Arlington, VA

Arlington’s confirmed coronavirus case count topped the 1,000 mark Friday morning.

New data from the Virginia Dept. of Health reports 1,004 cases, 169 hospitalizations and 42 deaths in the county. That’s an increase of 37 cases, 2 hospitalizations and 1 death from Thursday.

The new numbers mean that at least 0.42% of Arlington’s population of 236,842 are infected. That compares to hard-hit New York City, where about 2% of the population has confirmed COVID-19 cases.

Some experts believe the actual number of infections in the U.S. are 10-20 times higher than reported.

Statewide, VDH is reporting 16,901 total cases, 2,416 hospitalizations, 581 deaths and 105,648 people tested. There was some good Virginia news overnight, with the number of people currently hospitalized for COVID-19 across the Commonwealth appearing to go down by more than 100.


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