Kickstart Your Spring Social Calendar with DC Bocce (Promoted)

Are you looking for a week night activity that’s super social and easy to join? The traditional Italian sport of bocce just might be your answer. It turns out that in addition to game’s appeal as a relaxing backyard past-time, it also provides a framework for the perfect date. Just ask the young professionals of the area’s own DC Bocce League.

“Bocce is the perfect way to make new friends and meet that someone special,” says Sarah DeLucas, a co-founder of the DC Bocce League, the nation’s largest organized bocce organization. “Bocce provides a great medium for meeting new people. There is a natural flow of conversation deciding whose ball is closer to the pallina and the game can be picked up by people of all abilities. Plus it can be played in your best date outfit – no need for gym clothes.”

DeLucas’s league has operated in various locations across Arlington, DC, and Bethesda for ten years and boasts at least nine known couples who met playing and ended up tying the knot. If your interest is peaked by the idea of bocce games with other singles and young professionals, sign up for DC Bocce’s special brand of bocce this spring in one of three Virginia locations:

  • Alexandria on Thursdays at Braddock Park (600 N Henry Street)
  • Ballston on Tuesdays at Maury Park (3550 Wilson Blvd)
  • Columbia Pike on Wednesdays at Walter Reed Park (2909 16th Street)

Registration for DC Bocce’s spring season is currently open through Sunday, April 5th.

Teams play every week for 6 weeks. At the end of the season everyone participates in a single elimination tournament culminating in the crowning of a champion team. Bonus: everyone makes the playoffs so you don’t have to be an expert to get started. After games, players congregate at a nearby bar that offers exclusive discounts on food and drinks to bocce players. Unlike other social sports leagues you may have encountered, scoring off the courts is just as important as winning the game.

To get in on the bocce action, use promo code ARLNOW10 to save $10 on your registration.

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