First Lady Jill Biden spotlights husband’s record on women’s health during conference at Amazon HQ2

First Lady Jill Biden came to Amazon’s HQ2 in Pentagon City today and touted her husband’s record on women’s health issues.

Speaking this morning at the Amazon Web Services Imagine: Nonprofit conference, Biden emphasized the President’s recent allocation of $100 million in federal funding for the ARPA-H Sprint for Women’s Health, a program focused on advancing research and development in the field.

“ARPA-H, the agency Joe created to pursue breakthrough health research at lightning speed, launched its first ever ‘sprint for women’s health,’ which will invest $100 million in life saving research on women this year,” she said.

The First Lady attributed the scarcity of research and effective treatment for women to their historical exclusion from medical studies. She emphasized the administration’s commitment to changing this by exploring new methods to advance existing research.

On Monday, the Presidentsigned an executive order aimed at advancing women’s health studies through enhanced data collection and increased funding for biomedical research.

“Joe is directing his administration to find ways to use artificial intelligence and other technology to advance research on women’s health,” Biden said at the conference, amid the 2024 presidential campaign.

She also noted that recent advancements in technology, including artificial intelligence, play a crucial role in the progress of women’s health.

“The solution they need could be the watch on their wrist or the app in their pocket,” she said. “It could be getting access to specialized care quickly to a virtual doctor’s appointment or it could be artificial intelligence that analyzes more information faster to predict and prevent diseases.”

Other speakers at the Imagine: Nonprofit conference had similar thoughts about using technology, AI and analytics to create a new world of research for the goals of nonprofit organizations. The event featured several nonprofits that had received the Imagine grants to focus on further research of issues such as the rainforest and Epidermolysis Bullosa.

The conference “brings together nonprofit leaders, purpose-focused technologists, and impact innovators to discuss how technology can help drive a positive impact for both people and planet,” according to Amazon.