Arlington County schools are closed again on Wednesday. “Extracurricular activities, interscholastic contests, team practices, field trips, adult and community education classes, and recreation programs in schools and on school grounds are canceled,” according to the Arlington Public Schools web site. Pools and school offices will also be closed. Here’s part of an email sent to parents by superintendent Patrick K. Murphy:

Dear Parents:

By now, I am sure that every parent in Arlington is wishing this winter weather cycle would end so we could just get our kids back in the classroom learning. All of us at APS join you in those thoughts – teaching children is much more rewarding than shoveling snow!

Despite all of those wishes and the amazingly dedicated work of our APS and County crews, the weather continues to impede our efforts. Although we have announced that we will be closed tomorrow, for now no decisions have been made about the remainder of the week. Until we see the actual impact of the approaching storm, we can’t make a decision about school operations for Thursday and Friday, but we need to be prepared for the possibility of an extended disruption of school.


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