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Rethink Energy: Podcast Season One Now Available!

This regularly-scheduled sponsored Q&A column is written by the Arlington Initiative to Rethink Energy team (AIRE). This county program helps you make smart energy decisions that save you money and leaves a lighter footprint on the environment. Got a question? Email us at [email protected]!

Building experts are on the leading edge of energy innovation. The Rethink Energy podcast gets up close and personal with some of our local trendsetters to learn what makes them tick.

In episode one, guest Chris Conway confesses his challenge breaking into the construction market at the height of the Great Recession, “Boy, that was a bad time to do that!” forcing his switch to energy.

Episode three guest Patty Shields shares her experience building ultra-efficient homes, and when asked what it’s like be a woman in the primarily male construction biz she reveals, “People are surprised at my level of knowledge… and you just have to not let that phase you and just plow on through.”

In episode four, Guest Aaron Sutch from VASUN, a nonprofit that organizes solar co-ops around the state, talks about why he thinks people are so in love with solar, “I think the garden analogy is great. I remember the first time that I ate the tomatoes that I had sprouted from seed right in my own backyard. There’s just something special about that.” He expressed that electricity produced at home with solar panels has the same feeling.

Host Jessica Abralind, Green Building Planner for Arlington, breaks down technical subjects to keep the quick 10 minute episodes engaging and accessible, “These really smart and charming people that I meet through my work have some hilarious stories and fascinating insights into the world we all live in. I’m excited to share that with the community.”

Take a few minutes and (binge) listen to all episodes from our entire first season:

Season One Trailer

Episode 1 – Warrior

Episode 2 – Hoodwinked

Episode 3 – Construction, Moms (…and Machine Guns)

Episode 4 – Power to the People

Episode 5 – This is What the Future Looks Like

Episode 6 – Care and Feeding

Episode 7 – Feedback Episode

Episode 8 – The Unexpected Benefits of Energy Efficiency

Episode 9 – The Gadget Guy

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Unlike our competitors, Well-Paid Maids doesn’t clean your home with harsh chemicals. Instead, we handpick cleaning products rated “safest” by the Environmental Working Group, the leading rating organization regarding product safety.

The reason is threefold.

First, using safe cleaning products ensures toxic chemicals won’t leak into waterways or harm wildlife if disposed of improperly.

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Northern Virginia Family Practice (NVFP), known for its comprehensive concierge healthcare, is thrilled to introduce Mark Sullivan, MD as the newest member of its family medicine team.

Dr. Sullivan brings a wealth of experience in family medicine, underpinned by a passion for delivering personalized, patient-centered care. He has a distinguished background in managing various medical conditions, emphasizing preventive care, health education and chronic disease management. Dr. Sullivan is adept at employing the latest medical research and technologies to enhance patient outcomes.

Beyond his medical expertise, Dr. Sullivan is committed to the well-being of his community, demonstrating this through his active engagement in local health initiatives and educational programs. His approach to medicine is holistic, focusing on integrating physical, mental and emotional health and patient education to achieve optimal patient wellness.

Dr. Sullivan is now accepting new patients at their newly established Arlington office at 2445 Army Navy Drive, Arlington, VA, 22206. The office, known for its patient-friendly amenities and state-of-the-art medical facilities, continues to provide the exceptional, personalized care NVFP is known for in its newly upgraded Arlington location.

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