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Elite Dental Spotlight: Hygienists Chelsea & Sabrina

It’s not very common to speak to a friend/co-worker or family member who is excited about their dental visits, unless you’re talking to an Elite Dental patient.

What’s the difference? Elite Dental’s team was hand-selected based on dental knowledge, skills and personality. Their hygienists, for example have each been with the office for years. Patients repeatedly say they have never had a better dental cleaning!

Read on below to learn more about our amazing hygienists as they give answers to some of their patients most commonly asked questions.

Chelsea Fiorese

Chelsea has been a hygienist at Elite Dental for six years. She grew up in the Fairfax area and attended Old Dominion University. After school, she spent two years working in Virginia Beach focusing on periodontics.

Chelsea relocated to Northern Virginia, and joined the Elite Dental team. She enjoys helping her amazing patients to improve their oral health.

Sabrina Seldal

Sabrina also works as a hygienist at Elite Dental. She’s been with the team since the very beginning, when the practice first opened ten years ago. She’s passionate about hygiene and enjoys cleaning teeth and seeing Elite’s longtime patients.

Outside of work, she spends time promoting oral health. Her volunteer work has taken her to schools, local clinics, and on mission trips to Nicaragua. She motivates her patients to take care of their oral health, and enjoys seeing their improvements over time.


What type of floss is best?:
“We love dental tape because it is super thick and doesn’t allow bacteria and plaque to ‘glide’ right off of it.”

Should I use Listerine?:
“We love flossing and brushing in this office. It is great to use an ACT mouth rinse or Listerine with zero alcohol and fluoride, but purely for the benefits of fluoride. Mouth rinse is definitely not a ‘magic-bullet’ for getting rid of plaque like flossing/brushing.”

What is your favorite toothbrush?:
Chelsea: “I love the Philips Sonicare electric toothbrushes. They are great because they plug in so you don’t have to use batteries, and they have a two-minute timer (which is how long you should be brushing – at least!!).”

Do you recommend an electric toothbrush?:
Sabrina: “Yes, definitely! I like the Oral B Braun or Sonicare Plaque 2 Series. The technology and 2-minute timer are key and have helped so many patients improve their overall oral health. My patients thank me all the time for the recommendation!”

My teeth are crowded, but why does that impact my gum health?:
“Orthodontics is very important for many reasons outside of esthetics. When a person’s bite is correct and their teeth are straight, they have less of a chance of developing periodontal disease (gum inflammation and tissue loss) because it’s so much easier to keep the teeth clean.”

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