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Looking for something fun to do this Sunday, June 11?

Join us at Arrowine (4508 Cherry Hill Road) this Sunday from 1-4 p.m. for an Italian Wine Super Tasting! We will proudly feature 15 top wines and values from Arlington-based Michael R. Downey Portfolio.

Downey Selections have been importing and distributing wine regionally since 1998, and it all started here in Arlington — with founders Michael and Peg Downey and their children Brennan and Shannon. All of the wines will be on sale during the event. We’ll have wine available for purchase. The wines being poured are classic examples from Italy’s most prestigious wine regions.

This event is by reservation ONLY. Attendance is limited to ensure a great experience. All attendees must be 21 and possess a valid picture ID. We will be checking. This event will be popular. Please email us at wine @ and let us know if you plan to attend.

Please include the following information:

  • Name
  • Email or phone contact information
  • Number of people in your group
  • When you expect to arrive: (a) 1–2 p.m., (b) 2–3 p.m., or (c) 3–4 p.m.

We will confirm all reservations by email.

We look forward to seeing you!

Doug Rosen

Filling up the red wine glass (Photo by Nils on Unsplash)

This sponsored column is by Law Office of James Montana PLLC. All questions about it should be directed to James Montana, Esq., Doran Shemin, Esq., and Laura Lorenzo, Esq., practicing attorneys at The Law Office of James Montana PLLC, an immigration-focused law firm located in Falls Church, Virginia. The legal information given here is general in nature. If you want legal advice, contact us for an appointment.

Since 1967, the United States has been committed, by law, to allowing refugees and asylum seekers to seek protection from persecution.

Asylum seekers often have difficulty making such requests. Intrinsic factors, like linguistic and cultural differences sometimes play a role, but the government bears its share of responsibility, too. As we’ve previously described in these pages, the required application is voluminous, the instructions are written in impenetrable legalese, the waiting periods are unpredictable and frequently lengthy.

The Biden Administration inherited this legal apparatus along with a major problem at the border: large numbers of asylum seekers, and not enough judges, detention beds, and processing centers to deal with the influx. Initially, the Biden Administration appeared to be using a carrot and stick approach, as we described here, to limit migration from certain high-volume countries. Recently, the Biden Administration has introduced a new tool to limit asylum applications — the CBP One App.

We try to offer more information than opinion in our coverage of immigration issues for ARLnow. The CBP One App tests that equanimity, because it is spectacularly bad from every perspective — bad from the perspective of migrants, bad from the perspective of immigration restrictionists, and bad from the perspective of legal procedure.

First, a brief explainer of what the CBP One App is, and how it works.

The CBP One App is an information-gathering mobile phone application which collects information from asylum seekers. Once you create an account — no easy process, which requires a separate account at — you can try to schedule an appointment at the port of entry, at which time you can seek protection as an asylum seeker. If you do not have an appointment at the port of entry — and if you do not fit one of a growing list of exceptions, about which more shortly — you’re effectively unable to make an asylum claim.

Until May 10, 2023 the appointment scheduling process was simple and frustratingly familiar to parents of children at local summer camps: log into the app at 10 a.m. Central Standard Time, try to make an appointment, then watch the app crash due to everyone else trying to log in at the same time.

Since May 10, 2023, the appointment registration process has improved, somewhat, through another layer of complexity — you submit what is effectively a daily lottery application; then CBP uses a semi-random (and wholly opaque) method to apportion appointments; if selected, you  have a 23-hour window to accept an appointment which might be next door — or might be 1500 miles away. But you probably won’t be selected; the number of appointments is vastly lower than the demand.

Can you avoid using the CBP One App? Yes, you can: if you meet a confusing and unpredictably applied list of possible exceptions, which include:

  • Encountering technical difficulties with the app. (Note: Everyone has these difficulties.)
  • Language barriers (Note: the CBP One App only provides instructions in English, Spanish, and Haitian Creole)

So, why is this app bad from every conceivable perspective?

  1. From the perspective of migrants, the CBP One App is bad because it doesn’t work properly, doesn’t have sufficient appointment availability, requires a strong WiFi connection, doesn’t provide instructions in most languages, and sets up appointments thousands of miles away. Also, the UX is bad.
  2. From the perspective of immigration restrictionists, the CBP One App is bad because it allows people to seek asylum while specifically disclaiming that it is a method for seeking asylum. (“The app is not a method of seeking asylum in the United States, and CBP officers do not determine the validity of any claims for protection.” 88 Fed. Reg. 31,358.) If you do manage to get an appointment through the app, reports indicate that you are allowed into the United States 99% of the time to pursue a claim for relief. Finally, the exceptions (including for technical glitches!) threaten to swallow the rule requiring use of the app.
  3. From the perspective of law, the CBP One App is bad because the United States has been committed, for more than fifty years, to allowing refugees to apply for protection. The CBP One App adds a bizarre and interminable lottery as a threshold for entry to make a legal claim. Getting lucky should never be a prerequisite for having your day in court.

As always, we welcome your comments and will do our best to respond.


This column is sponsored by Arlington Arts/Arlington Cultural Affairs, a division of Arlington Economic Development.

Kickstart your summer on the good foot with free outdoor concerts taking place in Arlington over the next two weekends with the Friday June 9 launch of the Lubber Run Amphitheater Free Summer Concert Series (continuing through August 11).

Then, enjoy the 26th Annual Columbia Pike Blues Festival taking place on Saturday, June 17! Both of these free activities are the product of decades-long partnerships between Arlington County Cultural Affairs Division and numerous community partnerships.

Free Summer Concerts at Lubber Run Amphitheater
June 9-August 11

East LA’s acclaimed Afro-Mexican rock fusion band Las Cafeteras kicks off the Lubber Run Amphitheater Free Summer Concert Series on Friday, June 9! The LA Times describes the band as a “Uniquely Angeleno mishmash of punk, hip-hop, beat music, cumbia & rock.” The opening weekend continues with The 19th Street Band (Saturday, June 10) and a family performance by the Arlington Children’s Chorus (Sunday, June 11). The concerts continue with an array of music ranging from Latin Grammy-nominated family music duo 123 Andres (Sunday, June 18), singer Lauren Calve (Saturday, July 1), and the Hot Club of Baltimore (Friday, July 21).

Presented by Arlington Arts in collaboration with the Arlington County Department of Parks and Recreation, and with the collaboration of the Lubber Run Amphitheater Foundation, the Lubber Run Amphitheater Concerts take place on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, between June 9 and August 11. Concerts times are 8 p.m. on Fridays and Saturday, with Sunday morning family performances beginning at 11 a.m., three of which are co-presented with Arlington Public Library.

The Lubber Run Amphitheater is nestled within the Arlington Forrest neighborhood, at N. Columbus Street and 2nd Street North. Click here for the complete schedule and detailed information, directions and info about the Lubber Run Concert Series!

Columbia Pike Blues Festival
Saturday, June 17 * 1-8:30 p.m.

“Arlington’s best block party” enters its 26th year on Columbia Pike. Winning accolades for her appearances on TV’s The Voice and with the legendary Prince, vocalist JUDITH HILL headlines The Columbia Pike Blues Festival on Saturday June 17 (1-8:30 p.m.). Featured in the Oscar and Grammy Award-winning documentary “20 Feet from Stardom,” it’s a ‘family affair’ for Hill whose blues musician parents are in her backup band. The family vibe continues with a full line-up of performers of national and regional note that includes: husband and wife singer and guitarist Annika Chambers & Paul DesLauriers, Arlington’s master guitarist and vocalist Bobby Thompson, Baltimore’s Gayle Harrod Band, and acoustic DC-duo Spice Cake Blues.

Co-presented by the Columbia Pike Partnership and Arlington Arts, the Columbia Pike Blues Festival is perfect for the whole family. Bring your whole family to this free event covering three blocks at the intersection of So. Walter Reed Drive and Columbia Pike, in Arlington.

The Columbia Pike Blues Festival takes place at South Walter Reed Drive at Columbia Pike. Click here for more information.


Each week, “Just Reduced” spotlights properties in Arlington County whose price have been cut over the previous week. The market summary is crafted by Arlington Realty, Inc. Maximize your real estate investment with the team by visiting or calling 703-836-6000 today!

Please note: While Arlington Realty, Inc. provides this information for the community, it may not be the listing company of these homes.

As of June 7, there are 141 detached homes, 23 townhouses and 128 condos for sale throughout Arlington County. In total, 15 homes experienced a price reduction in the past week, including:

3832 Dittmar Road

Please note that this is solely a selection of Just Reduced properties available in Arlington County. For a complete list of properties within your target budget and specifications, contact Arlington Realty, Inc.

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Broader than an MBA or economics degree and more focused than a master’s in international affairs, this program will immerse you in the nexus of business, economics, international relations, and public policy.

The Master of Global Commerce and Policy Program is available in-person in Arlington, online, or hybrid, as well as part-time, or full-time.

It’s not too late to enroll for the fall semester! The Arlington-based Schar School of Policy and Government at George Mason University has extended the fall application deadline for domestic applicants to June 30.

Global Commerce and Policy Lunch and Learn
Wednesday, June 21, Noon to 1 p.m. Eastern
Virtual event

To learn more about graduate programs at the Schar School, register for the virtual information session or fill out our inquiry form.

This regularly scheduled sponsored Q&A column is written by Eli Tucker, Arlington-based Realtor and Arlington resident. Please submit your questions to him via email for response in future columns. Video summaries of some articles can be found on YouTube on the Eli Residential channelEnjoy!

Question: How are sales going at Pierce condos in Rosslyn?

Answer: The Pierce condos are one of three new buildings in Rosslyn’s luxury Highlands development (the other two buildings are rental apartments) with prices that rival the most expensive buildings in the D.C. Metro and far outpace other Arlington buildings on a price-per-square-foot basis, which I detailed in this 2019 column.

Building Overview

Penzance (developer) and The Mayhood Company (sales) began pre-selling the 104 units just before the pandemic hit. Sales in the building have captured the attention of many Arlingtonians and the real estate community because of the building’s prominent position in the Rosslyn skyline, record setting price-per-square-foot, and shifts in condo demand for a couple years following COVID lockdowns.

The Mayhood Company, who also handled sales at Turnberry Tower, Rosslyn’s other luxury condo building, played an active role in designing Pierce condos and conceived it as “Turnberry Gen 2” with the application of lessons learned from their time selling those units.

Prices ranged from roughly $950,000-$4,000,000+ with the average unit going for about $1,750,000 for approximately 1,700 SqFt of living space. Currently, units in the building range in price from ~$1,800,000-$2,600,000 and in size from ~2,000-2,400 SqFt. The bulk of the building has sold for $1.5M-$2.4M.

Pierce was completed and ready for move-ins by the fall of 2021.

I caught up with the Mayhood sales team to get a sense of how sales have gone through the lockdowns, during the post-lockdown flight from condos, and the return to more normal buying habits over the past 12-18 months.


Sales jumped out to a great start prior to the pandemic, with about 10 contracts right out of the gate. As expected, many of these sales were to buyers targeting premium views — the building has quite a few upper-level units with unobstructed (and nearly impossible to be obstructed in the future) views of D.C. and the Potomac. The other non-view sales were units on lower floors with the lowest price-per-square-foot.

Many of these early buyers were downsizing from larger single-family homes, which is/was expected to be the most common buyer profile for the building.

COVID Lockdown, Sales Lockdown

The sales office shut down due to COVID lockdowns in March 2020 and sales were frozen until August 2020, when they began taking calls and doing virtual sales. There was zero activity from mid-March until August/September, but they still finished 2020 with 15 total contracts.

Vaccines Led to More Activity

The building had about one contract per month from August 2020 through May 2021, but once vaccines became more broadly available and life started opening back up around June 2021, activity picked up significantly, resulting in 8 contracts in June 2021 and about 3-4 contracts per month through the end of 2021. Also, by June of 2021, the construction had progressed to allow prospective buyers to take hard hat tours and see the finishes and views in person, as opposed to renderings, which is always going to boost interest and sales. There were 28 contracts written in 2021.

From late summer 2020 through early summer 2021, the buyer profile shifted from those downsizing from larger single-family homes to buyers who were already living in condos/apartments and looking to upgrade. That shifted back to the “norm” of more downsizers by summer 2021, when vaccination rates were up.

Return to “Normal” Life Kept Sales Strong

2022 was a return to “normal” operations for most people and Pierce sales were excellent, with a consistent pace of 2-3 sales per month, totaling 30 contracts on the year, evenly split between the first and second half of the year. The overall condo market in Arlington also started experiencing a return to more normal buying behavior; low interest rates early in the year helped too.

Read More


This is a sponsored column by Joseph Woloszyn Esq. of Maximo Mortgages LLC. Have a question or comment? Contact Joseph at [email protected].

Please Note: The information contained within this article is intended to serve as a general guide and is provided for informational purposes only. It is not designed to offer legal, tax, or financial advice. Given the complexity and potential legal and financial implications of forming or holding a legal entity such as an LLC, it is highly recommended that you seek professional legal and tax advice prior to making such decisions. Every individual’s situation is unique, and a qualified professional can provide guidance that is tailored to your specific circumstances.

The world of real estate investing is both exhilarating and complex.

Among the numerous considerations you must juggle, understanding the most advantageous structure for your investment can significantly impact your long-term success. One such structure that savvy investors use is the Limited Liability Company (LLC). In this article, we will delve into the reasons why setting up an LLC for your investment property can be an astute decision.

Limited Liability

The primary benefit of an LLC, as the name suggests, is limiting your personal liability. By forming an LLC for your investment property, you create a legal separation between your personal assets and those tied to your investment. If a lawsuit arises related to the property — say, for instance, due to an accident that occurs on the premises — your personal assets, such as your home, your car, or your personal bank accounts, are generally protected. The LLC acts as a shield, with any liability typically confined to the assets held by the LLC.

Tax Flexibility

LLCs are unique in offering what’s known as “pass-through taxation.” This means that the profits and losses from the LLC pass directly through to the owners, who report them on their personal tax returns. This feature avoids double taxation, which is a factor in corporations where profits are taxed at both the corporate level and then again on the individual’s income tax. The ability to deduct business expenses, such as mortgage interest, property taxes, and operating expenses, can also reduce your overall tax burden.

Ease of Transfer

An LLC can simplify the process of transferring ownership of the property. In many cases, the sale of an investment property can involve substantial paperwork, time, and fees. If the property is owned by an LLC, however, ownership of the LLC itself can be transferred, which includes the property it owns. This method can potentially streamline transactions and make them more efficient.

Succession Planning

LLCs provide an orderly and efficient mechanism for managing and transferring ownership, which can be particularly useful in succession planning. If you intend to pass the property to your heirs, the LLC structure allows you to allocate units or shares of the LLC rather than the property itself, a process that can simplify matters considerably.

Professionalism and Credibility

Forming an LLC can add a layer of professionalism and credibility to your investment endeavor. To prospective tenants, business partners, or lenders, an LLC can signal that you’re serious about your real estate investment business.

However, it’s crucial to note that while there are numerous advantages to forming an LLC for your investment property, it may not be the right choice for every investor or every situation. There are also costs and administrative requirements associated with setting up and maintaining an LLC that should be considered. The process and regulations can vary significantly from one state to another.

In conclusion, setting up an LLC for your investment property can provide valuable benefits including liability protection, tax flexibility, ease of transfer, and a platform for succession planning, as well as enhanced professionalism and credibility. It is, therefore, a strategy worth considering as you navigate the complexities of real estate investing.

If you have any mortgage related questions or would like to inquiry about applying for a mortgage, please reach out to us at Maximo Mortgage LLC at [email protected] or 703-755-0045! Happy house hunting!

Joseph Woloszyn Esq. boasts a diverse professional background, including roles as a real estate attorney, mortgage broker, real estate broker, general contractor, and real estate investor. When he isn’t working, Joseph enjoys watching football and taking trips to unwind. In his personal life, he lovingly reports to his two superiors: his wife, Haimei, and their daughter, Elizabeth.


This is a sponsored column by attorneys John Berry and Kimberly Berry of Berry & Berry, PLLC, an employment and labor law firm located in Northern Virginia that specializes in federal employee, security clearance, retirement and private sector employee matters.

By John V. Berry, Esq.

It is important to obtain legal advice prior to meeting with security clearance investigators when potential security clearance problems are anticipated.

When individuals have difficulties in the security clearance process or anticipate future problems, the best advice that can be given is to prepare in advance for the meeting. Preparation for the first security clearance meeting can make the difference between a government contractor/federal employee successfully obtaining/retaining a security clearance or being denied one.

Preparing for the Initial Security Clearance Investigator Meeting

One of the most important considerations in meeting with a security clearance investigator for the first time is to adequately prepare for the meeting, especially where there may be potential disqualifying security concerns. We find that most government contractors and federal employees have a general sense of potential security concerns that could arise at the time that they begin to review or complete their e-QIP/SF-86 submissions.

In the most common scenario, an individual is usually alerted to potential problems that may require preparation for the clearance process when they find that they may have to answer “yes” to a certain question and then provide formal disclosures to an uncomfortable question, such as the use of drugs or past financial debts. When these types of issues are anticipated, then one should seek counsel and prepare in advance of a meeting with a security clearance investigator.

Review Relevant Documentation

If a potential security concern exists, it is important to gather as much information and documentation one has on the issue of concern in preparation for the interview.  Such information, if useful, can be provided to security clearance investigators at the start.  At other times, the information can be useful for later in the clearance process, if needed.

For example, suppose an individual knows that they have a large outstanding debt on their credit report. If so, then that information will certainly be important to review prior to a meeting with a security clearance investigator.

Respond to the Questions Asked

In regard to meetings between government contractors/federal employees and security clearance investigators, one other issue that we run across is the tendency of some individuals to provide information not sought by an investigator.

We advise government contractors and federal employees to answer the questions asked by investigators as honestly as possible but stick to the actual questions that are posed. On many occasions, individuals can get sidetracked or provide information that is not relevant to the questions asked by an investigator, which may cause clearance difficulties later or cause frustration for the investigator.

The usual key to a successful interview is to be as responsive as possible to any areas of concern but to make the meeting with the clearance investigator as efficient as possible. Investigators tend to have many cases to review and like to focus on their particular areas of concern. The better an individual can honestly address specific issues raised by an investigator, the better the potential outcome.

When issues arise, it is important to consult with counsel to obtain the best legal advice possible in presenting one’s response to difficult questions.

Follow-up Interviews or Requests by the Investigator

A security clearance investigator may need additional information regarding potential security concerns or need to interview an individual a second time. We typically advise individuals to attempt to anticipate these requests in advance.

For example, if an investigator appears to have questions about one’s psychological issues during an initial interview, it may be helpful to attempt to obtain a letter from a medical professional soon after that shows that the psychological concerns are under control and have been resolved. Doing so in advance can save time and effort later and may resolve issues early should the investigator come back with additional questions.

Contact Us

If you are in need of security clearance legal representation or advice, please contact our office at 703-668-0070 or through our contact page to schedule a consultation. Please also visit and like us on Facebook or Twitter.


This article was written by Sindy Yeh, Senior Business Ambassador for Arlington Economic Development.

MarginEdge, a leading restaurant management and bill payment software company, recently held its ribbon-cutting ceremony to officially open its new office headquarters at 4200 Wilson Boulevard in Ballston.

Arlington Board members Takis Karantonis and Matt de Ferranti were on hand to cut the ribbon and presented a “Key to the County” to MarginEdge.

Founded by restaurateurs Bo Davis and Roy Phillips, along with partner Brian Mills, MarginEdge offers a cloud-based, software platform that helps restaurants with back-of-house functions to make running a restaurant more efficient. Its restaurant management system works with the point of sale and accounting systems to streamline inventory, ordering and cost analysis to help minimize paperwork and manual data entry.

According to CEO Bo Davis, “the restaurant management solution was developed with the goal to automate manual tasks so that restaurant operators have more time to do what they love and more of what makes them profitable.”

The new, 22,000 square foot office is located above Ballston Quarter and is equipped with a commercial kitchen and restaurant space. The office was built and designed for collaboration between MarginEdge’s 140+ employees and for its clients to come in and use the space for cooking, networking or special events. MarginEdge has helped more than 5,200 clients across the U.S. and Canada, including local businesses such as SER, Big Buns, Lost Dog Café, and South Block.

Since its founding eight years ago, MarginEdge has raised more than $70 million in funding. The funding is invested in adding more functions and tools in its software platform and to grow its workforce for continued expansion.

Earlier this month, MarginEdge was named to the Inc. Best Workplaces 2023 and the Washington Business Journal’s Best Places to Work 2023 for the second year in a row.


Each week, “Just Reduced” spotlights properties in Arlington County whose price have been cut over the previous week. The market summary is crafted by Arlington Realty, Inc. Maximize your real estate investment with the team by visiting or calling 703-836-6000 today!

Please note: While Arlington Realty, Inc. provides this information for the community, it may not be the listing company of these homes.

As of May 29, there are 139 detached homes, 24 townhouses and 123 condos for sale throughout Arlington County. In total, 13 homes experienced a price reduction in the past week, including:

232 N. Fillmore Street

Please note that this is solely a selection of Just Reduced properties available in Arlington County. For a complete list of properties within your target budget and specifications, contact Arlington Realty, Inc.


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