There are more chances to help rescued beagles at adoption events this weekend

There will be additional chances this weekend for locals to adopt rescued beagles.

Arlington-based Lucky Dog Animal Rescue is hosting two adoption events this weekend to help ten rescued beagles find forever homes. The nonprofit, which has a facility along Langston Blvd, rescues homeless and neglected animals while working to place them in safe, happy homes.

Earlier this week, Lucky Dog received ten more beagles rescued from the Envigo research and breeding facility in Cumberland, Virginia where inspectors last year found dozens of animal welfare violations. After a medical evaluation and adapting a bit in a foster home, those dogs will be up for adoption this weekend.

The two adoption events are taking place this weekend, both outside of the county:

  • Saturday, August 27, from noon to 2 p.m., PetSmart at 3351 Richmond Highway (Potomac Yard) in Alexandria
  • Sunday, August 28, starting at noon, PetSmart at 12020 Cherry Hill Road in Silver Spring

For those who can’t make it to the adoption event this weekend, potential adoptees can fill out an application online.

“We operate under a first person to complete the adoption process that is a good fit [basis],” Emily Jagdmann, Lucky Dog’s communications manager, told ARLnow.

This is the second time that Lucky Dog has lent a paw to these beagles. Earlier this month the organization received ten dogs and was able to successfully place them in homes.

“We were amazed by the incredible outpouring of support for the first 10 beagles we brought to Arlington,” said Lucky Dog co-founder Mirah Horowitz said. “Seeing them take their first steps on a walk, play with toys for the first time, and even learn what treats are, has been exceptionally rewarding. We can’t wait for our next group of beagles to get their taste of freedom.”

A number of local organizations have also provided help in recent weeks with the rescue efforts. The Arlington Welfare League of Arlington and Lost Dog & Cat Rescue Foundation welcomed a combined 66 beagles earlier this month while the Fairfax County Animal Shelter was looking for homes for 16 dogs.

While the dogs seem to be relatively healthy and with no major behavior challenges, organizations and experts have said that prospective caretakers need to have some patience.

Many things that other dogs love — like treats, running outside, and toys — these dogs are experiencing for the first time.

“The biggest thing we learned last time was how few ‘normal’ things these beagles had been exposed to,” Jagdmann said. “We knew they had been raised in this kennel environment, but nothing really prepares you for seeing them struggle to understand what a treat is, to see the ear tattoo which was their only identification for years, or to watch the pure joy they have in finally getting to enjoy a backyard.”

The mostly female dogs are also not house trained and many likely have severe dental damage.

“Historically in these crisis situations, medical procedures such as extreme dental surgery will be a reality for the female beagles, a devastating result of over-breeding that robs their bones and bodies of essential vitamins and minerals, causing early tooth decay and dental disease,” Lost Dog executive director Dawn Wallace told ARLnow earlier this month.

Plus, they are beagles — which are known to bark a lot.

The biggest things that these beagles need, though, are love, understanding, a safe home, and a comfortable place to sleep.

“There are a lot of people who want to help these amazing dogs, but we have learned that they need people who have time and patience to help them learn how to be dogs,” said Jagdmann. “None of the dogs who arrived today are ready to join anyone at their local Starbucks, but they are overdue for a soft dog bed.”