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Boy Scouts Will be “Scouting for Food” on Saturday

by Katie Pyzyk — November 9, 2012 at 10:30 am 5,027 89 Comments

Boy Scouts will be hitting the streets on Saturday (November 10) for their annual “Scouting for Food” drive.

The scouts will stop at homes in a number of neighborhoods to collect food donations to benefit Arlington Food Assistance Center (AFAC). They will directly visit residents who received bags and fliers last week explaining the drive. Out of courtesy for residents, scouts don’t knock on doors; instead residents are asked to leave food donations in plain sight near their front doors, by 9:00 a.m. All donations are expected to be collected by noon.

Residents who didn’t receive a bag on their door will not be visited by the scouts. These residents can still participate, however, by taking food donations to the Cherrydale or Harrison Street Safeway stores.

Suggested foods for donation include pasta, peanut butter, breakfast food, tuna, soup, fruit and beans. AFAC and the scouts both ask that items in glass jars are not donated.

The goal is to exceed last year’s total of 60,000 pounds of donated food.

Right now, AFAC serves about 1,400 people each week, but that may increase as temperatures grow colder.

  • Ashton Heights

    Those scouts have been littering my neighborhood with plastic bags. Even worse, they hang them on doorknobs so it is really easy to spot for burglars who is on vacation.

    • Louise

      Perhaps you could be a good neighbor and take the bags off of the doorknobs of neighbors who are away . . .

      • Ashton Heights

        I did.

        • Louise

          Very nice!

    • Telework Ted

      As long as your home isn’t ADA compliant you won’t have to worry about the CVS wheelchair robber

    • Josh S

      Hmmm, balance between the good done by having Boy / Cub Scouts do good for their community and you worrying about phantom burglars?

      I think the Scouts win.

  • Jay

    I hope they like Spam, cos that’s what I bought for them.

  • drax

    But this will just encourage bums to live here.

    • Josh S

      You forgot to change your screen name.

  • Mike

    So they care about hungry people but not about gay people.

    • snicker


    • YTK


    • Jay

      You can feed a hungry person. You can’t fix gay.

      • Home Remedies

        I hear that if you eat enough Spam that might do the trick……so to speak.

        • drax

          What a deeply pathetic comment.

          • sunflower

            ???? i thought this was a reply to the aid$ remark???

          • Thank you

            d r a x, thank you for your insight. Obviously, your ability to sit around and post meaningless comments reveals how well valued you are in the employment market. What employer would not what someone with so much time on their hands and who is replete with self-love?

          • sunflower

            wtf are you talking about?? did you check the sequence?

    • drax

      Here’s how to blow their minds: “I’m hungry AND gay.”

      • SomeGuy

        I would not leave children in your care.

        • SomeGuy

          …assuming that’s among your introductory statements.

        • drax

          Well, leaving aside your homophobia, my comment meant what if the Boy Scouts wanted to give me food.

          • SomeGuy

            Are you suggesting that I’m homophobic? All I said is that I wouldn’t feel comfortable around someone who introduced himself by saying, “Hi. My name is drax. And ‘I’m hungry AND gay’? May I babysit your child?”

            That has little to do with the speaker’s homosexuality (or lack thereof) and everything to do with creepiness. No need to call me a homophobe… unless that fits your agenda to disparage me.

          • sunflower

            either you’re homophobic or you’re afraid Drax will eat your child

      • B22201

        This is probably what confused the DMV with regards to your license plate.


    • Pandermoanium

      They must be representative of the overall population then.

    • born_and_raised

      so you care about gay people but not hungry people.

      Yes I understand the BSA’s stance on gay people is awful and totally wrong, but please recognize that these are just children who enjoy hiking and camping, and learning about general life skills.This is a good service that they provide. In my troop religious beliefs or stances were never discussed because it was lowest piece of the pillar for us, those were private family matters and discussions. As an eagle scout myself I am truly upset with the way the BSA national organization treats specific groups of people, but please realize that not every member of the BSA share the views of the National BSA. That would be like saying all Republicans hate gay people, or rights for all people, or that all Democrats hate rich people, and on and on the broad paint brush can be used. There are many in the organization that are working hard to change these stances. If you don’t agree with what they are doing fine don’t participate, it’s not like they are going to keep track and come egg your house or anything. Just don’t make generalized comments about a bunch of kids that are trying to do some good.

      • Pandermoanium

        Not enough dinero in the world for my kids to join the
        Boy Scouts. It is a magnet organization.

        • born_and_raised

          Pandermoanium, first I want to apologize if you think my comment was directed at you because it wasn’t, just kind of the way it fell in the order of posts.

          I’m not trying to start an argument here, I’m legitimately curious as to what you mean by a “magnet organization”? If you mean an organization that attracts people of similar interest I would be curious to know of an organization that isn’t a magnet organization in some way shape or form.

      • Louise

        Very well stated.

      • drax

        As if the only way boys can hike and camp is with a group that hates gays.

        • born_and_raised

          I don’t recall saying that the BSA was the only way boys can hike and camp, i simply said it was a group of boys who like to camp and hike, but thanks for playing.

          If you are referring to my “This is a good service that they provide” comment, I was referring to the scouting for food, not the camping and hiking, sorry if that wasn’t clear

        • SomeGuy

          Wow. They hate gays? Is that in their literature? Please substantiate your claim, drax.

          • drax

            I didn’t say they hate gays. I’m responding to the comment that dismisses any (real or hypothetical) hatred of gays as not being as important as hiking and camping.

            The Boy Scouts exclude gays. They can explain whether that means they hate them or not, or you can decide.

          • SomeGuy

            So… this comment you made wasn’t meant to strongly imply, if not flat out state, that BSA is an organization that hates gays?

            As if the only way boys can hike and camp is with a group that hates gays.

          • DCBuff

            He didn’t say that. That is what he said. Or, so he says.

          • SomeGal
          • SomeGuy

            There’s nothing about hatred in that article except the author’s interpretation, as evidenced by the article’s title.

    • Dot

      Well said.

  • Andy

    Please help out if you got a bag. My son & I got only two bags from a huge block on Williamsburg last year – very disappointing.

    • Grumpypants

      I give money to the food drive at school. I am not going to give to the Boy Scouts because I don’t want to give them a reason to claim “Look at all the good we do.” It’s a homophobic organization, and if you are a member, you are supporting that policy through your membership.

      Maybe you could explain this to your son as one of the possible reasons people aren’t participating and use it as a teachable moment.

      • Cheers

        go grumps!! we use the bag for our pups poop, so we are using the free bag…..
        we will not support the scouts with with this annual food drive or their popcorn sales until they change their stance on gay & lesbian scout leaders

      • QTR

        Yes, explaining an organization’s policy decisions, however flawed, to a 7 year old is a great idea. Good Lord. Give me a break. It’s a freaking food drive, not some sort of greater societal commentary. Grow up and give some food. Or, don’t. But trying to tie this to something else is just selfish and petty.

        • sunflower

          the “something else” is very important to many people

          • DCBuff

            So is hunger. Get over yourself.

          • sunflower

            just which principles do you feel ARE worth standing up for?

      • Dezlboy


  • 1RLI

    Ha! You’ve got to love ArlNow comments. We can even be negative about collecting food donations!

    • drax

      If we don’t step up and do it, nobody will.

      • sunflower

        I totally agree, unless you were being ironic.

    • SHLady

      Agreed. this is a great project. Good luck to the Scouts.

    • B22201

      95% of the food is probably thrown in the garbage anyway. I’m sure they wouldn’t give someone a can of beans that expired a month ago because they don’t want to get sued.

      • Louise

        Cans of beans expire?

        • Home Remedies

          “Cans of beans expire?”

          Yes, and they have feelings too so you had better watch what you say around them !!

      • Nial Ism

        I see I’m winning converts left and right! Yay for me!!

      • drax

        Let me guess, B22201 – are you a Republican?

        • B22201

          Not at all. . .

          But there are actual rules that they’re not allowed to distribute expired food.

          • drax

            I thought it was because they don’t want to get sued?

          • B22201

            I’m going to sue the boy scouts for not leaving a bag on my door to donate. They are anti-condo-ites!

  • DCBuff

    This is a great way to tell the real clowns on ArlNow; people who have nothing better to do with their day than trash children who are trying to help the less fortunate in our society. This includes my less-than-charitable neighbors in AH. Not to worry, I will give extra, and the legumes won’t “expire” in a day or two.

    • Glebe Roader

      Some people might give to an organization in other ways, not just in this drive. They might be quite charitable in giving their time or money, just not their food.

      • DCBuff

        Uh, that is not the point. But thanks for writing.

  • CourthouseChris

    Their logo seems to be styled after an automobile electrical fuse, no?

    • CourthouseChris

      Ohh I get it, it’s a truck.

      • Hour Eyes

        I’ll put you down for an apointment at 10 AM on Monday Chris

  • B22201

    as a real clown. . . I’m just joking.

    I’ll give them some canned goods should they come around.

    I also think the expiration dates are just a general recommendation as to when the food would be freshest. Unless it’s dairy, or something fresh. . .it’ll probably last a very long time after the date on the bottom.

    To the disgust of my girlfriend, I drank some boxed soy milk 3 years past the expiration date.

    But, the whole thing reminds me of the muffin stumps on Seinfeld.

    • drax

      Expiration dates protect them from lawsuits and make people throw out, and then buy more, of their food.

  • Bftgoggi

    How many bad decision away from needing food are you?

    Give food you like, not what you want to unload. At a minimum, you will get a few minimum points in your judgment day bank to counter your Arlnow comments.

  • Debs

    OK..BSA has a child protection policy for a reason….all youth groups do. They decided long ago how to meet the end of child protection. If you do not like their means of doing so; so be it. My children totally enjoyed the out-of-doors training, a boy who earned eagle scout AND a girl who earned every Venture award there is as well as every girl scout leadership award available. My daughter has been to Philmont 3 times, once as a crew member, once as part of the Roving Outdoor Conservation school crew, and finally, as a crew leader. She is a senior in environmental studies at SUNY-ESF. SO yes, child protection is a must. Children will florish is given the correct atmosphere. GO SCOUTS!

    • Justin Russo

      The Girls Scouts don’t have a homophobic exclusion policy like the Boy Scouts do. GO FACTS!

      • Loocy

        He said she was a venture scout. Venture scouts is a mixed-gender youth organization under the umbrella of the boy scouts. His daughter is part of a Boy Scout organization, even though she is not a “boy”.

    • sunflower

      BSA’s child protection policy should be aimed at pedophiles–not gays. Do you worry about your son’s female heterosexual teacher, or your daughter’s male heterosexual teacher??

      • drax


        Also, Sandusky was not openly gay. He was a married man.

    • Thes

      Who said anything about their “child protection policy”? All I see discussed about is the BSA’s policy of excluding gay scouts and scout leaders.

      And they did not decide “long ago” how to meet the end of child protection. At least not in any workable way. Instead they moved around the child predators and pretended that their anti-gay policy was all they needed to do. It is only recently that the BSA got serious about actually protecting children’s bodies instead of adults’ ideologies.

      You can read all about it in the BSA’s perversion files. Doesn’t seem like a “correct atmosphere” to me.

      • Meg

        Have you read the perversion files? Most of them are from the 1970s and 1980s, and they are far less damning than you might think. Most of the files told a story of the BSA desperately trying to keep the pedophiles out once discovered, while judges, parents, lawyers, and others argued angrily that they should be allowed to stay and accusing the scouts of slander. The files are shocking, but not particularly damning of the scouts except in a few cases. What is most shocking is how cavalier the courts and psychologists were about child rape during that time. Even those who were tried and convicted on multiple counts rarely did much time, and then had the nerve to petition to be allowed into scout leadership again, with at least in one case a letter from a judge supporting them!

    • WeiQiang

      By “child protection”, can you please explain what you mean? … and what you believe the “reason” to be?

      Your post, while sounding factual, seems to tie a bunch of different things together. Congratulations to your children for their successes, but what are you saying?

      • DCBuff

        This is not meant to interpret all of Debs comments. Every Scout handbook, regardless of Cub/Boy or rank, begins with a substantial section on protection of children, including ways to discuss this sensitive topic with a Scout. BSA, as an organization, requires background checks and training for Scout leaders. Little or none of this existed when I was a Scout decades ago.

        • WeiQiang

          oh, i thought she was suggesting that the exclusion of gay scouts and scoutmasters is a way of protecting children [from - one could infer - gays], which would contradict a quite large body of consistent sociological data on the threat of sexual predation.

          so, it is the avoidance of the discussion of the topic that is child protection … yet, having presumably heterosexual scouts and scoutmaster doesn’t risk the discussion of sensitive human sexuality issues? only the discussion of opposite-sex attraction (and the potential for mysoginist [sp?] perspectives) is a subject that should be introduced to scouts?

          having said all this, i got my scouting foodbag and i’ll be leaving it out for the scouts. BSA has their policy and they are happy to abide by it. i’m happy to ask that my tax dollars go to support more broadly-based organizations.

          btw, from a 7 June 2012 BSA memo: “The BSA policy is: ‘While the BSA does not proactively inquire about the sexual orientation of employees, volunteers, or members, we do not grant membership to individuals who are open or avowed homosexuals or who engage in behavior that would become a distraction to the mission of the BSA.’

          Scouting believes same-sex attraction should be introduced and discussed outside of its program with parents, caregivers, or spiritual advisers, at the appropriate time and in the right setting. The vast majority of parents we serve value this right and do not sign their children up for Scouting for it to introduce or discuss, in any way, these topics.”

    • drax

      What’s that got do with gays though, Debs?

  • Id

    When does a Cub Scout become a Boy Scout? When he eats his first Brownie.

  • Piet

    I am somewhat amazed that parents in this area who would NEVER let their child belong to an organization that excluded: African-Americans, Asians, Hispanics, Caucasians, Jews, Christians, Muslims, etc. STILL THINK IT’S JUST FINE FOR THEM TO BELONG TO AN ORGANIZATION THAT EXPLICITLY EXCLUDES GAY KIDS AND GAY PARENTS OF SCOUTS. You may think “oh, it’s just a kids group, blah, blah, blah”, but it’s no different from allowing them to be part of a group that excludes people for their ethnicity or religion (they also exclude kids/parents who are atheist and even agnostic). You are teaching your children that it’s just fine to think there’s something wrong with gay kids and gay people in general, and you help perpetuate hate and violence against others. The Boy Scouts could learn something from the Girl Scouts, who see fit to welcome all girls. There are plenty of alternatives to the Boy Scouts. Do the right thing and don’t teach kids that it’s OK to exclude someone because he or she is gay.

    • BSA Mom

      Because it is an amazing organization, and there isn’t anything like it. Yes, I looked at the alternatives, and they do not provide the same experience. Boy Scouts has been wonderful for my son. It was wonderful for my Eagle Scout nephew; he came out as gay as an adult but continues to work with other Eagle Scouts to encourage the Boy Scouts to reconsider their policy. It is wonderful for the young boy in our troop who is being raised by two women who wanted to make sure that he had plenty of exposure to healthy male relationships. I think they will eventually change their policies, but in the meantime, it is still a powerful experience for a young man to have.

      • drax

        Would you join a group that excludes other groups because they might “eventually” change its policies?

        Interesting that you think the group that won’t admit gays is good for the kid who has two moms though.

      • drax

        The KKK goes camping too, BSA Mom. You should check them out!

        • sunflower

          as did the German youth movement……

    • Patrick in Courthouse

      Even if they allowed gays there’s still a religious element and a wide variety of religious groups which frown upon that practice…. and even that being said there were two gay kids in my troop that still ended up getting Eagle.

      Then again, there was the Satan worshipping guy in the troop who was denied his eagle. He ended up in local Boston news when his snake decided to up the guy’s arm. He had issues.

  • John Andre

    Unfortunately the Boy Scouts continue to adopt a reactionary policy on GLBT membership which I cannot support [while some Scoutmasters evidently displayed the same pedophilic tendencies as a few Roman Catholic priests], while the Girl Scouts and Camp Fire openly accept GLBT members. Hopefully the boy Scouts will change this policy in the near future.

  • b

    ip or email filter? either way lame and without merit.

    • b

      ah. email… what specifically did i say? thought we addressed this awhile back and was cleared.


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