Arlington, VA

Have you been thinking about a home renovation, expansion, or new construction in 2017?  How about making it “green?”

More than 250 Arlingtonians have used Green Home Choice to help make their homes energy efficient, healthy, and comfortable. Green Home Choice is a county program that offers free consulting and certification for renovation projects and new home construction.

This year the county honored the homeowners, architects, and builders of 55 Green Home Choice certified homes. Green Home Choice projects go beyond just creating an energy efficient home, they include water efficiency, indoor air quality, waste reduction, stormwater management, tree and site preservation and more.

Congratulations to the homeowners, architects and builders that are helping to create more sustainable and healthy homes. Photos above note the projects that achieved certification this past year.

full list of builders, architects, and other Green Home Choice service providers is available online.

For more information about the program, visit the Green Home Choice website  or contact the program manager at [email protected]


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