CVS to Replace Borders at Pentagon Centre

by Katie Pyzyk April 5, 2012 at 3:45 pm 5,185 28 Comments

The empty store space in Pentagon Centre that used to house a Borders book store should be getting a new tenant soon.

ARLnow.com received a tip that a CVS will be moving in. A building permit issued on January 27 confirms that the pharmacy will be the new tenant.

Borders moved out last year after the chain filed for bankruptcy and closed all of its stores across the country. Its former space in Pentagon Centre has sat vacant for months.

Although there were lights on inside today, the store remains empty and no construction appears to be underway. There’s no word on when the CVS is expected to open.

Hat tip to @schwars1

  • Cakes

    Good for the immediate neighborhood residents, I suppose.

    It’s an enormous space for a CVS, no? Maybe it’ll be partitioned.

    I remember that borders used to take up that entire tenant space. From end to end, side to side. It gradually started shrinking and, obviously, went belly up.

  • Becoming indifferent

    I’m glad to hear this–Arlington just doesn’t have enough CVSs and drug stores in general.

    • DSS10

      You are being Sarcastic… Right?

  • South Awwwlington

    I would prefer a Walgreens. Customer Service at CVS is the worst anywhere…lines for days and high prices. The one at Dinwiddie and Columbia Pike is deplorable.

    • NPGMBR

      Good grief…Arlington needs another CVS like it needs another 7/11. When will it stop?

  • Arlingtonian

    I miss Borders 🙁

  • WeiQiang

    It’s kind of an odd location, given that there is no residential immediately adjacent to it. There are the new high rises on Fern. Generally, though, the RiteAid in Pent Row [and the Harris Teeter pharmacy] take care of business.

    I suppose that one benefit is that it might have a marginal effect on the congestion at the CVS at Eads & 24th. That place is crazy.

    • Joey

      The Rite-Aid and Harris Teeter are actually a bit of a hike from here (and through the mall and down to the food court and back up the stairs by Pentagon Row).

      I was on foot in that neighborhood a few months ago and wanted a box of envelopes to mail some things at the new post office. It was a 25-minute trek roundtrip because the Rite-Aid was the closest drugstore.

      I think it’ll do a lot of business from people waiting for buses there, and from the new high-rises just north of there.

      • WeiQiang

        Best Buy, in Pent Centre, has envelopes.

  • YTK


  • meh..

    That’s gonna be the largest CVS on the PLANET

    • CrystalMikey

      Super CVS

  • geezer

    I thought CVS’s SOP was:
    Take over a nice old historic store front
    Tear it up and turned it into their standard garish store design
    Put pictures of old historic stuff in the windows.

    • thelevyisdry


  • Vinh An Nguyen

    I think their goal is to have a store near every metro stop in the area.

    • Woooo CVS

      That’s actually a pretty solid plan.

  • Aim for the stars!

    Duane Reade, it is so Manhattan.

    • bred

      Whiich Walgreens ownes, i beleive.

  • MC

    CVS wants to be at every Metro stop. At least it’s not a 7-11, which attracts weirdos. But I am looking forward to this old AT&T operations warehouse building, with its bigbox warehouse shopping, being town down and replaced with something interesting.

    • Nick

      Is that correct – it used to be an AT&T warehouse? I mean, it certainly is strange looking, on the outside, for the style of shopping that is on the inside. And the single floor, with parking above, is also weird.

      In any case, I agree – it would be nice to have a new, more modern-looking building with better retail in it, considering its prime location. I’m sure a developer could make a ton of money by building some ground-floor retail with luxury apartments above it there.

      • Steve S

        That whole block is slated for redevelopment. The whole Pentagon Centre will be replaced with a much larger (read: taller) building with more storefront retail. See bottom of page 12 at http://www.arlingtonvirginiausa.com/index.cfm/linkservid/8D38145F-1D09-08FB-3B78703958024AF4/showMeta/0/

        • Nick

          At least there’s a plan to replace that whole block, even if a lot of it is going to be office space with some residential in a later phase. It looks like it was approved a while ago, so I guess the developer isn’t ready to begin building yet.

          • WeiQiang

            Our company was slated – in 2009 – to move in to one of two new office buildings that were being developed for that site and that would have left Pent Centre pretty much intact. One building would have gone in right next to the Metro entrance at 12th & Hayes, over the mattress store space. The other would have gone in at the corner of 15th & Hayes, taking half of the existing parking lot.

      • wow&flutter

        It was originally a Westinghouse factory (hence the sprawly footprint) before AT&T took it over to make phones. Towards the end, AT&T just used it for storage.

        • drax

          Yes, kids, AT&T used to make phones.

  • novasteve

    Too bad it’s not going to be a Wawa.

    • Ballston

      I really hate to say it, but I actually agree with novasteve on something.

  • Pikester

    @schwars1 Rocks!


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