Rethink Energy: New Green Building Report

This regularly-scheduled sponsored column is written by the Arlington Initiative to Rethink Energy team (AIRE). This county program helps you make smart energy decisions that save you money and leaves a lighter footprint on the environment. 

The Arlington Initiative to Rethink Energy has many programs that serve residents. We don’t talk much about our programs that serve other sectors, such as our Green Building Incentive Program that serves large-scale builders. While you may not hear much about it, arguably it is our must successful program.

This voluntary program guides large-scale commercial building development using the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED Certification Program. Projects are designed and built using LEED in ways that use significantly less energy, water and sit more lightly on the land than they would otherwise.

Despite adding 22,000 new residents and 20+ million sq. ft. of commercial office and residential space over the past 10 years in Arlington, energy and water use have actually Decreased! That’s right, tons more people and buildings without so much as a drop of additional water or energy used. The Incentive Program isn’t solely responsible for this change, but it is a big piece that has guided 20 million square feet of development in Arlington to maintain this trend.

How much energy and water are saved as part of the Green Building Incentive Program? I’m glad you asked. Take a few minutes to read the newly released Green Building Report. We think you’ll agree; the results are pretty impressive.

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