMESTIC DISPUTE, 141112037, 1000 block of S Jefferson St
BIKE LARCENY, 141112042, 1000 block of N Stuart St
GRAND LARCENY, 141112044, 2100 block of Wilson Blvd
PWID MARIJUANA/FUGITIVE FROM JUSTICE, 141112046, 400 block of N George Mason Dr
FRAUD, 141112052, 5500 block of Columbia Pike
ASSAULT AND BATTERY, 141112053, 1000 block of N Quincy St
BREAKING AND ENTERING, 141112054, 2900 block of S Buchanan St
DOMESTIC ASSAULT AND BATTERY, 141112055, 5100 block of 8th St S
CREDIT CARD FRAUD, 141112056, 2500 block of 9TH St S
CREDIT CARD THEFT, 141112058, 5400 block of 4TH St S
DEFRAUDING AN INNKEEPER/IDENTITY THEFT, 141112060, 1500 block of Wilson Blvd
POSSESSION OF MARIJUANA/RECKLESS DRIVING, 141112061, 1800 block of N Quaker Lane


ASSAULT,141113008, 1500 block of N Quinn St
LARCENY FROM AUTO,141113009, 5600 block of 2nd St S
LARCENY,141113012, 2300 block of 24th St S
TRESPASSING, 141113026, 4500 block of Lee HW
GRAND LARCENY,141113027, 4300 block of Fairfax Dr
FORGERY,141113033, 3200 block of N Washington Bl
ASSAULT,141113017, 200 block of N Glebe Rd
ASSAULT,141113028, 1300 block of S Dinwiddie St
DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY, 141113041, 900 block of N Stuart St
POSSESSION OF NARCOTICS,14113047, 7200 block of S I-66
ATTEMPT B&E,141113061, 1500 block of 19th St N
FRAUD,141113062, 1300 block of S Randolph St
FRAUD,141113064, 1200 block of S Courthouse Rd
ATTEMPT B&E,141113070, 1300 block of S Arlington Ridge Rd
FRAUD,141113073, 1600 block of S Eads St


POSSESSION OF NARCOTICS,141114009, 800 block of S I-395
ASSAULT,141114013, 4300 block of Columbia Pk
DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY, 141114023, 800 block of N Quincy St.
TRESPASSING,141114027, 1000 block of N Nelson St.
LARCENY,141114035, 3500 block of S Clark St.
LARCENY,141114040, 1100 block of S Hayes St.
SEXUAL BATTERY,141114043, 1700 block of S Jefferson Davis HW
HARASSING PHONE CALLS,141114042, 2100 block of Clarendon Bl
UNLAWFUL ENTRY,141114044, 2300 block of N 18 St
FRAUD,141114045, 1200 block of N Garfield St
LARCENY,141114049, 1200 block of S Fern St
LARCENY,141114053, 1400 block of S Hayes St
LARCENY,141114055, 700 block of N Glebe Rd
FRAUD,141114056, 1100 block of S Hayes St
LARCENY,141114057, 1300 block of S Joyce St
FRAUD,141114072, 1600 block of S Eads St
TRESPASSING,141114073, 4900 block of Columbia Pk


ASSAULT,141115003, 3100 block of Wilson Bl
LARCENY FROM AUTO,141115023, 2500 block of N John Marshall Dr
TRESPASSING,141115025, 5600 block of S 7 St
LARCENY FROM AUTO,141115027, 5500 block of S 7 St
LARCENY FROM AUTO,141115039, 1700 block of N Roosevelt St
LARCENY FROM AUTO,141115047, 4100 block of N Glebe Rd


ASSAULT,141116006, 3600 block of S 24 ST
ASSAULT,141116012, 700 block of N Wayne ST
ASSAULT,141116013, 500 block of S Jefferson ST
LARCENY,141116018, 1100 block of S Hayes St
LARCENY,141116032, 2600 block of S Jefferson Davis HW
FRAUD,141116033, 1400 block of N Courthouse Rd
LARCENY,141116040, 3000 block of S Columbia Pk
EMBEZZLEMENT,141116041, 1000 block of S Hayes St
LARCENY,141116044, 900 block of N Kenmore St
ASSAULT,141116046, 4500 block of 31 St S


LARCENY,141117020, 3000 block of Wilson Bl
LARCENY,141117027, 3100 block of N Wilson BL
DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY, 141117025, 900 block of S Dinwiddie St
LARCENY FROM AUTO,141117071, 5900 block of N 9 St
EMBEZZLEMENT, 141117073, 1300 block of S Joyce St
FRAUD,141117076, 1200 block of S Eads St
DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY,141117082, 1600 block of Clarendon Bl
ASSAULT,141117086, 800 block of S Dickerson St
GRAND LARCENY,141117087, 2700 block of Wilson Bl
LARCENY, 141117088, 2900 block of Columbia Pk
FRAUD,141117093, 5100 block of Wilson BL
FRAUD, 141117094, 4200 block of Wilson BL


POSSESSION OF CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE, 141118004, 700 block of S I-395
LARCENY FROM AUTO, 141118018, 4400 block of 1 St S
LARCENY,141118019, 1400 block of S Hayes St
TRESPASSING,141118040, 500 block of S Army Navy D

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