Arlington County is likely to top 2,000 known coronavirus cases overnight, as infections continue at a somewhat steady pace.

As of Wednesday morning, the Virginia Dept. of Health reported 1,988 cases, 371 cumulative COVID-related hospitalizations, and 109 deaths. That’s an increase of 53 cases, four hospitalizations and five deaths overnight.

The latest demographic data for the county continues to show a dichotomy between young and old. Younger adults — those ages 20-49 — account for the majority of COVID-19 cases in Arlington and across the state, but those 60+ still account for the vast majority of deaths.

Younger adults are still getting sick enough to require hospitalization, state health department data shows, though hospitalizations skew toward the older population.

Statewide, VDH is reporting 40,249 cases, 4,385 hospitalizations and 1,281 deaths


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