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Morning Notes

by ARLnow.com — December 20, 2011 at 8:37 am 76 Comments

Happy Hanukkah! — The Jewish holiday of Hanukkah starts at sunset tonight. Also known as the Festival of Lights, Hanukkah runs through Wednesday, Dec. 28.

Barcroft Construction Enters Phase Two — The initial demolition phase of the construction of a new baseball field in Barcroft Park has concluded. Crews are now moving on to the field’s construction phase. Work on the $3 million project, which is being paid for by George Washington University, is expected to wrap up in Spring 2012. The field will be used by GW’s baseball team but will also be available for public use. [GW Sports]

Bill Would Make Parties Pay for Primaries — Taxpayers currently pick up the tab for the cost of running primary elections in Virginia, but that could change if a piece of proposed legislation passes the General Assembly this year. The bill would make political parties pay for primary elections, but would also give parties the option of holding caucuses. It costs about $50,000 to run a primary election in Arlington. [Sun Gazette]

Large Arlandria Development Approved — A major residential development is being undertaken just across the Arlington border. Over the weekend, the Alexandria City Council approved a new six-story, 478-unit apartment complex in the Arlandria section of the city. The apartment building — dubbed Arlandria Center — will replace a strip shopping center, but will include 53,000 square feet of ground floor retail space. It is part of an effort to redevelop a portion of the “village center” of Mount Vernon Avenue. [Washington Post]

  • Bluemontsince1961

    I wish all the Jewish members and contributors to ARLnow a very happy Hanukkah.

    • novasteve

      Please dont’ give into the PCness. It’s not a happy holiday, it’s not a “winter” holiday. It celebrates a military victory over greeks and olive oil lasting 8 days instead of 1. It’s a VERY minor holiday. Putting it on par with Christmas is insulting, and just enables insecure people so they can “fit in”.

      • Bluemontsince1961

        Excuse me. I was simply attempting to make a nice gesture to wish those not of my particular faith and recognize their particular holiday and wish them an enjoyable one. Just as I’ve had Jewish friends and coworkers over the years wish me a Merry Christmas.

        I was doing this many years before the whole damn time of year became a freakin’ sorry P-damn-C issue that every damn body gets their drawers in a knot about.

        And I DID NOT intend in any way, shape or form to be insulting to any Jewish person.

        Thanks so much for ruining a simple gesture on my part that was intended with good will.

        Hell…why do I waste my time!

        • Whitney Wilson

          Bluemontsince1961: Thank you for your good wishes regarding Chanukah. I appreciate your thoughtfulness. (It never occurred to me to be insulted!)

          Have a very merry Christmas.

          • Bluemontsince1961

            Whitney, you are welcome and thank you for your wishes to me.

        • Josh S

          I think now would be a good time to begin the “Ban Novasteve” campaign.

          It’s remarkable that the worst ARLNow comment of the year comes with only eleven days left.

          Rest assured, Bluemont, I believe that the vast majority of ARLNow readers understood your comment to nothing more or less than a gesture of kindness and goodwill. Thank you.

          • Bluemontsince1961

            Josh, thanks back to you. I’m “out of touch” with the current times – see, I grew up in a time when people could recognize the holidays (whether major, minor, whatever) of their friends, acquaintances and colleagues and wish them a happy whatever without the extremists on both sides howling at the moon about it.

            And whatever particular holiday you do commemorate or celebrate at this time of year, have a good one with your family and friends.

          • novasteve

            My point was that this entire Hannukah thing is political correctness for insecure people.

            Passover and eastern are at the same time typically. That’s also a “holiday season”. Why aren’t people wishing jews happy passover like they do with hannukah then? Because Eastern isn’t a “cool” holiday with parties and presents like christmas is, there’s not as much to feel “left out about”. Passover is also a MUCH MUCH more important holiday than hannukah is.

          • drax

            Yes, I made that point earlier on another thread. People throw Hanukkah around like it’s the Jewish Christmas and they’ve got everyone covered.

          • Bluemontsince1961

            I wish my Jewish friends and colleagues happy Passover. Anything wrong in me doing so?

          • novasteve

            No, but only so long as you remove 10 drops of booze from whatever you are drinking. Remember, there is no joy taken in the deaths of all of those Egyptians that refused to let my people Go.

          • drax

            B61 – nothing wrong with that. The point is that most people don’t.

          • TGEoA

            I take exception to that statement. I’ve made far worse comments this year.

          • Michael H.


            novasteve just likes to complain about everything. If you follow his statement to the logical conclusion, it would actually be better to toss out a religious or ethnic insult to someone than to wish them good health and happiness for a holiday (“major” or “minor”). Some people just look for a reason to get insulted or outraged about every little thing.

          • Michael H.

            His comment is also the strongest argument anyone on the forum could make to ban smoking in Arlington and elsewhere.

          • Arlwhat

            If novasteve is smoking I’m happy to just leave him smoldering. No intention of wasting good urine on lowlifes like him.

          • novasteve

            Just look how “classy” the posters on here are. I’ve had people wish death upon me, others hope I burn… Simply because I don’t share your views.

            So “tolerant” so “classy”..

      • http://www.exactcom.com.au/proofs/KombiPics/Wrecks/bayBushOvergrown.jpg Overgrown Bush


        • Bluemontsince1961

          Overgrown Bush, some folks just plain need to increase the Metamucil in their daily diet, ’cause they’ve got a hell of blockage.

      • SamsontheCat

        So it’s a minor holiday compared to other Jewish holidays. So what? Does that mean we shouldn’t still wish people a happy Hanukkah? If watering down yor Christmas celebration is such an issue then take up arms against people saying “Happy Holidays,” not people saying “Happy Hanukkah.”

        In fact, I don’t want to hear you say “Merry Christmas” until December 25 since technically it’s not even Christmas until then, after which you can say “Merry Christmas” up to Epiphany on January 6. From tonight till the 25th “Happy Hanukkah” is more appropriate. From the 25th till the 28th “Happy Holidays” can be said if the holiday celebrated is not known, or you may pick. After the 28th you can switch to just saying “Merry Christmas” if you want.

        Now that we’ve pointed out to novasteve how to really have a candy cane up your butt over wishing people good tidings, I just want to wish everyone a Happy UN International Human Solidarity Day (December 20). Go out and hug someone in human solidarity, novasteve if you can find him. He gets everyone after him so often he could use some solidarity.

        • Lou

          Merry Christmas

          • SamsontheCat

            Merry Christmas to you too Lou. I’m glad to see some people aren’t as anal/foolishly indignant as novasteve.

            And Happy Hanukkah to Whitney and everyone else celebrating. I’ll toast a glass of Manischewitz to you all.

            As Tiny Tim said, “God Bless us, everyone…and WTF Novasteve! No figgy pudding for you” It’s in the original Dickens. Look it up.

          • Bluemontsince1961

            Dear Samson,

            I hope you have some great latkes with your Manischewitz.

          • novasteve

            And people today would be outraged by Tiny Tim bringing up God and not also mentioning the flying spaghetti monsters and other religion’s deities… Clearly Dickens was establashing christianity as the religion of the book! I bet figgy pudding isn’t kosher anyways.

        • novasteve

          Do you wish Jewish people greetings for other holidays? The only reason why you do is because insecure people don’t want their feelings hurt by feeling left out.

          When’s the last time you wished a Jew to be inscribed into the book of life on yom kippur? When’s the last time you wished a jew happy new year on Rosh hashanah? When’s the last time you chag sameach’d anyone to Tisha b’av or Simchat Torah? Sukkot? Tu bsh vat? Those are all vastly more important holidays, yet I bet you don’t…

          This is PCness. Stop it.

          • Bluemontsince1961

            I have wished my Jewish friends all of those thing that you mentioned.

            Now you stop it!!!!!!!

          • SamsontheCat

            Well, I wished my Jewish friends a happy new year back in September during Rosh Hashanah…and a good Passover back in the spring. If I knew all Jewish holidays I’d gladly wish my Jewish friends the best on those days, as appropriate. Somehow “Happy Yom Kippur!” doesn’t sound right. Maybe it is, but I’ll admit I don’t know all the proper protocol.

            It’s cold. People could use some cheering up since there are 3 1/2 minutes of of pure daylight now. Most people around them are giving and receiving gifts. Giving and receiving gifts is fun. As is eating with family on a cold winter night. Because of this, Hanukkah is a bigger celebration than intended.

            Let’s try this again. Dressing up in costumes is fun. Ergo Purim is popular.

            Can we just get to the heart of this issue, novasteve? Please, every Jewish holiday just post what holiday it is, the significance, and the appropriate level of celebration and we will all wish you a happy holiday…or won’t, depending on how significant it is. I’m sorry we all don’t know all Jewish holdays. I’m sure you don’t know all Christian feast days, nor do I expect you to. You are holding us all to a higher standard here, making sure we all appropriately celebrate the Jewish holidays and I thank you for that. I’m sorry I offended your sensibilities by recognizing your holiday. It’s just that I’ve never encountered someone who was so sensitive over my recognizing their holiday. Most people, my non-sensitive Jewish friends or the rabbi who I used to live down the street from, used to just smile and say, “Thank you, and a Merry Christmas to you.” Little did I know they were horrible, horrible people who should be punished. I do hope they noted these offenses come Yom Kippur.

        • Bluemontsince1961

          “Now that we’ve pointed out to novasteve how to really have a candy cane up your butt over wishing people good tidings”


          • novasteve

            Candy canes aren’t even kosher! I’m so insulted!!!!!!! Stop hurting my feelings!

        • drax

          steve’s head is cloudy from smoke, and he chose the wrong time and manner to say it, but he has a point. The focus on Hanukkah, which is a relatively minor Jewish holiday, is just a function of the focus on Christmas.

        • drax

          The reason he’s mad about you wishing him a happy minor holiday is because the only reason you’re doing it is because it’s the same season as Christmas.

      • OX4

        Steve, c’mon. You’re joking, right?

        • novasteve

          No. I’m sick of political correctness or catering to overly sensitive people. This whole Hannukah thing is a joke. It’s a minor holiday, the only reason there is ANY deal about it is so insecure Jews don’t have to feel left out. I remember growing up, all of my hebrew school teachers were Israeli and they were absolutely shocked that anyone made any sort of deal out of Hannukah. I’m insulted that people wish me a happy Hannukah but not other Jewish holidays, when this is minor and the only reason they do is becaucse of insecure people not wanting to feel left out. Why is it that non jews here seem to think or know of Hannukah more than any other Jewish holiday? Is that what we Jews want people to think? That since some people are insecure, the most known jewish holiday is a really really minor holiday while they don’t have any idea about Simchat Torah or Yom Kippur, or Rosh Hashanah other than getting a day off from school if they grew up in a heavily jewish area?

          • CourthouseChris

            You do recognize the significant irony in your protestation, right?

      • Long Duck Dong

        Oh PLEASE!

  • JerrySeinfeld

    Now that there’ll be 500 new apartments just south of the intersection of Mt. Vernon, Arlington Ridge, and Glebe, will the County finally add a turn arrow in each direction?

    • Autoexec.bat

      Thank you! I asked this question on the forum about two months ago and no one had a plausible reason why there isn’t a turn arrow there. It’s nuts.

  • I against I

    More condos, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • MOM Shopper

    Anyone have any info as to what will happen to the MOM store with the Arlandria development?

    • I against I

      Good question, I would like to know

    • BFP

      MOMs will be gone during construction but the plan is to bring it back along with the CVS at the other end of the shopping center. I truly hope they can attract some decent retail for the remaining spaces. The neighborhood desperately needs it.

      • http://theliffeyswell.blogspot.com Foggy Dew

        Actually, the plan is for MOM’s to remain open throughout (for the most part). They’re going to build in phases with the CVS and old auto parts stores going away to allow for construction of phase 1. Then, when that’s complete, MOM’s will move into a space in the new building while the rest of the project is built. Also, the plan calls for CVS’s pharmacy to move into one of the other retail spaces during construction, like Giant’s did on the Pike.

  • CrystalMikey

    I like the idea of the parties paying for their own primaries.

    PS, I want to listen to some Foo Fighters right about now.

  • Burger

    Re: paying for primary essentially means there were never be another GOP primary in Arlington.

    • Whitney Wilson

      I think making the parties pay for primary elections is wrong, from a democratic (small “d”) perspective. Having elections costs money, but there is no reason for the government not to pay for it. This is particularly true in jurisdictions – like Arlington, but including many others – where one party dominates, because the outcome of the primary essentially dictates the outcome of the general election

    • Josh S

      Political parties have become synonymous with politics but they really aren’t. I strongly endorse the idea of making political parties pay for their own primaries. What matters to all the people is the general election. Primaries only matter to the members of that party. It’s essentially a club. Why should public dollars go to support a club’s elections?

  • nauckneighbor

    I just want to say that the picture above is beautiful. Thanks Arlnow for continually including eye candy as part of my morning ritual!

    • I agree

      I’d love to know what/where that is. Really pretty winter/holiday shot!

      • Grateful

        If you hover your mouse pointer/cursor on the picture it indicates that it is “Holiday decorations at Pentagon Row.”

        • drax

          “holiday decorations?” It’s a Christmas tree!


          Why are you ashamed to say Christmas! War on Christmas! War on Christmas!

          • charlie

            would you “war on christmas” people please PUT A SOCK IN IT!!!

            Just because it has lights on it and just because it is on display during December DOES NOT MAKE IT A CHRISTMAS DECORATION.

          • CourthouseChris

            I think drax was being facetious given his past comments… at least I hope so. Or someone hijacked his moniker.

          • drax

            Grow a sense of humor, charlie.

            I was actually making fun of both sides in that War on Christmas debate. Which is quite a feat to pull off, huh?

          • charlie

            i’m joining you, get it?

          • drax

            Aw, damn it, charlie, you got me!

          • CourthouseChris

            I call backpedaling.

          • charlie

            not back pedaling. can’t forward pedal at all.
            i’m just a bonafide trouble maker and drax forgot.

          • drax

            My bad.

  • Autoexec.bat

    For the record, I both support and oppose the Arlandria development. I live about 1/2 mile from there and am rooting for someone to come in and gentrify the hell out of it.

    But given that the plan mentions NOTHING about accommodating all the extra cars, I oppose it on account of what will definitely become face-melting traffic in the morning and evening. It’s already pretty bad.

    The plan does mention that they’ll try to encourage more public transit use, but we all know that won’t happen. I rode the 10A for years and it’s a fate worse than death. Almost everyone with the option to drive will drive.

    • charlie

      the 10 bus is really for those who really have no other choice.

      • Autoexec.bat

        And, anecdotaly, for those who insist on only paying with coins.

    • MOM Shopper

      You really want it to be another Clarendon?

      • BFP

        There’s no danger of it turning into another Clarendon since there is no Metro there. Absent a rail line, Clarendon type density could not be supported (and is not being planned).

        But it would be nice to see some improvements to the crumbling buildings and generally crappy retail options along that stretch.

        • Juanita de Talmas

          Hell, the density in Clarendon can barely be supported (Orange Crush, anyone?) it it has a rail line.

      • Autoexec.bat

        A poor man’s Clarendon as an alternative to the current slate of offerings? Yes. A thousand times, yes.

        I would wait until everything was done and then sell.

    • novasteve

      Wow, old school!

      Prompt $p$g

      What else went into autoexecs? it’s been so long, I think I had some anti virus software, and maxi in mine, that program that let you put 400k on a 5.25″ disk or 800k on a 3.5″ disk before they had high density.

      • Autoexec.bat

        SET BLASTER A220 D5 I3
        MSCDEX MSCD0001 /D:E

        At least if you wanted any shot at running that Doom shareware disk you have.

        • drax

          You mean 5 Doom disks – it didn’t fit on just one.

        • CourthouseChris

          Personally, I’m a config.sys man myself.

          • novasteve

            Man, I really need to go to my parents’ house and look at my old floppy disks, too bad I have nothing that has a floppy drive, but I would love to see what was in my config and autoexec files. I remember I used to have a ton of stuff, and also there’s my ANSI graphics collection!

  • I against I

    Throwing brown people out again.

  • Always Right

    Amazing how Arlington can say ‘Happy Hanukkah’ but can’t say Merry Christmas.

    • novasteve

      Hey, I’m jewish and I’m the one objecting to people saying happy hannukah, but for other reasons, but yes, you bring up another point. And also nobody is calling a Chanukkiah a “holiday candleabra” either… They are mistakenly calling it a Menorah. Which is a religious symbol as much as a crucifix is to christianity, yet the Channukiah is okay for some reason.

  • formerbetaboi

    Coran, calm down. They only wished you a happy and peaceful holiday. Can you not even get wished a happy hannukah without getting in a fight? This is why you’ve been banned from nearly every BBS you’ve ever joined?


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