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Crime Report: $5,000 Worth of Wine Goes Missing

Police car lightsArlington County Police are trying to solve the case of the missing vino.

Cops say 100 bottles of wine were reported missing at a divorcing couple’s house in the Waycroft-Woodlawn neighborhood on Monday. The wine, worth about $5,000, disappeared at some point between September and November, said the female half of a couple.

“The male half denied any knowledge or involvement in the missing wine,” police said. “There were no signs of forced entry.”

From this week’s Arlington County crime report:

BURGLARY, 141201025, 4600 block of 13th St N, On 12/1/14 at 1242 hours, the female half of a divorcing couple told police she believed her estranged husband entered the marital home when she was not present and stole approximately 100 bottles of wine, valued at approximately $5000.00, sometime between 9/23/14 and 11/28/14. The male half denied any knowledge or involvement in the missing wine. There were no signs of forced entry.

The rest of the crime report, after the jump.

POLICE INFORMATION (ABDUCTION), 141127009, 1100 block of N Jackson St, On 11/27/14 at approximately 0154 hours, a witness called police after observing 4 unknown males force an unknown black female into a vehicle then flee the scene, last seen heading west on Washington Blvd. The witness, who attempted to intervene, was unable to get the suspects to remain on scene but made note of the license plate from the black Ford sedan they were driving. The suspects are described as 2 white males, one with a long pony tail, in their 20s, and 2 Latino males, one with a long pony tail and also in their 20s. The victim is described as a black female, in her 20s. No missing persons reports or victims matching this incident have been reported.

ROBBERY, 141127022, 3100 block of Wilson Blvd, On 11/27/14 at 1516 hours, a male victim told police an unknown Hispanic male took his cell phone, by force, from him while he was sitting on a bench texting someone. When the victim attempted to get the phone back, the suspect made threatening gestures towards him. A witness called police on the victim’s behalf and made contact with the suspect while the victim waited nearby. The suspect was arrested and charged accordingly.

BURGLARY, 141130022, 2200 block of Wilson Blvd., Sometime between 1600 hours on 11/26/14 and 0900 hours on 11/30/14, the victim told police an unknown subject entered the office and stole a jacket and some electronics. There are no known suspects at this time.

INDECENT EXPOSURE, 141130039, 400 Blk N Park St, On 11/30/14 at approximately 1605 hours, a female victim told police she was running when an unknown male subject called out to her and gestured her to stop. Upon doing so, the male exposed himself to her. She left quickly and called police in the process. The victim lost sight of the male subject but stated an unknown model black vehicle appeared to stop in the area where the male subject was last seen and she heard a car door close. The subject is described as a white Hispanic male, approximately 25-30 years of age, 5’05”, 150-170 lbs, short brown spiked hair, brown eyes, wearing a red sweatshirt underneath a black vest, and dark blue jeans.

ROBBERY, 141201053, 1100 block of S Hayes St., On 12/1/14 at 1946 hours, officers were told by a witness he observed the aftermath of a physical altercation between an unknown male and female subject. When both subjects were located, it was discovered the female subject is a prostitute who met the male subject at another location and, after a brief sexual encounter, both traveled to this location and stole items from several area businesses. When the male subject demanded one of the stolen items, a verbal argument ensued which escalated into a physical confrontation with the male subject pushing the female to the ground then unsuccessfully attempting to take her purse, where some of the stolen items were hidden. The female subject had an outstanding out of state warrant and was taken into custody. The male subject was also arrested and charged with Attempted Robbery.

ROBBERY, 141201059, 1300 block of S George Mason Dr, On 12/1/14 at 2310 hours, a male victim reported to police he was robbed by two unknown males while walking home from a party. The victim stated he managed to fight off the first attacker when he was jumped from behind by the second. The victim’s wallet was taken. He sustained various injuries to his head and ribs and was transported to the hospital. Suspects are described as male, unknown race, both approximately 28 years of age. One suspect was wearing greenish jeans, black shirt, and white shoes. The second suspect was wearing a black long sleeve shirt and black pants.

BREAKING AND ENTERING,141202018, 5100 block of Columbia Pike, On 12/2/14 at 1313 hours, the victim/homeowner told police unknown subject(s) had been trespassing/occupying the dwelling sometime between 1700 hours on 11/21/14 and 1330 hours on 12/01/14. There was no damage to the front door or locks and it appeared the suspect(s) made entry through a rear window which had 2 broken panes. The kitchen microwave was found on a bedroom floor along with cigarette butts and a plastic bag. There are no suspects at this time.


11/26/14, VA/ZP4951, 2012 Ford Windstar Van, Blue, 141126009
Stolen/recovered from 300 block of S Jackson St

12/2/14, VA/14076M Longbo LB50QT Moped black, 141202028
1900 block of N Calvert St


LARCENY FROM AUTO, 141126011, 2400 block of N Tuckahoe St
DOMESTIC DISPUTE, 141126002, 800 block of S Frederick St
PETIT LARCENY, 141126016, 1400 block of N Courthouse Rd
TRESSPASSING, 141126021, 4200 block of Wilson Blvd
PETIT LARCENY, 141126022, 1200 block of S Hayes St
ASSAULT AND BATTERY, 141126024, 1600 block of Wilson Blvd
LARCENY FROM PERSON, 141126026, 2100 block of Clarendon Blvd
DOMESTIC ASSSAULT, 141126031, 4900 block of 10th St S
GRAND LARCENY, 141126032, 1400 block of S Hayes St
GRAND LARCENY, 141126038, 1100 block of S Hayes St
GRAND LARCENY, 141126043, 1100 block of S Hayes St


PETIT LARCENY, 141127015, Unit block of S Glebe Rd
DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY, 141127016, 6000 block of block 9th St N
MISSING PERSON (ADULT), 141127020, 900 block of N Wayne St
DOMESTIC ASSSAULT AND BATTERY, 141127025, 4200 block of N Carlin Springs Rd
DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY, 141127030, 4300 block of 12th St S
DOMESTIC DISPUTE, 141127034, 1100 block of 18th St S


ASSAULT AND BATTERY, 141128001, 5000 block of Lee Hwy
PETIT LARCENY, 141128006, 400 block of 23rd St S
GRAND LARCENY FROM PERSON, 141128007, 1900 block of N Moore St
FORGING A PUBLIC DOCUMENT, 141128011, 2300 block of Crystal Dr
ASSAULT AND BATTERY, 141128013, 4000 block of Lorcom Lane
HARASSMENT, 141128018, 2700 block of S Adams St
FRAUD, 141128020, 1400 block of N Courthouse Rd
LARCENY BY FALSE PRETENSES, 141128021, 1200 block of S Hayes St
LARCENY FROM AUTO, 141128025, 1100 block of S Hayes St
LARCENY FROM AUTO, 141128026, 1300 block of Wilson Blvd
ID THEFT, 141128032, 4700 block of Columbia Pike
ID THEFT, 141128036, 2000 block of 15th St N
DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY, 141128037, 2700 block of S Quincy St


FOUND PROPERTY, 141129011, 3100 block of N Highland St
NOISE COMPLAINT, 141129015, 3100 block of Key Blvd
LARCENY FROM AUTO (WHEELS), 141129017, 5900 block of 9th St N
SIMPLE ASSAULT, 141129018, 1500 block of N Lynn St
LARCENY, 141129022, 1200 block of S Fern St
GRAND LARCENY, 141129028, 1400 block of S Hayes St
GRAND LARCENY, 141129029, 1200 block of S Hayes St
RECOVERED STOLEN MOPED, 141129030, 2000 block of N Smythe St
DISORDERLY CONDUCT/DRUNK IN PUBLIC, 141129037, 3200 block of Washington Blvd
PETIT SHOPLIFTING, 141129038, 4900 block of Columbia Pike
DOMESTIC DISTURBANCE, 141129039, 2400 block of 13th St N
GRAND LARCENY FROM AUTO, 141129040, 900 block of N Stafford St


POSSESSION OF MARIJUANA, 141130010, 2500 block of S Arlington Mill Dr
MISSING ADULT, 141130013, 1400 block of N Courthouse Rd
DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY, 141130014, 1900 block of Sycamore St
DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY, 141130024, 4900 block of Little Falls Rd
COUNTERFEIT MONEY, 141130026, 1600 block of Wilson Blvd
COUNTERFEIT MONEY, 141130027, 1600 block of Wilson Blvd
DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY, 141130028, 4800 block of Old Dominion Dr
ATTEMPTED GRAND LARCENY, 141130029, 1100 block of S Hayes St
LARCENY FROM AUTO/DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY, 141130040, 4100 block of N Glebe Rd
DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY, 141130041, 4100 block of N Glebe Rd
DOMESTIC ASSAULT AND BATTERY, 141130042, 2500 block of N Upland St
GRAND LARCENY, 141130047, 1100 block of S Hayes St
POSSESSION OF MARIJUANA, 141130056, 2400 block of S Glebe Rd


GRAND LARCENY, 141201015, 800 block of S Walter Reed Dr
UNLAWFUL ENTRY, 141201017, 3600 block of S Four Mile Run
GRAND LARCENY, 141201020, 1000 block of N Randolph St
ASSAULT AND BATTERY, 141201021, 1200 block of S Courthouse Rd
PETIT LARCENY, 141201050, 1000 block of S Hayes St
STOLEN LICENSE PLATE, 141201051, 1400 block of N Quinn St
PETIT LARCENY, 141201052, 1000 block of S Hayes St
LARCENY FROM OFFICE, 141201054, 2100 block of 15th St N
DOMESTIC ASSAULT AND BATTERY, 141201058, 300 block of N Quebec St


TAMPERING WITH AUTO, 141202002, 5100 block of 26TH St N
TAMPERING WITH AUTO, 141202008, 5100 block of 26TH St N
CREDIT CARD THEFT, 141202011, 3900 block of Wilson Blvd
CREDIT CARD FRAUD, 141202013, 2900 block of S Glebe Rd
FRAUD, 141202014, 800 block of N Wakefield St
ASSAULT AND BATTERY, 141202019, 2100 block of N Culpeper St
ASSAULT AND BATTERY, 141202022, 2000 block of N Cleveland St
GRAND LARCENY/CHINS, 141202023, 700 block of N Glebe Rd
GRAND LARCENY, 141202026, 2100 block of Wilson Blvd
GRAND LARCENY (2x)/PETIT LARCENY, 141202033, 1000 block of S Hayes St
DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY, 141202034, 1400 block of N Uhle St
LARCENY, 141202042, 2900 block of Columbia Pike
DOMESTIC ASSAULT AND BATTERY, 141202044, 2300 block of 11th St N

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