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Arlington Pet of the Week: Bumble

Meet the newest Arlington Pet of the Week, Bumble, a clumsy Sapsali who loves to play with other dogs.

Here is what Bumble’s owner had to say about his life here in Arlington:

Much like Santa’s Little Helper from “The Simpson’s”, Bumble arrived as a surprise for the winter holidays, and after charming our family with his lovably klutzy ways, he wound up staying. Discovered as a stray under a farmer’s cart on the outskirts of a Korean village, he was brought to the US by the local dog rescue group Band For Animal, and we volunteered to foster him.

Based on the picture we had seen (not the cart one), we were expecting a smallish terrier pup that would tussle a bit with our other dog, Bitey, and go on to find a loving family.  Instead, we got a fluffy, clumsy, and much-larger-than-anticipated Sapsali furball who falls down stairs, falls up stairs, and falls into anything and everything that his big fat paws and big jug head can collide with.  He is oafish, he is blunderous, and he is incredibly loveable.  As a result, we decided to foster him forever.

Bumble is playful with dogs, gentle with kids, and prefers to greet adults by standing on his hind legs and hugging them. He has taught the whole family the importance of not leaving food on counters, and we are still trying to teach him to not to tackle us with excitement when we come home. He appreciates his dog bed, but prefers to lay stretched out perpendicularly on ours.  And when given a summer haircut, he gets very embarrassed that people may be looking at his butt.

All in all, he’s a very, very good boy.

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