Adoptable Pet of the Week: Smokey

The newest Adoptable Pet of the Week is Smokey the cat! This 7-year-old is currently in a foster home, but looking for his forever home.

Here’s what his friends at Lost Dog & Cat Rescue Foundation have to say about him:

Though he may not have much to say on wildfires, he does like to keep an eye on his humans!

Smokey likes to spend his time perched up high looking over everything. But when he does come down, be prepared to give him lots of pets and scratches — he can’t get enough love!

He can be a bit shy around new people, but seems to adapt quickly to them.

Like many cats, Smokey can get the zoomies, but tends to be calm and cool.

Check out his complete profile to learn more. Interested in starting an adoption application? Easy — start an application online for Smokey.

Only you can adopt Smokey!

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