Morning Poll: Are you on Mastodon? And should we join?

Mastodon on an iPhone (Photo by Battenhall on Unsplash)

Much has been written about Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter and what that means for the platform.

One thing we know for sure is all that drama caused interest in the open-source social network Mastodon to spike. Many who have tried out the network have not stuck around, and there’s skepticism about whether any new Twitter-like network will be able to supplant the original, but nonetheless some recent developments point to potential staying power for Mastodon.

One such development is that our social media management system now supports Mastodon publishing.

That makes it feasible for us to launch ARLnow Mastodon presence and start publishing links to stories. But… would it be worthwhile? Is there a critical mass of Arlingtonians hanging out on Mastodon?

Let’s find out.

Photo by Battenhall on Unsplash