Arlington, VA

Pet of the Week: Ernie

Meet Arlington’s newest Pet of the Week, Ernie, an 18 year old Beagle mutt who has never let his age dampen his spirits.

Here is what Ernie’s owner had to say about his long and full life here in Arlington:

Ernie is an 18 year old beagle mutt that we adopted from Lost Dog Animal Rescue in September of 2003.  Despite his age and a few minor deficits, Ernie is the same as he’s always been: snuggly, goofy, and special. He has survived many ailments and has never let them stop him. He loves his walks, he loves to greet the mailman barking, he loves playing with big dogs despite his small size, and most of all he loves curling up in our arms on the couch to snuggle. We love him more than anything. Ernie is the definition of man’s best friend.


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