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CVS Store Opening Soon in Pentagon Centre

by Katie Pyzyk | July 20, 2012 at 2:45 pm | 3,399 views | 53 Comments

The new CVS store in Pentagon Centre (1201 S. Hayes Street) is getting prepped for its upcoming grand opening.

A representative from CVS corporate headquarters tells us the store is scheduled to open to the public on Sunday, July 29. Workers can be seen inside stocking shelves and putting finishing touches on the store.

The space has been vacant since Borders moved out last year, after the chain went bankrupt and closed all its stores across the country.

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  • novasteve

    CVS is the 7-11 of drugstores. Very bland.

    • CrystalMikey

      And Rite-Aid/Walgreens are not bland?

    • JimPB

      Novasteve — The stock price of CVS-Caremark has increased three-fold over the past 10 years and, looking forward, MSNMoney rates CVS-Caremark an 8 on a 1 to 10 scale, with 10 being the best. So, financially “very bland” seems to have worked quite well.

      What would the polar opposite of “very bland” offer and look like, and how would it make it financially?

      • BanjoBill

        It would be an Old-Timey drug store, replete with soda fountain, a mile long counter full of penny candy ,and a pharmacist in the back that gives disapproving looks when you ask for condoms.

        • Hank

          I would hope this pharmacy would carry the Dapper Dan brand of hair jellies.

      • novasteve

        Toyota sells well, still is a bland car company with bland cars.

    • nunya

      are there more cvs, 7-11 or startbucks in arlington?

  • JimPB

    CVS in a space previously occupied by a Borders. Isn’t that a rather large space? If so, Is this CVS a super-CVS (super in size)? and what does that mean for the product line?

    • novasteve

      Just more makeup. If you ever notice, women’s beauty supplies take up a massive, massive amount of floor space in stores like this.

      • JimPB

        Recall an article about how CVS used the data from “customer cards” — the CVS cards you provide the check out person at the beginning of making a purchase so you get lower prices. Women’s cosmetics were an under provided for category of merchandise. So, the payouts of stores and what was stocked were changed to “match” customer interests. Presumably sales and profits climbed. The market place rules.

        • novasteve

          OMG! They are preying on women! Something must be done!

        • Market Rate

          What about people who are smart enough to not use these information-gathering loyalty cards?

          • Huh ??

            They pay more every time they shop at CVS that will teach them to try to collect data on them !!!

          • Lee-n-Glebe

            You know, you can use one of those cards anonymously. You don’t actually have to fill out their information form – you can get the discounts and not reveal a single thing about yourself.

    • Tuna

      I walk by this on the way to work. It looks like they are only taking up half of the space that used to be Borders. I tried asking the crew if they knew what the other half would be, no one did. Be great to have a little Pho place, or sit-down Halal diner. Just dreaming.

  • Jane-Dallas

    One day all the retail in Arlington & DC will be Starbucks & CVS.

    • Entrepreneur

      And then, when they have nowhere else to expand, they’ll start putting Starbucks counters inside of CVS, and CVS vending machines inside of Starbucks. (And the CVS vending machines could include bags of Starbucks coffee – whoah, that’s deeeep…)

  • nom de guerre

    *places several nitroglycerin tablets under tongue*

    • drax

      Today’s special at Sam’s Corner is a Mesquite-grilled nitroglycerin patty drizzled with a butter-nitroglycerine reduction served on a bed of nitroglycerine-infused greens, topped with aged nitroglycerine.

  • JohnB2

    I would have loved a CVS in that space when I worked near there. However, I don’t think they’ll do enough business to survive in that spot, unless the people in the surrounding office buildings extensively patronize it.

    I doubt it’s the full size of the Borders space. Even Borders reduced their footprint in their own space well before it shut down.

    • WeiQiang

      Keep in mind that the third building in the troika schlep at 12th & Fern is going up. Then there’s Pen Place in a few years. All of which could provide more traffic for this CVS in the long run. The only other drug stores nearby are the RiteAids in Crys Gateway and Pent Row … not to discount the pharmacy/retail at Harris Teeter. But this CVS is the closest to the new residential development.

      • george

        Concur – lots of residential between 12th and 15th on Fern that will frequent this CVS.

  • John Fontain

    They better hire some really good loss prevention personnel, cause that place is going to get lifted like nobody’s business.

    • JimPB

      John Fountain — Youngest daughter was a manger for CVS with stores located in a range of community settings. There was thefts by customers and employees as you would expect. But at stores in affluent communities, there was still some theft AND a different sort of “stealing” — attempting to return merchandise for credit that CVS didn’t sell.

      • novasteve

        When i worked at CVS, some people didn’t even bother to hide they were shoplifting. THey brought in brown paper bags, and started filling up a shopping cart. we didn’t even have paper bags, it was so obvious, and they would just go around like they had won a shopping spree. Even back in the early 1990s we were paralyzed by political correctness, fear of lawsuits, etc, so we basically just had to let them go. All we could do was call the cops. I think someone (a customer) tried to stop one of them and she just started howling and acting insane. then the guy just let her go. They had even partially mowed down a customer with the shopping cart on their way to leave the store without paying for the products in their cart in brown paper bags…

        We also had employees fired for stealing from work as well. Quite honestly dealing with pharmacy customers was worse than any risk of being robbed or shoplifted. Working at the pharmacy SUCKS.

  • Mc

    Waiting for Pentagon Center to be torn down. I’m amazed people don’t have the same vitriol toward it that they do toward Ballston Commons.

    • CrystalMikey

      Why? What’s wrong with having stores like Nordstrom Rack, Best Buy, Costco, etc? Seems like they all pull in enough business unlike Ballston.

      • CostcoHater

        I generally dislike Costco. Its too noisy and difficult to shop in. The package sizes are too large – my SO gets tempted by the prices, and then ends up tossing stuff. I hate that. For it to really work for you, you need a large residence, and a large vehicle (they are never exactly pedestrian oriented). \

        I can accept they fill a role – in the suburbs, where people have large residences, and large vehicles are common anyway. In Pentagon City, which is naturally a walkable area, the large, unattractive, single story use, and the large ped unfriendly parking lot, just make it that much worse.

        • JimPB

          Isn’t the site that is occupied in part by Costco slated for redevelopment?

          • WeiQiang

            Project was aborted in 2009. Two ofc blds, corners of 12th/Hayes & 15th/Hayes, respectively. Haven’t heard anything about a current project … and it would be in our neighborhood assn bulletin if there was one [I think]. We’re all over Pen Place, and that’s further than Pent Centre.

          • Lee-n-Glebe

            Man, Nats stadium would have been awesome there.

          • YTK

            I second that emotion.

          • Rick

            As the primary NIMBY the Chicken, I third that. Although the stadium would have been across the street. Try enjoying your dunkin donut knowing it could have been a 8 dollar beer…

    • Joan Fountain

      When the streetcar starts running, it’ll be gone and replaced with “luxury” apartments.

  • novasteve

    Maybe they’ll call it the CVS Tavern and serve wraps, exotic salads and have an extensive selection of beers?

    • John Fontain


    • YTK

      No– they will have baloons floating over the soda-fountain counter and you pop one to see how much your sundae will cost.

      • YTK


    • Rick

      The one in ballston has wraps, exotic (chef) salads and red stripe, if that helps…

  • Arl4

    Go to Safeway for your prescriptions. The pharmacists are the best, and they accept CVS Caremark insurance. I get my flu shot there every year. Now they have a nice waiting area too.

    • Dawn Davenport

      Where is there a Safeway at Pentagon City?

      • WeiQiang

        BradLee, Rosslyn or WeBall [west of Ballston]

        • Southeast Jerome

          Girl, ain’t none of those in Pentagon City. That crazy b!tch be seeing things.

        • WeeBalls

          No Safeway near me.

          • WayQueer

            She just posts to hear herself talk . . . she ain’t been in a Safeway in twenty years. She takes her pit mix to the farmers markets and complains when they don’t allow dogs.

          • Arl4

            True, no Safeway in Pentagon City now (used to be underground)…you’ll have to travel to Rosslyn, Cherrydale, Harrison St, Ballston for a store. Worth the travel.

          • Huh ??

            You left out the “new” one at 7 Corners/ Arlington Blvd…..

          • Rick

            The one in Bluemont is not worth the travel. It’s not worth the land under it

          • drax

            The one in Bluemont has…a good pharmacy though.

  • Richard

    I hope CVS won’t have shopping carts. There are enough of them outside the Pentagon Center as it is now that people leave near the bus stop. I’ve seen people take the Costco cart and just leave it when they get on the bus. They are getting to be a blight.

    • george

      Nah, they’ll just be those little carts with poles on them that generally don’t leave the store.

      • YTK

        hahaha– Ilike shopping in stores where those poles are high enough to THWACK the overhead signs.

    • YTK

      Maybe if the CVS carts are small enough we can TAKE them on the bus with us.


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