New child- and adolescent-focused psychological practice now open in Clarendon!

Would you like to gain a better understanding of your child’s cognitive and academic strengths and weaknesses?

Are you wondering if your child presents with a learning disability, ADHD, Autism, or a mental health condition?

Has your child received a diagnosis and now you are wondering what to do next and how to navigate the educational system?

JDS Psychoeducational Services is a new child- and adolescent-focused psychological practice now open in Clarendon that specializes in assessment and consultation services.

Through Psychoeducational Evaluations, Consultation/Advocacy Services, Executive Functioning Coaching, and parent advocacy presentations/courses, JDS Psychoeducational Services provides evidence-based services to help children and families better understand their needs and advocate for appropriate supports.

Whether it’s clarifying a child’s strengths and areas of needed support, helping parents navigate the Special Education/Section 504 process, or providing executive functioning coaching, JDS Psychoeducational Services is here to support all children and their families.

Dr. Siddall, the founder of JDS Psychoeducational Services, has been serving the Arlington community since 2016 and is committed to helping students and families thrive and access the supports within their community.

Contact us today to schedule a free 20-minute consultation to help determine if our services are right for you and your family. No matter where your family is in their journey, Dr. Siddall is available to provide consultation and assistance.