It is a homeowner’s nightmare: You come down the stairs in the morning to start the day with a cup of coffee only to step into a puddle of water on the kitchen floor. A puddle? In fact, it is pooling from a leak under the sink, and it is spreading.

Good morning! Now what?

“When they call us, we talk them through everything they need to do to stop the problem,” says Yael Goldshmid of Flood Damage Pro. “We give them instructions over the phone on how to turn off the main and to remove any electrical elements from the area.

“Then we promise to send a crew within 60 minutes of their call.” And that call will be answered 24/7.

Flood Damage Pro has been serving the flood emergency needs of commercial facilities and residential dwellings in Arlington for over 10 years, and by now their IICRC certified technicians have seen it all: Flooded basements, flooded kitchens, flooded bathrooms, flooded offices and more.

A water and fire damage specialist is crucial in early moments of water/fire-borne disasters as they are equipped with the technology and the knowledge to stop, repair and then begin the recovery process as fast as possible. This is important because of a secondary consequence of water damage: Mold.

“If water damage is not addressed in time, mold develops,” warns Goldshmid. “Sometimes we come to a house and the owners tells us there is a smell they can’t get rid of where the water damage was. We check and it’s mold. You can’t always see it, but it’s there.”

Luckily, Flood Damage Pro also does mold remediation to eliminate the problem.

Goldshmid says Flood Damage Pro can repair any cause of flooding inside or outside a property, “Even a leaky foundation. We can fix everything except the roof.” Roofing problems require a roofing specialist.

The team at Flood Damage Pro is licensed to restore drywall, hardwood floors, carpets and more. They don’t consider the job complete until all affected elements are restored to as good as new.

Flood Damage Pro also performs fire and smoke damage restoration. When disaster strikes, call 866-869-4167 for immediate assistance. The preceding post was sponsored by Flood Damage Pro and written by Buzz McClain.


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