Local home renovation startup remodelmate has figured out how to get you a new bathroom from at least 6 feet away. The app that lets homeowners “Push a button, get a bathroom” has come up with a creative offer during this unique time.

How It Works

Price Your Bathroom: The entire process is remarkably simple. Answer two questions about your project — where and what — then get final pricing instantly. No telephone tag with contractors or meetings at your home, just to get the price.

Do a 3D Scan of Your Bathroom: Remodelmate sends you a link to do a 3D scan of your bathroom with your smartphone. Remodelmate automatically gets your scan including exact measurements and layout, and they use it to determine plans, permits and material amounts for your new bathroom.

Work with Your Concierge: Book the project online for $100, and your project “concierge” takes over everything —  confirming your design requirements, ordering materials, scheduling the construction team and overseeing the project through completion.

Book now to lock-in remodelmate’s lowest prices ever (up to $2,000 off) and defer installation for up to one year.

One Problem, I’m Currently In My Home 24/7

Not a problem! Remodelmate is paying $1,000 toward your WhyHotel — a luxury apartment with high-speed internet so you can take a mini stay-cation, and still get work done without construction noises interrupting your Zoom calls.

Prefer To Wait?

No sweat — we’ll honor your promo pricing for up to one year as long as you book before July 20, 2020.

Here’s what Rosslyn resident Marc M. had to say about his recent remodelmate experience:

“This is a stressful time. Remodelmate did everything to make it as stress-less as possible. We could not be happier with the project.”   

Start here by pricing your bathroom in two minutes.


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