Arlington Pet of the Week: Atticus

Meet Atticus, a rescue cat who found a new home in Arlington after Hurricane Katrina.

Here is what Atticus’s owner had to say on his behalf:

They say a cat has nine lives, but I think it’s really more about being lucky.

Fifteen years ago, when I was a kitten, I got lucky and rode out Hurricane Katrina on a boat in Louisiana. After the storm, things got so bad that they transferred me to an emergency animal shelter in Mississippi with thousands of other homeless critters. There, I got lucky again when the Animal Welfare League of Arlington rescued me along with some of my other friends before we made the long journey north.

A few weeks later after overcoming a nasty respiratory infection, I got lucky yet again and found my forever home with Tom and Todd. They gave me my forever name: Atticus, after the hero in Too Kill a Mockingbird. It’s a mighty big name for an exceedingly small Southern cat, but I wear it very well because I’m brave, compassionate and respectful to all.

Some of my other names include Atticus Rex when I’m in attack mode, Atticus the Catticus when I shape shift and put on my Egyptian face or my old-man look, and Atty Atty Atty Catty when it’s dinner time or I’m hiding.

Not only am I incredibly sweet and spunky, but I’ve also got bunny-soft fur and often act more like a dog than a cat. It’s great when visitors come by the house, especially my friend Donna who’s my favorite pet sitter. I immediately run right up to everyone and ask for a pet.

Moreover, I am exceptionally good at chasing the fishing pole and reflected light on floors and walls. I’ll wait patiently for hours for a mouse to appear. And I have an innate ability to instantly levitate myself onto any surface no matter how high. I’m also infatuated with rubbing my nose against Tom’s nose and my chin against Todd’s whiskers. These are a few of my favorite things!

For the last 10 years, there’s been another pal in my life, my best friend Updike who also has black-and-white fur. Although he’s more than twice my weight, I can still take him down in a wrestling match. I also love to have Updike groom me, and I like to snuggle up with him for an afternoon nap.

Lately, things have been a bit tough. I’ve lost a bunch of weight because of some digestive issues, and I recently overcame a stroke. But with the help of the great doctors at the Cherrydale Veterinary Clinic, I wasn’t down for long. That’s because life is about being lucky, and I am one luck guy!

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