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A reader emailed us with the following question about two abandoned newspaper boxes on the 4000 block of Wilson Boulevard, near Ballston Common Mall.

Any suggestions on how to get abandoned newsracks removed?  The county says they cannot remove them, that the owners have to do so, but the owners do not respond to calls or emails about this. This has been an eyesore for a year now.

Do you have any ideas? Or do you know of anywhere else where this is a problem?

Photo courtesy Marshall L.


Last year, Dominion upgraded the power substation at 3245 Wilson Boulevard to help provide additional power capacity to the ever-developing Clarendon area. As part of the upgrades, Dominion promised a new containment wall that would make the facility easier on the eyes. So far, though, it’s still just a fence.

That has some locals worried. One resident contacted us and pointed out that the Dominion web site lists the project as “complete.” Would the prominently-placed substation remain surrounded by the “ugly” chain link fence?

No, says Dominion spokesperson Le-Ha Anderson. The wall is coming.

“Dominion is working with Arlington County, community members and an art consultant to select a vendor to create the artwork for the façade around the… substation,” Anderson told “We expect to have a design proposal by late November – early December.”

Anderson said she expects the wall to be built by spring 2011.


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