Open Houses in Arlington This Weekend

Looking for a home? There are plenty of houses and condos open for viewing this weekend.

Check out the Arlington Realty website for a full list of homes for sale and open houses in Arlington. Here are a few highlights:

105 N Oakland Street
5 bed/4 bath, 1 half bath single-family home
Agent: David Lloyd
Listed: $1,549,000
Open: Sunday 2-4 p.m.


2032 N Taylor Street
4 bed/4 bath, 1 half bath single-family home
Agent: Aaron Probasco
Listed: $1,269,000
Open: Sunday 2-4 p.m.


2332 N Van Buren Court
3 bed/4 bath, 1 half bath villa/townhouse
Agent: David Cabo
Listed: $908,000
Open: Saturday and Sunday 2-4 p.m.


648 S Illinois Street
4 bed/3 bath, 1 half bath single-family home
Agent: Tim Royster
Listed: $775,000
Open: Saturday 1-4 p.m.


2000 S Langley Street
4 bed/2 bath single-family home
Agent: Anh-Thu Vu
Listed: $649,999
Open: Sunday 1-4 p.m.


3600 S Glebe Road
2 bed/2 bath condo
Agent: Breshkie Gardizi
Listed: $599,000
Open: Sunday 1-4 p.m.


2100 N Lee Highway
1 bed/1 bath condo
Agent: Brian Huber
Listed: $349,900
Open: Sunday 2-4 p.m.


WWBG: Prairie Artisan Ales Canned

Editor’s Note: This biweekly column is sponsored by Dominion Wine and Beer (107 Rowell Court, Falls Church). It is written by Garrett Cruce, a Cicerone Program Certified Beer Server.

You’ve probably heard of Prairie Artisan Ales’ coffee stout — Bomb! — which can be hard to get when released. It sits at number 106 on Beer Advocate magazine’s current list of the 250 Top Rated Beers along with five other Prairie beers. This week, I’m taking a look at three of their current releases.

In 2012, Oklahoma-based Krebs Brewing Company started brewing under the name Prairie Artisan Ales. The goal was to create a brewery that was adventurous, that pushed the boundaries. Making their name on strong stouts and farmhouse sours, Prairie also stood out on shelves and in social apps with their bold, colorful labels.

A year ago, they began canning with their coconut and vanilla flavored imperial stout, Paradise. While not every beer they produce is canned, I want to share a few that are. Happily, they’ve carried over the eye-popping artwork to these beers.

Blueberry Boyfriend, sour ale with blueberries and lemon zest (5.4% ABV)

I have not had the pleasure of exploring Prairie’s offerings, sour or otherwise. So, I had no idea what to expect with this blue sour.

The aroma was a mix of blackberries and blueberries with a tang of malt vinegar and a bright lemon juice. The flavor is tart with a short, fruity sip that doesn’t linger with an aftertaste.

The purple-blue color is spot on with this refreshing sour. Blueberry Boyfriend reminds me more of a tart blueberry lemonade than a sour ale as any maltiness is masked until it warms a bit. Even then it’s only evident at the end of the sip. This is a lovely sour for those who don’t care for the style.

Vape Tricks, sour ale aged on cherries (5.9% ABV)

First, how awesome is that wine red color?

Inhaling, I get sour cherries, baking soda and lemon. The sip is slightly tart with a good cherry flavor that ends with a lightly sweet maltiness.

Wine red in color, this refreshing sour looks like it tastes.

This is a relatively simple beer — perfect for backyard hangs. Whether you pour it into a glass, a Solo cup or drink it straight from the bright pink can, Vape Tricks is perfect for Summer.

Paradise, imperial stout with coconut and vanilla (13.0% ABV)

When I saw this, I immediately thought of Maui Brewing Company’s Black Pearl imperial coconut porter. It makes sense — they’re both dark beers brewed with coconut. But that is where the similarities end. Paradise is dessert in a glass.

I was reminded of a magic bar — there’s some chocolate and coconut and a whole lot of vanilla. I got licorice, toffee, toasted coconut and s’mores in the aroma. But the flavor was all sugary vanilla upfront with chocolate, coconut and a slightly bitter finish.

Paradise is best savored sip by sip — especially considering the 13% ABV.

This Week’s Beer Tasting

Join Dominion Wine & Beer on Friday, July 13th from 5 to 7 p.m. at their weekly beer tasting with Bell’s Brewery, Old Ox Brewery and Dogfish Head Brewing Company. And don’t forget your growler for a fill-up from the rotating options.


Just Listed in Arlington

Just Listed highlights Arlington properties that just came on the market within the past week. This feature is written and sponsored by Team Cathell, “Your Orange Line Specialists.”

Summer made its entry this week with hot temps and low real estate sales.

On cue, our market shifted downward a bit after the July 4th holiday with only 59 ratified contracts for the week. But sellers did their part by listing 79 homes which helps with our low inventory problem.

July and August are traditionally good times for buyers as fewer purchasers are in the market competing, so those who are can actually negotiate a deal. Remember, the market picks up again in September right after Labor Day.

Mortgage rates inched up just a few basis points this week to 4.65%-4.75% for 30-yr fixed rate with no points. Rates are 1/2% higher than a year ago.

While economists expect mortgage rates to continue a slow steady climb, we can expect a few periods of drops as investor capital seeks the safe haven of US bonds during our current and escalating trade wars with numerous countries.

While the price of all kinds of goods are likely to go up, we might get a few reprieves on mortgage rates. So pay attention and time your home purchases strategically. Good luck.

Click to see all the fresh new inventory in MRIS and call Team Cathell (703-975-2500) when you find a home you like.


Listing of the Day: 1405 N. Jefferson St.

Address: 1405 N. Jefferson Street
Neighborhood: Tara — Leeway Heights
Listed: $1,085,000

Walk to Westover Village from stately, pre-war colonial with 2 car garage, nestled on a 15,000 sq. ft. lot in the McKinley, Swanson, Washington-Lee district.

Bring your Pinterest savvy and HGTV imagination to make this gracious home your own. Three bedrooms and two bathrooms upstairs, main level bedroom, breakfast room off kitchen and walk out rec room in the lower level along with a full bathroom.

Desirable details include warm wood floors, wood-burning fireplaces in the living room and rec. room, sunporch off the living room and a studio above the garage.

The home is in fresh, neutral move-in condition. An opportunity in a neighborhood you will cherish.

Listed by:
Betsy Twigg
Washington Fine Properties
[email protected]


Healthy Paws: Leptospirosis

Editor’s Note: Healthy Paws is a column sponsored and written by the owners of Clarendon Animal Care, a full-service, general practice veterinary clinic and winner of a 2017 Arlington Chamber of Commerce Best Business Award. The clinic is located 3000 10th Street N., Suite B. and can be reached at 703-997-9776.

It’s finally summer time, and nothing means summer quite like playing in puddles, creeks and rivers. But keep in mind that your pup isn’t the only creature that loves fresh water.

Leptospirosis is a bacteria that is on the World Health Organization’s list of Top 10 most important emerging infectious diseases and it thrives in fresh water in warm, humid environments.

It is usually thought of as a tropical disease that is found in other countries close to the equator. Unfortunately, however, our weather here in the United States is becoming warmer and wetter, and public health officials are concerned that it will become more of a problem in the US than it is already is.

The most common times for leptospirosis to be contracted are in the mid-summer through early fall, and after flooding or heavy rains. Confirmed cases of canine Leptospirosis are not uncommon in the DC area. We have even had some outbreaks of human leptospirosis in this area.

It is spread through the urine of infected mammals such as raccoons, deer, rodents (especially city rats and opossums in urban environments), farm animals and dogs.

The most common route of exposure is by drinking contaminated fresh water. Leptospirosis can also enter the bloodstream through cuts in the feet or legs, and it can be found in wet, shaded grass as well. In addition to making your pet very sick, Leptospirosis can be spread to you or your family.

Typically, lethargy, fever and loss of appetite are the first signs that we see of Leptospirosis, but in serious cases, we can also see vomiting, diarrhea and even liver, kidney or respiratory failure. Death can result in those that are very sick.

Treatment means a long course of antibiotics, and in severe cases, hospitalization at a critical care facility may be required. Leptospirosis can be difficult to diagnose in animals and humans.

Veterinarians take Leptospirosis very seriously and fortunately there is a good vaccine for it. Leptospirosis has many different serovars, and the vaccine that we carry here protects against the 4 most common disease-causing serovars in the United States.

The vaccine requires two boosters that are about 3 weeks apart, and then a yearly booster after that.

Other forms of prevention involve avoiding fresh water: creeks, puddles, rivers, and lakes, and avoiding wet shady grass next to bodies of water. Leptospirosis can be contracted by eating infected carcasses, which is another great reason to keep your pooch on the leash while on those wonderful long walks in the woods.

Historically, dogs that contracted Leptospirosis were field/hunting/working dogs as those were the dogs in the most contact with wildlife. However, across the United States that demographic has changed, and dramatically. Now most cases are seen in dogs that live in urban environments and are under 30 pounds (presumably because they were the least likely, historically, to be vaccinated and increased exposures to small urban rodents).

If your own dog has been diagnosed with Leptospirosis, please take precautions at home. Avoid contact with your dog’s urine, and if you have to clean up in the house, wear protective gloves and wash your hands afterwards.

Administer the full course of antibiotics as prescribed by your veterinarian. Avoid walking your dog near bodies of water or places that other dogs congregate, to minimize the spread of Leptospirosis to other pets.

Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions!


Fall Openings at Rosslyn Children’s Center

If you’re new to the area or seeking a new daycare/pre-school option for fall, Rosslyn Children’s Center (RCC) currently has a limited number of openings for infants, toddlers, 2 year-olds, 3 year-olds and Pre-Kindergarten.

We have recently relocated to a brand new center in the heart of Rosslyn, with our main entrance just past the Kent Street entrance to Freedom Park.

RCC has been a member of the Arlington community since 1991. An experienced administrative team works alongside a dedicated and tenured teaching team to provide developmentally appropriate experiences which foster growth, curiosity and development for children birth through six.

Each classroom is staffed with teaching teams to create a collaborative teaching approach that provides a rich learning environment.

RCC proudly offers an emergent curriculum, guiding children’s learning through play. Our lesson plans are not necessarily driven by a calendar, but are determined by what is relevant and interesting to the children.

Teachers who successfully work with an emergent curriculum must have not only a deep understanding of typical developmental stages and early brain development, but also the confidence, skills and experience to allow children to participate in their own learning.

The RCC community is very active within Rosslyn. All classrooms visit Freedom Park each week, with older classes exploring our urban setting regularly, including visits to the Farmers Market, the sandbox at Gateway Park, and Rosslyn community events. Regular community events and weekend “Parents’ Night Out” events make for a tight-knit and welcoming community.

To learn more, call 703-524-0202 or click here to request more information.


Small Biz Focus: Hungry? Thursday Pop-Ups at Courthouse are Mighty Tasty!

This column is sponsored by BizLaunch, a division of Arlington Economic Development.

It was about to reach 89 degrees outside with high humidity. But when Rob Kingsbury started pouring his special recipe of iced lavender lemonade, the outdoor heat was barely noticeable.

As the vendors were setting up outside the Plaza Branch of the public library at Courthouse, the summer story time for preschoolers was winding down with catchy songs. So yes, there might have been some humming along.

Thursday, June 28 was the kickoff of the summer pop-up series in the lobby outside the Arlington Public Library Plaza Shop in the Bosman Government Center.

The ongoing compliment to the Made in Arlington initiative and partnership with Arlington Public Library is taking an edible turn this summer with vendors serving up mouth-watering treats. Kingsbury Chocolates and an array of yummy cookies from Bakeshop were first up to show off their entrepreneurial spirit.

Inside the Plaza Shop, bright new artist designed t-shirts from David Amoroso, whimsical cards from FastSnail and irresistible baby onesies stamped ‘Made in Arlington’ from Dennison Lane are adding fun, color and new inventory to the shop.

Probably not what most people would expect to find in a government center office building lobby, but Arlington is stepping up to create a place that is as much community as it is convenient for doing business.

Supporting entrepreneurs, small businesses and creatives is all part of Arlington’s Creative Economy initiative. With public/private partnerships, growth of these endeavors is an important part of business sector diversity and economic sustainability.

So if it’s Thursday and you hear small voices singing and big voices swooning over sweets, you’re in the right place.

Thursday pop-ups:
July 12: BAKT by Ingrid: healthy can be super delicious
July 19: FastSnail greeting designs and PinUp Preserves
July 26: Livin’ the Pie Life and Commonwealth Joe coffee

12-3 p.m.
2100 Clarendon Blvd. 1st floor lobby

Check here for ongoing Creative Economy listings and opportunities. More Creative economy stories on the blog.


What Can You Buy in Arlington on Your Budget?

Learn how to buy for less than your rent: explaining the home buying process — from forming your budget to crafting the winning offer!

Purchasing a home is not like any other purchase you’ve ever made — there are hundreds of factors at play!

The Orange Line Living Team and Keri Shull Team will be teaching all of the acronyms and definitions you will need to know, what happens at each stage of your transaction, real strategies on how to negotiate a lower purchase price, the different type of loans available and much more.

There will be local specialists from multiple industries in attendance, so come with questions!

Space is limited, register by clicking here.

Topics Covered

  • Financing programs
  • How to avoid double paying a rent + mortgage
  • How to calculate your budget the right way
  • How to craft a winning offer
  • Finding off-market properties
  • Leveraging your equity
  • The 4 C’s of real estate
  • Come with questions, we will answer them!

Benefits of Attending

  • $1,500 credit towards your new home or towards early lease termination*
  • 12-month home buy-back guarantee — purchase with confidence!
  • Wine and cheese provided
  • AND the first 3 to attend will receive a giftcard to Barley Mac restaurant!


*Must use the Orange Line Living or Keri Shull Team when purchasing your new home to be eligible for $1,000 rebate. Earn another $500 by giving us the names of 3 people who may also be looking to buy or sell.


Ask Eli: What Type of Home Appreciates Faster?

Question: I have heard mixed opinions on whether single-family homes appreciate faster than townhouses and condos. Do you have any data that addresses this?

Answer: On an aggregate level in Arlington, single-family detached homes appreciate faster than townhouses, which appreciate faster than condos.

Over the last ten years the median single-family home has increased from a median purchase price of $630,000 to $850,000 (35% increase), the median price of a townhouse has increased from $542,000 to $696,500 (28.5% increase) and, condos have increased from $350,000 to $392,000 (12% increase).

Below is the chart for median purchase price, broken out by housing type, in Arlington over the last ten years:

Key Takeaways

  • One may assume that the appreciation of single-family homes over the last five years is mostly attributed to so many old, less expensive homes being replaced by expensive new homes. However, by using median price instead of averages, we know that the appreciation exists across the entire single-family market. In fact, the appreciation in average price is less than the median suggesting there’s stronger appreciation in the middle of the market than at the top or bottom.
  • As with any asset class, growth is directly correlated to risk and the historical appreciation of each housing type is reflective of the risk of ownership. Condo owners benefit from much more predictable and relatively low repair/replacement costs (mostly bundled into condo fees) than single-family owners who are responsible for anything that happens on their property (e.g. basement springs a leak and water line breaks in 6 months, you’re on the hook for tens of thousands without notice). You also tend to find condos centered around metros and dense office/retail centers which stabilizes market value during down years.
  • Scarcity also plays a role in the higher appreciation of single-family homes in that it is much easier to introduce a new supply of hundreds or thousands of condos (and rental apartments) into Arlington than it is new single-family homes or townhouses.
  • The above chart aggregates all homes in Arlington within each housing type, but it’s not hard to find sub-markets within each housing type that offer better or worse historical appreciation. For example, In December 2017 I ran an analysis on appreciation of condos built from 2000-2008 and found growth of 13% and 20% for one and two bedroom units, respectively, from 2010-2017. The conclusion? There are good deals and bad deals all over the market, so don’t rely on a single chart or data point.

I hope everybody had a great Fourth of July!

If you’d like a question answered in my weekly column, please send an email to [email protected]. To read any of my older posts, visit the blog section of my website at www.EliResidential.com. Call me directly at (703) 539-2529.

 Eli Tucker is a licensed Realtor in Virginia, Washington DC, and Maryland with Real Living At Home, 2420 Wilson Blvd #101 Arlington, VA 22201, (202) 518-8781.


Lydian + Lyric Luxe Apartments — Downtown D.C. Living with a True Neighborhood Vibe

Love the idea of living in the heart of D.C.? Here are two reasons that will inspire your next move: Lydian + Lyric.

A standout addition to the Mount Vernon Triangle skyline, these sleek, sister residences are joined by one amazing lifestyle in an authentic neighborhood that cares about everyone.

Centrally located at 4th and K Streets NW in Downtown D.C., Lydian + Lyric fill a city block and join dozens of hotspot restaurants, new high-end shops and premier employers moving into the area.

On the ground floor of both buildings you will find eateries brought to you by the owners of Georgetown’s legendary Baked & Wired: A Baked Joint, and soon — la BETTY. Stroll to the popular Busboys and Poets, Alta Strada, RPM Italian, Mandu and the future Apple store at the former Carnegie Library.

Also in walking distance are NoMa, the 14th Street Corridor, Shaw and Chinatown, as well as two Metro stations. And it’s just 15 convenient minutes from Arlington and many commuter routes.

All-new Lydian arrived last month and local renters have been quick to take advantage of its exceptional location, well-appointed apartments and thoughtfully designed amenity spaces.

Lydian’s homes include studio, one bedroom and two bedroom apartments. One-third of the building’s 324 units are already leased. Socially connected Lyric opened in 2014 and is fully leased. Lyric’s homes include one bedroom, one bedroom plus den and two bedroom apartments.

What’s to love about Lydian + Lyric?

At both buildings, you’ll enjoy features and details that are as stylish as they are comfortable, including floor-to-ceiling windows, gourmet kitchens with built-in wine racks, designer cabinetry and stainless-steel appliances, porcelanosa tile flooring, full size stackable washer and dryer, NEST programmable thermostats and balconies and private terraces in select units.

Both buildings elevate living in Mount Vernon Triangle with thoughtful amenities like rooftop retreats with resort-style pools, fire pits, demonstration kitchens and more. You’ll discover tranquility gardens for unwinding and state-of-the-art fitness centers with Peloton bikes and WellBeats virtual trainers for a great workout.

Services like a 24/7 concierge, valet dry cleaning, pet walking and dog grooming stations make everyday life a breeze. And so does having keyless fob access, bicycle storage and available gated underground parking.

Both residences are leasing quickly. For more information or to schedule a tour, visit here or contact the leasing team at 202-777-0740. Developed by Quadrangle Development and The Wilkes Company.


The Chew: 3 Principles for Preventing Dog-Related Disasters

The following bi-weekly column is written and sponsored by Bark + Boarding, which provides a heart-centered and safe environment for your pets. Conveniently located at 5818-C Seminary Road in Bailey’s Crossroads, Bark & Boarding offers doggy daycare, boarding, grooming, walking and training services, plus in-home pet care.

Written by Tyler Evans, Animal Enthusiast from dogzasters.com

If you have a dog, you know that accidents are bound to happen. From torn-up furniture to potty accidents, these are a part of owning a dog that we could all live without. Prevention is always the best medicine, especially when it comes to a canine’s behavior.

Luckily, there are a number of ways you can avoid these unpleasant situations and clean-ups. To prevent your pooch from misbehaving, follow these three prevention principles.


Activity is a necessity of all dogs, no matter their age or breed. Some dogs though, do need more exercise than others. According to the Business Insider, the Belgian Malinois and German Pointer are the most active dogs in the world, needing over an hour and a half of intense exercise every day.

While most dogs do not need this much exercise, they still do need to get out and be active. Dogs who do not burn off their energy can easily become bored, which may cause them to turn their eyes towards a destructive game.

One of the easiest ways you can prevent doggie disasters is by providing your canine with a constructive, appropriate way to burn off their energy. The easiest way to do this is by taking them on frequent walks, preferably a couple of times a day.

For most people, this can be done before and after work. If you’re very busy, however, it might be in your best interest to hire a dog walker or a dog sitter to stop by once or twice a day to take your pooch on a walk. Though this service does cost money, it is a far better alternative than coming home to a ruined house.


The second most common reason dogs misbehave is simply because they don’t know any better. If your dog has an accident on your carpet, it might not be that they were misbehaving just because they could, but that they didn’t know they weren’t supposed to.

We recommend training your pooch early and often. House training is essential to keeping your pooch in your house, but other types of training can be extremely useful too. For example, if your dog barks consistently, you can train them to not bark.

If you have a puppy, we highly recommend that you get them enrolled in a doggie training class. Puppy training classes are just as useful for you as they are your dog. Even if you’ve previously owned a puppy, each dog breed is different and responds to training techniques differently.

Attending one of these classes can inform you on what techniques would work best for your puppy. Furthermore, puppy training classes also socialize your dog with other people and canines. According to the AKC, proper socialization is a great way to prevent unnecessary aggression and fear as your dog gets older.


Another common reason dogs misbehave is because they’re bored.

While activity can go a long way to curb this boredom, for some dogs it is not enough, especially if they are a member of an intelligent breed. For many dogs, their minds need to be exercised just like their bodies.

This can be done easily through play if you are at home and have the time. If not, you can purchase your canine a couple of puzzle toys to leave around the house while you’re gone. This will give your pooch something to do while you’re gone and prevent them from getting into things in an attempt to find their fun.

If that doesn’t work, doggy daycare is always a great alternative to get your pup out of house and enjoy play time and enrichment with other dogs in a safe and supervised environment.

Doggie disasters are an inevitable part of owning a canine. However, by following these three principles, you can prevent many of these disasters from occurring.

At Bark + Boarding, we offer a unique boarding structure that gives your pet their own room for their bedding and toys, supervised play and regular meals and bathroom breaks in our outdoor run. This means less stress for your pet, and for you!

Looking for more tips, interested in adorable pet pics or just want to get more information on what we do? Stay connected with Bark + Boarding on FacebookInstagram and our website!

Click here to check out our short video about this article!

Mention this article for a FREE evaluation and click here to sign up for one today. If you have a question about your pet, feel free to come in, or email [email protected] any time.


This Weekend’s Deals & Events in Arlington

This Weekend’s Deals & Events in Arlington

Each Friday, Tim’s Arlington sets the table with deals and events for the weekend ahead in Arlington.

Highlights for the upcoming weekend include:

Deal of the Weekend: $1 Small Gelato throughout July @ Pete’s New Haven Style Apizza in Clarendon.




All Weekend:

See the entire list by neighborhood or scroll through the entire list here:

Follow Tim’s Arlington on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, & his newsletter for new deals and events, posted regularly throughout the week (typically 10-20 new deals & events are added daily)!

Interested in special promotion as the Deal or Event of the Week or Weekend? Have a deal or event tip? Comments? Suggestions? Email Tim at [email protected]!


Flying Colors: Birds Do Not Take The Summer Off

Flying Colors column banner

Flying Colors is a sponsored column on the hobby of backyard bird feeding written by Michael Zuiker, owner of the Wild Birds Unlimited store at the Lee Harrison Shopping Center. Visit the store at 2437 N. Harrison Street or call 703-241-3988.

Bags packed. Tickets in hand. Cooler filled. Kids buckled in. It is a fun time in the summer.

As we plan for those exotic vacations around the country and even overseas, we may forget that the wild birds in our backyards do not take the “Summer Off!” They are actually incredibly active. From dusk to dawn, they are still:

Breeding — the goldfinches are just starting.

Feeding their young — some birds such as hummingbirds and house wrens are having second broods.

Teaching the fledglings how to go it alone. Remember the first-time baby ate spaghetti on their own? Yeah it is like that with the baby birds on suet!

All of this activity takes a lot of energy. That energy burns up food. They need to replenish that food.

You see, bird feeding isn’t just a winter hobby. By continuing to feed your birds in spring and summer, you have the greatest opportunity to attract the widest variety of birds to your yard and feeders.

Access to abundant and healthy food supplies is important to birds… regardless of the season. Bird feeders provide a portion of these important nutritional needs for your backyard birds throughout the year. Birds with access to backyard feeder benefit greatly from their ability to spend less time foraging for food and more time engaging in activities that enhance their health and safety.

Bird feeding isn’t just a winter hobby. Many people stop feeding in late spring and early summer, thinking the birds have plenty of food. That is not true. Your yard, if somewhat untamed, will explode with food in the late summer and early fall. Right now, most gardens are still growing.

So, before you hit the pedal to the metal and crank up those tunes, load up your feeders. If only for a few days your birds have their restaurants open, you will be helping them. There is no need to worry that your birds will go away if there is not food. They will try out different sources of food. But I guarantee you that when you turn on the light of your feeder restaurants that you are open for business again, they will be calling to you for reservations.

Something New

Each month, we will be providing “Nature Notes” to you. These notes will give to you some of the highlights of the month as to what nature is doing.   From migration to breeding to singing to shooting stars — we will provide for you a checklist that you can use to explore some of the exciting events that will be occurring. One of my favorite moments of summer is when the fireflies come out. My yard, for the past three weeks, has been exploding with their light show. Now I know summer is on!

I did not really need the asphalt scorching heat, oxygen sucking humidity and flaming hot ball of fire in a cloudless sky to tell me summer was on!

Here are some highlights for you to start watching for in July:

  • NABA national butterfly count.
  • Cicadas start calling.
  • Watch local ponds for immature herons and bitterns.
  • First brood of immature hummingbirds begin to show up at nectar feeders early in the month.
  • Thistle plants begin to seed; goldfinches gather thistledown for nesting material.
  • Blackbirds begin to flock and appear at feeders.
  • Listen for the feeding screeches of young barred and great horned owls.
  • Shorebird migration starts.
  • Butterfly milkweed in bloom. Look for monarch butterfly adults, eggs and larva.
  • Look for hummingbirds feeding on trumpet creeper, jewelweed and cardinal flowers.
  • Delta aquarids meteor shower peaks in late-July.

Open Houses in Arlington This Weekend

Looking for a home? There are plenty of houses and condos open for viewing this weekend.

Check out the Arlington Realty website for a full list of homes for sale and open houses in Arlington. Here are a few highlights:

5601 N. Williamsburg Boulevard
6 bed/4 bath, 1 half bath single-family home
Agent: Liz Kirby
Listed: $1,850,000
Open: Sunday 1-4 p.m.


537 N. Norwood Street
5 bed/3 bath, 1 half bath single-family home
Agent: Jane McGuire
Listed: $1,285,000
Open: Sunday 3-5 p.m.


1021 N. Garfield Street
2 bed/2 bath condo
Agent: Marcia Burgos-Stone
Listed: $939,518
Open: Sunday 2-5 p.m.


1304 S. Quinn Street
3 bed/3 bath, 1 half bath condo
Agent: Jennifer Blessman
Listed: $750,000
Open: Saturday 12-2:30 p.m.


1805 S. Crystal Drive
2 bed/2 bath condo
Agent: Harry Brubaker
Listed: $599,950
Open: Sunday 12-2 p.m.


4643 30th Road S.
2 bed/2 bath condo
Agent: Alex Foster
Listed: $480,000
Open: Sunday 2-4 p.m.


2030 N. Vermont Street
1 bed/1 bath condo
Agent: Alexandra Holden
Listed: $230,000
Open: Sunday 1-4 p.m.


Just Listed in Arlington

Just Listed highlights Arlington properties that just came on the market within the past week. This feature is written and sponsored by Team Cathell, “Your Orange Line Specialists.”

Happy Birthday America!!

Team Cathell wishes you all the very best this week in celebrating our nation’s independence.

Call Team Cathell when you need to buy, sell, rent or have real estate managed in Northern Virginia. Call us at 703-975-2500.

Click to see all the fresh new inventory in MRIS and call Team Cathell when you find a home you like.


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