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Neighborhood Spotlight: Rosslyn, Home to Arlington’s Tallest Building

When we think of Rosslyn, one thing immediately comes to mind: business district. But is this neighborhood all work and no play?

Let’s take a look at what makes the Rosslyn neighborhood of Arlington more than a fancy suit and yet another unique place with a ton of personality that many love to call home.

About the Neighborhood

Rosslyn is an urban area that incorporates both North Rosslyn and Radnor-Fort Myer Heights, just down the road from Clarendon. The Rosslyn neighborhood is characterized by multi-story buildings that tower over Washington, D.C. and its mandated limits on building heights. Just on the other side of the Potomac from Georgetown and D.C., Rosslyn serves as a convenient destination for professionals working in and around the area.

The section bordering the Potomac was once a disreputable town before the industrial period, but it has since matured and become one of the best places to live in Arlington. Its real estate potential was realized in the late 1800s, which is part of the reason it now stands as a flourishing commercial district within the county. Rosslyn is a hub for business and development with many consumer amenities for its residents.

But there’s a lot more to this area than being home to Fortune 500 companies and retail — it’s home to much more, including parks, memorials, tourist attractions, fine dining and trails, which comprise some of our favorite places.

Top Places in the Neighborhood

The View of DC

What a can’t-miss view from the top of the Central Place Tower, Arlington’s tallest building! Over 30 stories up is an observation deck that provides a stunning panoramic view of D.C. The first floor has floor-to-ceiling windows, and visitors can walk around an outdoor terrace on the second floor for an experience unlike anything else in Arlington.

Freedom Park

Freedom Park is a welcomed retreat nestled between buildings. The two-block park may be small, but walkways lined with floral plots give it big park character. It serves as a scenic throughway for foot traffic with plenty of seating and umbrellas to relax and step away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

US Marine Corps War Memorial

While technically not within the Rosslyn borders and not part of any neighborhood, the Marine Corps Memorial is still worth mentioning as it is easily accessible for those visiting or living nearby, not to mention it represents a significant moment in history. The memorial captures the moment six Marines raised the flag during the Battle of Iwo Jima. During the summer, you can catch sunset parades held at the memorial.

Custis Trail

A hilly four-mile trail cuts through the heart of North Rosslyn, that being Custis Trail. The paved trail runs parallel with I-66 and is a convenient path for cyclists and runners. Those four miles extend from the Mount Vernon Trail, which leads to Potomac River crossings and the DC area, all the way west to Bon Air Park.

Restaurants Near the Metro

The Rosslyn station is on N. Moore Street, which is near many reputable restaurants, including award-winning Open Road. Because of the options and accessibility of this northeast region of Rosslyn, it has become a popular destination for fine dining.

Living in Rosslyn

As mentioned, the neighborhood is appreciated for its proximity to D.C. and Georgetown, making it a popular destination for working professionals. The city atmosphere is perfect for those with active lifestyles. Housing consists mostly of modern row houses, apartment complexes and high-rises. For this reason, the community is nearly split between renters and homeowners.

Public transportation is very accessible. It’s easy to get around Rosslyn via train, bus or even on foot. Residents benefit from a main Metro station in the north side of the neighborhood where three lines pass through — the blue, orange and silver lines. They also have access to trails running along the Potomac River.

Being a commercialized neighborhood, Rosslyn is filled with quality dining. Retail stores and entertainment can be found within walking distance, and while the options for nightlife are plentiful, a sense of quiet is maintained.

Looking past the steely stature, you’ll find Rosslyn is certainly a vibrant place that has a lot to offer, which is why it tends to be a good alternative to living in D.C. It’s teeming with both life and leisure, and for this reason, it’s a city that attracts a lot of attention.

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