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Adoptable Pet of the Week: Darby

Meet Darby, a senior dog up for adoption through the Animal Welfare League of Arlington and the newest Adoptable Pet of the Week!

Darby is currently in foster and ready for his forever home.

His friends had a few words to say about him:

Darby is a charming canine companion who may start off a bit reserved, but once he trusts you, he’ll shower you with endless affection.

He’s the kind of pup who appreciates a little patience and understanding as he adjusts to his new surroundings. Once he feels comfortable, though, get ready for tail wags and cuddle sessions galore!

While Darby treasures his personal space and belongings, he’s also easily won over by the promise of tasty treats. A smelly treat? That’s his ultimate bargaining chip! Simply offer him a delectable snack, and you’ll find him more than willing to trade whatever item he’s holding onto for something even better.

Darby’s ideal forever home is one filled with gentle souls who understand that trust takes time to build. A calm and nurturing environment where he can blossom at his own pace would be perfect for this sensitive pup.

With a little love and patience, Darby will surely become your most loyal companion, ready to share his love and loyalty with you every step of the way.

Is Darby that special furry companion you’ve been searching for? Be sure to read his entire profile to learn more!

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